Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2016, № 63


Krasnitsky V.A., Zachishigriva V.S.,

Value-added tax and its role in federal budget income forming (P. 7-12)

Kuznetsova N.V., Pankratova E.V., Ruchinskaya Y.S.,

Advantages and disadvantages of the use of special taxation system for agricultural organizations (P. 13-18)

Novikova I.S., Popok L.E.,

Present state and comparative description of the main offers in the Internet acquiring market in Russia (P. 19-24)

Oleynik M.A., Semakina V.D.,

The Russian audit services market state (P. 25-30)

Polonskаyа O.P., Motroshilova T.V., Stolyarova E.A.,

Bonus depreciation in tax accounting (P. 30-34)

Sinitsyna T.Y., Krasnitskiy V.A., Efimova E.A.,

Value added tax and its improvement (P. 35-39)

Tyupakov K.E.,

The current state of government support for agriculture in Russia (P. 40-47)

Cherednichenko M.V., Efimova E.A., Krasnitskiy V.A.,

Online stores taxation problems (P. 47-52)


Vahabov E.E.o.,

Conceptual aspects of ecological model of soil fertility under vegetable crops (P. 53-58)

Zvolinsky V.P., Tyutuma N.V., Naumova N.A.,

Winter triticale grain roductivity at the expense of microbiological preparations application in Astrakhan province (P. 59-64)

Ilnitskaya E.T., Makarkina M.V.,

On the grapevine resistance genetics to downy mildew pathogen (P. 64-70)

Krivorotov S.B., Zemlina G.A.,

Plants’ morphological variability and features of the spatial structure of cenopopulations of Clematis vitalba L., (Ranunculaceae) in the North-Western Caucasus (P. 71-76)

Mirzoyeva B.Q.,

Influence of Na-salt solutions on barley seed germination,seedlings development and on the activity oftheir main NADP-producing enzymes (P. 77-82)

Popov I.B., Krivorotov S.B., Zemlinа G.A.,

Entomofauna of Clematis vitalba L. (Ranunculaceae) in the North-Western Caucasus (P. 83-89)

Serdyuk V.Y., Zamotajlov A.S.,

Seasonal ground beetles fauna (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in agrocoenoses of the FSBSI “All-Russian Research Institute of Biological Plant Protection” (Krasnodar) in 2016 (P. 90-94)

Suprun I.I., Stepanov I.V., Malyarovskaya V.I., Kolomiets T.M., Samarina L.S.,

Approbation of ISSR DNA markers for genotyping of sea holly (Eryngium maritimum L.) (P. 95-101)

Tsepkova N.L., Taumurzaeva I.T.,

New species of adventitious plants in Kabardino-Balkaria (P. 102-107)

Sheudzhen A.K., Bondareva T.N., Hurum H.D., Yakovleva Y.A., Osipov M.A., Esipenko S.V.,

The total content of boron and its form in leached chernozem of the Western Ciscaucasia under conditions of agricultural soil genesis (P. 107-112)

Yakovleva E.A., Sheudzhen A.К.,

The influence of boron and iodine on growth, development and crop of rice in conditions of Kuban (P. 112-117)

Fomina I.V., Maramygina L.V., Volokitina C.A.,

Accelerating the process of selection in the artificial climate (P. 118-122)


Danilchenko O.B., Miroshnichenko P.V., Shantys A.K., Shantys A.Y., Kataeva T.S.,

Antibacterial activity of ultrafine metals (P. 123-126)

Zvolinsky V.P., Bulahtinа G.K.,

Development of meat sheep breeding in the arid zone of the Northern Caspian SEA - the potential to increase domestic meat production (P. 127-131)

Laishevtcev A.I., Kapustin A.V., Gulyukin A.M.,

Comparative analysis of antibiotic sensitivity of collection strains of Pasteurella multocida isolated in the period up to 1990 with field isolates selected within 2014-2016 from large and small cattle on the territory of the Russian Federation (P. 132-138)

Kazakov A.S., Kosse G.I., Ratoshny A.N.,

Probiotic Levisel SB plus in rations broiler chickens cross ISA-15 (P. 139-143)

Orobets V.A., Kastarnova E.S., Zabashta S.N., Zabashta A.P.,

Antiparasitic efficiency of complex application of the original medical forms Ivermek-ON and Ivermek-OR for Dermanyssus gallinae (P. 144-150)

Tletseruk I.R., Osepchuk D.V., Vorokov V.H., Ratoshnij A.N., Kononenko S.I., Yurina N.A., Guzenko V.I., Utizhev A.Z.,

Perspectives of triticale in the geese diet (P. 150-156)

Chernykh O.Y., Mischenko V.A., Mischenko A.V., Zhbanova T.V., Lysenko A.A., Drobin Y.D., Soldatenko N.A., Vatsaev S.V.,

Bovine infectious keratoconjuctivitis problems (P. 156-162)


Gulevsky V.A., Nikulichev A.S., Ryazancev A.A.,

The impact of vent valves on refrigeration systems water evaporation air cooling (P. 163-168)

Degtyareva O.G.,

Research of stiffness characteristics of gravity and of buttress weir on facilities of analysis of eigentones (P. 169-177)

Morozov V.Y., Kolesnikov R.O., Chernikov A.N., Dorozhkin V.I., Prokopenko A.A.,

Air disinfection unit for enclosed rooms «Ventilated air recirculator» (P. 177-183)

Rudchenko I.I., Bugriev M.P.,

Structural damage to buildings and structures at high temperatures (P. 184-190)

Shurshikova G.V., Derkanosova N., Ponomaryova I., Zolotaryova N., Nekrasov Y.V.,

The method of calculation of the structure of flour mixtures for the production of enriched bakery products (P. 191-198)


Bukhtoiarov N.I., Vasilyev B.V.,

Neoliberal political-and-legal paradigm of the Russian society reform from the perspective of modernity (P. 199-205)