Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2018, № 73


Adamen' F.F., Arifova Z.I., Arslanova L.E.,

Correlation analysis of indicators of yield of raspberry (Rubus Idaeus L.) in the Republic of Crimea (P. 9-11)

Anatov D.M., Osmanov R.M.,

Comparative assessment of apricot seedlings for winter hardiness in the mountainous conditions of the Dagestan (P. 12-16)

Antyufeyev V.V., Gorina V.M., Shishkina E.L.,

Influence of insolation on the productivity of leaf system and water regime of the apricot and cherry-plum under anomalous weather conditions (P. 17-20)

Baskakova V.L.,

The trait collection of quince Nikita Botanical Garden (P. 21-25)

Bezukh E.P.,

Intense uterine stick orchards of apple and pear (P. 25-28)

Garanovich I.M., Arkharov A.V.,

Impact of liquid biohumus on growth and development of seedlings of ornamental wood plants (P. 28-32)

Gorina V.M., Korzin V.V., Mesyats N.V., Marchuk N.Y.,

Contents of chemical substances in fruits and recycling products from apricot (P. 32-35)

Gradel A., Voinkov A.A., Altaev A.A., Enkhtuya B.,

A spatio-structural analysis of intact dark taiga in the southern taiga zone and an interval assessment of a dark conifer mixed forest in the mountain forest steppe zone (Mongolia) (P. 36-44)

Guseynova B.M., Daudova T.I.,

The chemical composition of compound fruit of the fig Adriatic white and Hartut's mulberries which are grown up in the south of Dagestan (P. 45-50)

Drevova A.N., Cherednichenko M.Y.,

Analysis of anatomical structure of in vitro plants of genus Thymus L (P. 50-52)

Dunaevskaya E.V., Khlypenko L.A., Rabotyagov V.D.,

Biologically active substances of three Hyssopus officinalis L. plenty samples (P. 52-56)

Evlakov P.M., Zapletin V.Y.,

Research into morphological features of perspective varieties and species of poplars (Populus L.) (P. 56-59)

Eremin G.V., Eremin V.G.,

Improvement of the assortment of clonal rootstocks for stone fruit crops (P. 60-64)

Ivanova-Khanina L.V.,

Effect of nutrient medium hormonal composition on intensity of blackberry propagation in vitro (P. 65-68)

Ilnitsky O.A., Korsakova S.P., Plugatar' Y.V., Pashtetsky A.V.,

Optimum and limiting conditions of environmental factors and their effect on the intensity of visible photosynthesis of Prunus laurocerasus L. under conditions of the South Coast (P. 68-72)

Kamalov R.M., Kamalova I.I.,

Рroductivity of topol clones under the conditions of the floodplain lands of the Voronezh Region (P. 73-75)

Kantsayeva U.I.,

Morphological and biological characteristics of peach [Рrunus Persica (L.) Batsch] and their importance for variety examination on difference, similarity and stability (DSS) (P. 76-80)

Klimenko N.N., Klimenko N.I., Klimenko O.E.,

Bioenergy efficiency of grape growing at grassing between rows and use of microbial preparations (P. 81-85)

Klimenko O.E., Klimenko N.I., Kameneva I.A.,

Biologization of Campsis radicans (L.) Seem. ex Bureau cutting growing (P. 86-90)

Klimenko Z.K., Zykova V.K.,

The peculiarities of creation and cultivation of Large flowered Climber and Schrub roses of the Nikita botanical gardens breeding in the conditions of the south of Russia (P. 90-94)

Kozak N.V., Imamkulova Z.A., Motyleva S.M., Mertvishcheva M.Y., Medvedev S.M., Gins M.S., Gins V.K.,

Selection of Actinidia polygama (Siebold et Zucc.) Maxim. in ARHIBAN (P. 95-99)

Komar-Tyomnaya L.D.,

Evaluation of drought resistance of ornamental peach cultivars with a different origin (P. 100-103)

Komar-Tyomnaya L.D.,

Criteria of the model and comparative evaluation of ornamental peach cultivars in connection with breeding (P. 104-107)

Komar-Tyomnaya L.D.,

The dependence of Chаenomeles productivity on meteorological factors (P. 108-112)

Korsakova S.P.,

Phenological models the timing of flowering Thymus vulgaris L. and Thymus mastichina L. in the Southern coast of the Crimea (P. 112-118)

Korsakova S.P., Ilnitsky O.A., Pashtetsky A.V.,

Dependence of photosynthesis Juniperus excelsa M.Bieb from environmental factors under normal conditions and under soil drought conditions (P. 118-122)

Kosolapov V.M., Trofimov I.A., Trofimova L.S., Yakovleva E.P.,

Ecological bases of selection, seeds production and planting material of agricultural and forest wood plants (P. 123-126)

Lenivtseva M.S., Kuznetsova A.P.,

The effectiveness of the resistance hybrids of sweet and sour cherries to leaf spot (P. 126-129)

Levin S.V.,

Silvicultural-biological features of growth of crimean pine when adapting to the Central Chernozem region of Russia (P. 129-134)

