Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2020, № 86


Trubilin A.I., Gayduk V.I., Snimtshikova I.V.,

Institutional transformation of the socio-economic system of Russia: priorities and prospects (P. 5-8)


Baranovskaya T.P., Vostroknutov A.Y.,

Methodology for developing a strategy for developing the business model of an agro-industrial organization (P. 9-15)

Bershitskaya G.F., Gurnovich T.G., Kuvarin D.Y., Matveev A.S., Pozoyan D.P.,

Innovative development of the material and technical base of agricultural production in the context of import substitution (P. 15-20)

Kovalchuk M.D.,

The role of ownership of agricultural organizations in Russia (P. 21-25)

Pavlov D.A., Kiriy V.A.,

Development of a set of problem-oriented programs for solving problems of network distribution of production tasks (P. 26-30)

Turliy S.I., Rybalko N.V., Papazyan S.L.,

Economic efficiency of production-technological processes of industrial fruit production and viticulture (P. 31-36)


Bondarenko A.S., Khomitskyi E.E., Zamotajlov A.S., Belyi A.I.,

Ground beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) of orchards and vineyards of the Anapa-Taman, Southern Foothill and Black Sea Coast agricultural zones of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 37-50)

Gegechkori B.S., Tymchik N.Y., Shcherbakov N.A.,

Accumulation and structure of seedling phytomass in the first field of the formation section (P. 50-53)

Evlakov P.M., Fedorova O.A., Grodetskaia T.A.,

Clonal micropropagation of downy birch (Betula pubescens) with the use of copper oxide and silver nanoparticles (P. 54-59)

Knyazev B.M., Knyazeva D.B.,

Efficiency of using plant growth regulators on soybean crops in the zone of insufficient humidification of Kabardino-Balkaria (P. 59-63)

Kornienko A.V., Skachkov S.I., Semenihina L.V., Melnikov Y.N.,

Big challenges to breeders, possibilities of selection in Russia (P. 64-67)

Kravtsov A.M., Zagorulko A.V., Kravtsova N.N., Brovkina T.Y.,

The role of winter wheat plants food regime optimizing in yield and grain quality increase (P. 68-78)

Kravchenko R.V., Luchinsky S.I., Matvienko V.P., Manokhin A.A.,

Influence of basic treatment on agrophysical soil properties in soybean cultivation technology (P. 79-84)

Maslienko L.V., Efimtseva E.A., Datsenko L.A., Voronkova A.K.,

Modification of the artificial inoculation method of sunflower seeds with Phoma rot in the laboratory conditions for identification of the protective effect of microbiopreparations producer strains (P. 85-89)

Plotnikova T.V., Tuytuynnikova E.M., Salomatin V.A.,

Increasing tobacco productivity and quality by utilizing growth stimulator Melafen (P. 90-96)

Podkolzin O.A., Lebedovsky I.A., Esipenko S.V., Perepelin M.A., Khorkova Y.V.,

Influence of chelated forms of copper and zinc on the yield and quality of rice plants in Kuban (P. 97-107)

Radivon V.A.,

Selection of the optimal culture medium for cultivation of Parastagonospora nodorum (Berk.) and Parastagonospora avenae (A.B. Frank) f. sp. triticea (J. Johnson) (P. 107-113)

Strelnikov E.A., Bochkarova E.B., Serdyuk V.V., Gorlova L.A.,

Heterosis display by economically valuable traits in the interline hybrids of winter rapeseed (P. 113-119)

Trubina V.S., Serdyuk O.A., Gorlova L.A.,

Development of the promising breeding material of winter type of common mustard at V.S. Pustovoit All-Russian Research Institute of Oil Crops (P. 120-125)

Tumanyan N.G., Kumeiko T.B.,

Methodological bases of rice grain quality evaluation in breeding process (P. 126-130)


Bykova O.A., Krivonogova A.S., Isaeva A.G., Moiseeva K.V., Romanova A.S.,

Bactericidal activity of preparations from plant raw materials against opportunistic microflora resistant to antibiotics (P. 131-139)

Belous A.A., Sermyagin A.A., Zinovieva N.A.,

Color characteristics of commercial hybrids’ meat - the first results (P. 140-145)

Gandraburova N.I., Harina E.I., Kovalyova I.A., Ryabokoneva D.S.,

Monitoring of ecological-epizootic situation according to natural-focal diseases on the territory of Stavropol town (P. 146-150)

Karatunov V.A., Gorlov I.F., Slozhenkina M.I., Chernyshkov A.S., Tuzov I.N., Gvozdeva Y.M.,

Calves growth and development features on the diet with mineral supplement (P. 151-157)

Kobylyatsky P.S., Karatunov V.A., Slozhenkina M.I., Tuzov I.N., Shirokova N.V., Nekrasova L.V.,

Study of the wheat fiber influence on the meat products quality characteristics (P. 158-165)

Kuzmenko N.I., Ratoshny A.N.,

An increase in raw fiber in mixed feeds in laying hens of the Japanese breed and its effect on egg production and egg quality indicators (P. 166-169)

Nazarov M.V., Kravchenko V.M., Lifentsova M.N., Mashyanova S.Y., Rudneva Y.A.,

Pharmacocorrection of reproductive functions in cows with retention of the afterbirth (P. 170-174)

Semenov V.A.,

Methods of ultrasound examination of dolphins with new technologies (P. 175-182)

Tuzova S.A., Nosalenko P.A.,

Intensive golshta bulls feeding under industrial technology (P. 182-187)