Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2021, № 92


Trubilin A.I., Lemeshchenko P.S., Gayduk V.I.,

Institutional trends of Socio-economic system transformation in the conditions of global instability (P. 7-10)


Baranovskaya T.P., Vostroknutov A.E., Kiriy V.A.,

Development of describing models for agro-industrial organization’s business process elements labour intensity (P. 11-16)

Bershitsky Y.I., Saifetdinov A.R., Lyagoskina N.R., Saifetdinova P.V., Ulyanov A.V.,

Economic analysis of the organic agriculture state in Russia and theoretical and methodological features of its development effectiveness assessment (P. 17-32)

Demakova E.A.,

Main directions of state regulation, support and stimulation of pig-breeding sub-sector and pig production market in Russia (P. 33-37)

Kumratova A.M., Aleshchenko V.V.,

Comparative analysis of productivity indicators of grain-producing territories of the world (P. 38-43)

Kotok N.Y.,

Influence of import substitution in agricultural machinery on food security of the country (P. 44-51)

Nilova N.M.,

Business model development for the consumer coopration bakery industry of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 52-57)

Plotnikova Y.V., Artemova Y.I.,

Leasing as a source of investment in the purchase of agricultural equipment (P. 58-63)

Prudnikov A.G., Petrik G.F., Logoida T.V.,

The stability of the gross harvest as a result of planning the structure of sown areas, taking into account the forecast of grain yield (P. 64-69)

Snimschikova I.V., Chugaeva J.A.,

Control in Agrarian and Industrial Complex public procurement as an economic security factor (P. 70-75)

Tsypin A.P., Bannikov S.A.,

Comparative statistical analysis of pork production in post-soviet countries (P. 76-82)

Shevkunenko M.Y., Pozojan D.P., Matveev A.S.,

Increasing competitiveness in the grain industry as a food security ensuring factor in Russia (P. 83-88)

Krasochenko Y.V., Yarotskaya E.V.,

Modern problems of forest and agricultural land use and solutions in the Krasnodar Territory (P. 89-94)


Hajiyev N.M.o., Lebedeva V.A., Ivanov A.V., Komarov A.A., Sokolov I.A.,

Evaluation of yield and starch content of some potato varieties and their hybrids in conditions (P. 95-100)

Kosykh L.A., Stolpivskaya E.V., Nikonorova Y.Y.,

New variety of spring barley Povolzhsky 49 for the Central Volga region (P. 101-105)

Kravchenko R.V., Kalinin O.S.,

Basic tillage and mineral fertilizers role in sugar beet cultivation technology (P. 106-114)

Popov I.B., Kremneva O.Y., Leptyagin D.O., Ermakov Y.S.,

Specific features of winter rapeseed pollination in the Krasnodar Territory central zone conditions (P. 115-121)

Semenova L.G., Bandurko I.A., Shapovalov M.I.,

Water regime assessment for pears (Pyrus L.) varieties and types (P. 122-126)

Sidorova T.M., Allakhverdyan V.V., Asaturova A.M., Dubyaga V.M.,

Bacillus velezensis bacteria potential for protect plants from fungal phytopathogenous infection (P. 127-135)

Troshin L.P., Kravchenko R.V., Matuzok N.V., Darensky D.S.,

The influence of the bushes loading regime with vegetating shoots. The degree of of grapes embryonic societies breaking of technical varieties in the conditions of the Anapa-Taman zone (P. 136-143)

Gashenko O.A., Kukharchik N.V., Frolova L.V.,

Reproduction of the Belarusian variety of raspberry repair verasna in culture in vitro (P. 144-147)

Magomedov R.K.,

Disinfection of berries (P. 148-152)

Ochkas N.A., Goncharova Y.K., Vereshchagina S.A.,

Breeding method for yield varieties of rice (P. 153-158)

Savenko E.G., Mukhina Z.M., Glazyrina V.A., Shundrina L.A., Wen Jing Z., Zuobin M., Changhua W., Zhengyan P.,

Comprehensive assessment of russian androgenic rice varieties in the territory of China (P. 159-164)

Toropova E.Y., Kirichenko A.A., Vorob’ova I.G., Piskarev V.V.,

The system approach to spring wheat varieties resistance assessment to root rots (P. 165-171)

Toshkina E.A.,

Monitoring of oat crops for damage by pests in the conditions of the collective farm "Russia" of the SEC of the Novgorod region (P. 172-176)

Ulyanovskaya E.V., Belenko E.A.,

Modern world trends of development of apple breeding (P. 177-182)

Khalilov E.S., Smykov A.V., Chelebiev E.F., Uskov M.K.,

The degree of frost resistance of generative buds of promising breeding forms of apple trees in the conditions of the foothill zone of the Crimea (P. 183-189)

Kharchenko A.A., Smykov A.V., Melkozerova E.A.,

Content of biologically active substances in fruits of certain varieties and forms of figs from the collection of the Nikitsk Botanical Garden (P. 190-195)

Shein M.Y., Burkhanova G.F., Merzlyakova A.Y., Maksimov I.V.,

Changes in transcriptional activity of TaAgo2 and TaAgo4 genes in wheat plants at infection with Stagonospora nodorum Berk (P. 196-200)


Bezborodova N.A., Sokolova O.V., Krivonogova A.S., Isaeva A.G., Zubareva V.D., Kozhuhovskaya V.V.,

Phenotypic and genotypic antibiotic resistance in bacteria of family Enterobacteriaceae, obtained from agricultural enterprises of the Ural region (P. 201-210)

Koshchaev A.G., Gugushvili V.M., Chernykh O.Y.,

Pharmacocorrection of cattle immunity in the specific prevention of leptospirosis (P. 211-217)

Konovalov A.V., Alekseyev A.A.,

Analysis and development prospects of forage production in the Yaroslavl region (P. 218-223)

Mannapov A.G., Yunusov K.B., Khudaiberdiev A.A., Koshchaeva O.V.,

The influence of stimulating feedings on egg production of bee womes and the dynamics of printed broken in mother, parental and nursing families (P. 224-229)

Razhina E.V., Loretts O.G.,

Qualitative and quantitative indicators of cottage cheese made from milk of cows genotyped according to kappa-casein (P. 230-237)

Rud E.N., Kuzminova E.V., Semenenko M.P., Koshchaev A.G., Koshchaeva O.V.,

The state of lipid peroxidation in the body of dairy cows under heat stress (P. 238-244)

Lyubimova Y.G., Tereshchenko V.A., Ivanov E.A., Ivanova O.V.,

The influence of the method of feeding a feed additive from forest resources on the indicators of dairy productivity of cows (P. 245-250)

Rakhmatullin S.G., Nurzhanov B.S., Inchagova K.S., Duskaev G.K.,

The use of lactone in diets changes the biochemical composition of blood serum and muscle tissue of broilers (P. 251-258)

Reshetnyak V.V., Stekolnikov A.A., Burdeyniy V.V., Bokarev A.V.,

Сastration of boars on the background of immunocorrection in the conditions of industrial pig breeding (P. 259-268)