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2018, № 73

UDC: 630*232.1
GSNTI: 68.47.015

Рroductivity of topol clones under the conditions of the floodplain lands of the Voronezh Region

Growth vigor of 15 poplar clones was researched at the age of 30 years. Field experiment is located in the Anninsky District of the Voronezh Region, in the floodplain of the Bityug River, soil conditions - D3, meadow chernozem soils. The structure of the experiment is randomized repetitions, repeatability is 4-fold, 6 plants are planted on the plot, the placement is 3½3 m. Performance indicators of clones varied in a very wide range: survival from zero to 100 per. cent; the mean height from 17.0 to 25.3 m, the mean diameter at the breast height from 14.3 to 31.0 cm; the trunk volume from 0.132 to 0.827 m3; the actual stock of wood from 6 to 919 m3/ha. The average diameter of the barrel of all grades in the site is 25.0 cm, the average height is 22.8 m, the average trunk volume is 0.56 m3. The average actual stock of stem wood is 249 m3/ha, its entire stock on the site, taking into account deadwood, is 326 m3/ha. The average actual growth in the plantation is 8.3 m3/ha per year, taking into account the deadwood - 10.9. To create plantations in the Central Сhernozem Region, varieties that showed the best survival and productivity were recommended: Э.с.-38 (Voronezhsky giant), Brabantika, Vernirubens, Deltoid and Regeneratе.
Keywords: Poplar, varieties, plantations, productivity, long-term variety testing
DOI: 10.21515/1999-1703-73-73-75


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  1. Kamalov Ravil Mingazovich, Phd in Agricul, Senior Researcher, FSBI "All-Russian Research Institute of Forest Genetics, Breeding and Biotechnology".
  2. Kamalova Irina Ivanovna, Phd in Biology, Leading Researcher, FSBI "All-Russian Research Institute of Forest Genetics, Breeding and Biotechnology".