Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2018, № 75


Barsukova G.N.,

Problems of ecological-landscape approach implementation in the organization of the agricultural enterprises territory in the context of modern land relations ations (P. 5-10)

Govdya V.V., Degaltseva Z.V., Khromova I.N., Velichko K.A.,

Accounting decomposition in the agrarian formation overhead costs management system (P. 11-19)

Orlyanskaya N.P., Ivashchuk Y.S., Medvedskaya L.V.,

Improving the functioning of the Agrarian and Industrial complex enterprises mechanization subdivisions based on the development of the complex and models and the use of economic-mathematical methods and tools (P. 19-24)

Piterskaya L.Y., Osenniy V.V., Tlisheva N.A.,

Method and tools of investment attractiveness estimation of agrarian production objects (P. 25-31)

Rys’myatov A.Z., D’yakov S.A., Kirillov V.S.,

Structural sustainability of agrarian complexes and the search for a new equilibrium state through innovative restructuring (P. 32-40)

Saifetdinov A.R., Trubilin M.E., Puzeychuk P.V.,

Methodical peculiarities of the evaluation of the effectiveness of investments to develop the technical and technological innovations in crop production (P. 40-46)


Arkhipov M.V., Priyatkin N.S., Gusakova L.P., Tyukalov Y.A., Potrakhov N.N.,

Novel technologies of seed production: fundamental and applied vision (P. 47-50)

Tsatsenko L.V., Savichenko D.L.,

The pollen evaluation method in the breeding practice of agricultural plants (P. 51-58)

Agasieva I.S., Ismailov V.Y., Fedorenko E.V., Nefedova M.V., Mkrtchyan A.O.,

Study of food chains of various geographical populations of Ectoparasite Habrobracon hebetor Say (P. 59-65)

Bedlovskaya I.V., Kudaewa E.A.,

Ecological and trophic features, systematic position, harmfulness of scab and powdery mildew of Apple in the central zone of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 65-71)

Griguletsky V.G., Arinicheva I.V., Zhilina M.V.,

Estimation of the impact of various microfertilizers doses for the rice root system development (P. 72-77)

Esipenko L.P., Savva A.P., Monastyrsky O.A., Telezhenko T.N., Marchenko N.A.,

The herbicides efficiency against common ragweed in crops of sunflower and soybean (P. 77-81)

Nazarova A.A., Knyazev B.M.,

Physiological processes of seeds germination of grain leguminous crops and their influence on the productivity of plants (P. 81-85)

Plugatar Y.V., Sotnik A.I., Tankevich V.V.,

Growing peculiarities for seedlings of pearrootstock forms (Pyrus communis L.) in the Crimea (P. 86-89)

Serdyuk V.Y., Zamotajlov A.S., Bondarenko A.S.,

Agrobiological characteristics and economical significance of some field ground beetles species (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in the agrocoenoses of Krasnodar Territory (P. 90-96)

Khashagulgova M.A., Khashagulgov U.A., Getokov O.O.,

Fruit crops production technology in Ingushetia (P. 97-101)

Chernikov E.A., Popova V.P., Fomenko T.G.,

Salt regime features of the vineyards soils in the south of Taman (P. 102-108)


Baratov M.O., Shantyz A.Y., Gugushvili N.N.,

Medium for isolation and cultivation of mycobacterium (P. 109-114)

Ivanov A.V., Saleeva I.P., Zhuravchuk E.V., Burova D.A., Zaremskaya A.A.,

Sanitation of drinking water for broiler chicks (P. 115-120)

Koshchaev A.G., Inyukina T.A.,

Echinococcu Granulosus influence on the cattle slaughter products quality (P. 121-131)

Kulikova N.I., Eremenko O.N., Nimbona C., Cherechecha A.A.,

A new way to increase the fertility of cows (P. 131-136)

Likhoman A.V., Usenko V.V., Koshchaeva O.V.,

Influence of metoclopramide on clinical manifestation of the endogenous intoxication in cows under ketonemia (P. 137-143)

Neverova O.P., Loretts O.G., Bykova O.A.,

Morphological parameters of chicken-broilers blood when including natural feed additives in the ration (P. 144-150)

Nazarov M.V., Zabashta S.N., Rudneva Y.A., Kazarinov V.A.,

Perfection of the synchronization technique of sexual cycles in cows (P. 150-153)

Ryadchikov V.G., Tantawi A., Komarova N.S., Shlyakhova O.G., Dmitrienko S.N.,

The influence of the level and degradability of protein in the rumen on nitrogen metabolism and milk productivity of Holstein cows in early lactation (P. 154-166)

Turlyun V.I., Tuzov I.N., Sadulaev V.V., Bardak A.S., Tuzov A.I.,

Study of the fat to protein ratio in the milk of highly productive Holstein cows in different phases of lactation (P. 167-171)

Khmara I.N., Khmara I.V., Koshchaev A.G.,

Experimental mycotoxicosis of mongolian gerbil Meriones unguiculatus at ecologically relevant level of mycotoxines in feeds (P. 172-177)

Chernykh O.Y., Shevchenko L.V., Drobin Y.D., Shevchenko A.A.,

Epizootic situation on invasive diseases in the North Caucasus Region (P. 178-182)


Dzanagov S.K.,

Book review "A.Kh. Sheudzhen, L.M. Onishchenko. Agrochemistry. Part. 7. Regional agrochemistry: a tutorial. - Krasnodar: KubSAU, 2018. - 457 p." (P. 183-184)