Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2021, № 90


Trubilin A.I., Tyupakov K.E., Adamenko A.A.,

Food security: problems and solutions (P. 5-10)


Katsko I.A., Lyakhovetsky A.M., Pertsukhov V.I.,

Tools for econometric modeling of agricultural production factors (P. 11-20)

Kudryakov V.G., Artemova E.I., Lazko L.V.,

Investment processes state regulation priorities in the Agrarian and Industrial Complex of the Krasnodar Territory in the context of a pandemic (P. 21-27)

Snimschikova I.V., Chugaeva J.A.,

Countering criminal activities in the agricultural industry as a condition for ensuring the economic security of the Russian Federation (P. 28-32)

Shevkunenko M.Y., Korovin D.A.,

Economic crimes in the agro-industrial complex as a threat to Russia's economic security (P. 33-36)


Bespalova L.A., Groitsai T.I., Polevikova N.A., Podushin Y.V., Fedulov Y.P.,

Relationship of the level of frost resistance and the photosynthetic pigments content in the leaves of winter wheat (P. 37-47)

Drozdova V.V., Baranova E.K.,

Winter barley yield and quality dependence on mineral fertilizers on Western Ciscaucasia leached chernozem (P. 48-52)

Esipenko L.P., Gasiyan K.E., Zelenskiy R.A., Ivanisova M.V., Ponomarev A.V.,

Abiotic environmental factors influence on the distribution of the cotton scoop in the South of Russia (P. 53-58)

Knyazev B.M., Knyazeva D.B.,

Sources of nitrogen during the formation of soybeans and seeds (P. 59-63)

Kravchenko R.V., Luchinsky S.I., Arkhipenko A.A., Semyonov A.E.,

Influence of basic soil treatment for winter wheat on its productivity elements formation (P. 64-70)

Podvarko A.T., Kustadinchev A.D., Korshunov A.A., Mukhina M.T., Bezruchko E.V.,

The effectiveness of the use of the agrochemical Krezamix brand: Boron on sugar beets of the Oksana variety in the Krasnodar Territory (P. 71-77)

Polous V.S., Osaulenko S.N.,

Influence of methods and techniques of basic processing of ordinary chernozem on yield, quality and efficiency of pea cultivation (P. 78-85)

Teuchezh A.A.,

Background soil state assessment in the Krymski district of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 86-90)


Gavrilenko D.V.,

Influence of the feed additive Selevit on meat productivity and qualitative characteristics of broiler chickens meat (P. 91-96)

Kolosov Y.A., Shirokova N.V., Skripin P.V., Koshchaeva O.V., Nesterenko A.A.,

Development of recipes and technologies for boiled sausages based on lamb (P. 97-103)

Koschaev A.G., Luneva A.V., Murtazaev K.N., Lysenko Y.A., Merenkova N.V., Ivaneeva A.N.,

Influence of the breeding and feeding method with feed additives on the quails’ bodies (P. 104-112)

Mucheka K., Tishchenko A.S., Shunaeva A.V.,

Antibiotic residues detection in broiler chicken meat (P. 113-116)

Pristupa V.N., Svyatogorov N.A., Svitenko O.V., Torosyan D.S., Gritsay A.Y., Kalmykov Z.T., Vasilyev V.I.,

Сomparative productivity of kalmyk breed cattle of factory lines and related groups (P. 117-122)

Soldatenko N.A., Drobin Y.D., Bokun E.A., Chernykh O.Y., Krivonos R.A., Lysenko A.A., Bazyk A.D.,

The effect of mycotoxins contaminated feed on the safety, growth and development of broiler chickens from the age of one day to twenty-five days (P. 123-129)

Shkhalakhov D.S.,

Development of probiotic feed additive Trilaktokor AB (P. 130-136)

Yarovan N.I., Nevrova E.V.,

The effect of the use of calamus marsh when feeding quails on productivity and glucose levels (P. 137-142)

Patieva T.P., Koshchaeva O.V.,

Influence of biologically active feed additive on turkey blood indicators (P. 143-148)