Makrushina E.M., Plugatar’ Y.V., Makrushin N.M., Shilovskaya E.A., Shabanov R.Y., Klitsenko O.A.,

Theoretical and methodological justification of the periodization of ontogenesis and vegetation period of woody plants (P. 135-143)

Mladinoy V.K., Pyntya M.A.,

Efficience of fruit trees breeding within Republic of Moldova in the condition of globalisation (P. 143-148)

Morozov A.I., Totskaya S.A., Gryaznov M.Y.,

The optimal timing of harvest, quality and post-harvest ripening of seeds (P. 148-153)

Panyushkina E.S., Melnikov V.A., Khokhlov S.Y., Melkozerova E.A.,

Chemical composition for products of processing from zizyphus fruits (P. 154-157)

Pilkevich R.A.,

Resistance of various selection forms of chaenomeles to conditions of summer moisture deficiency on the Southern coast of Crimea (P. 158-160)

Plugatar’ Y.V., Makrushin N.M., Makrushina E.M.,

Scheme of ontogenesis and vegetative period of woody plants (P. 161-166)

Popov A.I., Chakalov T.S.,

Peculiarities of growth and development of cherrieson clonal rootstocksof the Crimean piedmont zone (P. 167-170)

Pushchina M.Y., Rachenko M.A.,

Frost resistance of the root system of everbearing raspberry under simulated conditions (P. 170-174)

Rachenko M.A., Rachenko A.M.,

Apple genetic collection of SIPBP SB RAS: status and perspectives of use (P. 174-179)

Reut A.A.,

Methods of accelerated seeding of seeds of Hemerocallis (P. 180-183)

Rodyukova O.S.,

Features of phenological phases in introduced variety samples of chaenomeles (P. 183-186)

Sergeeva N.N., Sergeyev Y.I.,

Adaptive properties and productivity of apple trees of NCFSCHVW selection varieties in different soil and climatic conditions (P. 186-190)

Smirnova E.A., Eremina O.V.,

Selection of varieties of Dyuk for improvement of the cherry assortment in the South of Russia (P. 191-194)

Smykov A.V., Fedorova O.S., Ivashchenko Y.A.,

Introduction and use of american peach cultivars in Nikita botanical gardens (P. 195-199)

Smykov A.V., Fedorova O.S., Ivashchenko Y.A.,

Promising peach cultivars for processing (P. 199-203)

Solodukhina N.V., Cherednichenko M.Y.,

Analysis of anatomical-morphological features of aseptic plants of Elsholtzia ciliata (P. 203-205)

Sotnik A.I., Tankevich V.V., Denisova O.A.,

Influence of rootstock combinations and climatic conditions on quality and duration of storage of pear fruits (Pyrus communis L.) in Crimea (P. 206-209)

Sotnik A.I., Babina R.D., Khoruzhiy P.G., Naumenko T.S., Kancaeva Y.I.,

The studying results of drought and heat resistance of domestic and foreign pear varieties (Pyrus communis L.) in the conditions of the Crimea (P. 210-213)

Tankevich V.V.,

The influence of apple (Malus domestica Borkh) perennial monoculture on the seedling yield and quality (P. 214-218)

Ulyanovskaya E.V., Suprun I.I., Tokmakov S.V., Bogdanovich T.V., Ermolenko V.G.,

Accelerated creation of apple varieties with immunity to scab (P. 218-222)

Upadysheva G.Y.,

Features of cultivation of the apricot on clonal rootstocks in conditions of the Moscow area (P. 222-226)

Khokhlov S.Y., Melnikov V.A., Panyushkina E.S.,

Pomological description of the fruit of the persimmon and a tasting of their products (P. 227-231)

Khokhlov S.Y., Tsiupka S.Y., Melnikov V.A., Panyushkina E.S.,

Perspective directions of processing of the crop European olive (P. 232-236)

Tsarev A.P., Tsareva R.P., Tsarev V.A.,

Peculiarities and some results of aspen factorial hybridization (P. 236-239)

Tsarev A.P., Laur N.V.,

Making permanent forest seed stands (P. 240-244)

Tsareva R.P., Tsarev V.A.,

The long-term testing results of various poplars’ forms and hybrids in Volgograd Region (P. 244-248)

Chernobay I.G., Litvinova T.V.,

Formation of jujube adaptive assortment for Crimea conditions (P. 248-251)

Chernyshenko O.V., Rumyantsev D.E.,

Evaluation of archival aspen clones with improved forest productivity in Valentinovka nursery (Moscow Region, Russia) (P. 252-257)

Shirnin V.K., Kryukova S.A.,

In defense of oak acorns small-fruited forms (P. 257-260)

Shishkina E.L.,

Estimate of feijoa cultivars and forms drought-resistance according to their waterretaining ability and tolerance to leaf dehydration (P. 261-266)

Shoferistov E.P., Tsiupka S.Y.,

New cultivars of nectarine, promising for canning (P. 266-270)

Shoferistov E.P., Tsiupka S.Y., Ivashchenko Y.A.,

Introduction, study and selection of nectarine with a sweet seed in the Crimea (P. 271-276)