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2018, № 75

UDC: 631.53.01:633.1:621.386.8
GSNTI: 47.29.39

Novel technologies of seed production: fundamental and applied vision

The article is dedicated to the study of the grain seeds’ hidden deficiency and its meaning in a modern seed science research. The statistical data are presented showing significant increase in the percentage of unconditional grain seeds during the Post-Soviet period. To investigate the hidden deficiency of seeds microfocus x-ray technique had been used in combination with standard and additional (radicle and shoot length) methods of sowing qualities evaluation. The studies are performed according to the approved x-ray method in the Seed X-ray Testing Laboratory of Agrophysical Research Institute, with use of the mobile x-ray device PRDU-02. The experimental data on comparative evaluation of hidden deficiency of barley and oats seed samplesontained in the field and the regulated conditions (phytotron) are given. It is established that in the tested samples of brewing barley seed samples 3 main types of the hidden defects prevailed: stress crack - up to 71%, a defective embryo - up to 69%, enzyme mycosis exhaustion - up to 24%. Relation of growth indicators dynamics (radicle and shoot length) of barley seeds estimated within 10 days and nights and existence of some types of their hidden deficiency is revealed: embryo cover imperfections, enzyme mycosis exhaustion, stress crack. On the basis of the obtained results of the research a possibility of further use of combination of microfocus x-ray technique and sprouts morphometric characteristics evaluation for obtaining new knowledge of structural integration of caryopsis, causes and consequences of solution of caryopsis continuity are discussed. The future application trends of the offered approach in practical seed production for correction of the existing technologies for the purpose of receiving high-conditioned seed material are declared.
Keywords: Seed production technologies, seed sowing qualities, x-ray radiography of seeds, hidden deficiency of seeds, seed sprouting dynamics
DOI: 10.21515/1999-1703-75-47-50


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  1. Arkhipov Mikhail Vadimovich, DSc in Biology, professor, chief researcher of plant biophysics section, Agrophysical Research Institute.
  2. Priyatkin Nikolay Sergeevich, Phd in Engineering, Senior researcher, Agrophysical Research Institute.
  3. Gusakova Ludmila Petrovna, Phd in Biology, Leading researcher, Agrophysical Research Institute.
  4. Tyukalov Yuri Alekseevich, Phd in Engineering, Leading researcher, Northwestern Center for interdisciplinary research of the problems of food supply.
  5. Potrakhov Nikolay Nikolaevich, DSc in Engineering, professor, Head of Electronic Devices Dept., The First Electrotechnical University.