Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2018, № 71


Arkhipov M.V., Danilova T.A., Gusakova L.P., Priyatkin N.S., Sheloukhova N.A.,

Current issues of science efficiency enhancement in ensuring key tasks performance of the Russian Federation grain branch food security (P. 5-9)

Burkovskiy P.V., Gimelreih L.E.,

Problems and strategic development trends of agrarian and industrial complex of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 10-17)

Velibekova L.A.,

Current economic problems and ways of Dagestan gardening development (P. 18-22)

Khanbabaev T.A., Dogaev H.G., Daibova L.S.,

Cooperation as an organizational and economic mechanism improving the efficiency of agricultural production (P. 22-27)

Kharitonov V.A., Dmitriukov M.S.,

The concept of intellectual support of making decisions in cultural heritage sites management tasks (P. 28-38)


Ashmarina L.F.,

Assessment of fodder crops resistance to main diseases in Western Siberia (P. 39-45)

Logvinov V.A., Moiseev V.V., Mishchenko V.N., Logvinov A.V., Moiseev A.V.,

Sugar beet seed production in connection with new selection work trends (P. 45-52)

Barkukova A.Y., Chernysheva N.V., Tosunov Y.K., Sinyashin K.O.,

Melafen efficacy in the technology of sugar beet cultivation (P. 53-56)

Bakhmat N.I., Bunchak A.M.,

Spring wheat productivity formation depending on the application of organic fertilizers manufactured with the use of the latest technologies in the Western Forest-steppe (P. 56-61)

Vlasenko V.P., Scheudgen Z.R.,

Analysis of GIS technologies applied to optimize the use and zoning of agricultural lands of the Kradnodar Territory (P. 62-67)

Kritenko D.V., Melchenko A.I., Sukhomlinova A.G.,

Se, Cu, Mn content in some zoned in the Kuban varieties of winter wheat (P. 68-73)

Tkhaganov R.R., Sidelnikov N.I.,

The possibility of obtaining two types of medicinal raw material of (Echinacea purpurea L.) in the conditions of the Western Ciscaucasia (P. 74-79)

Sokirko V.P., Leonov N.N.,

Аpplication of modern preparations in plum tree protection from diseases (P. 80-84)


Radchikov V.G., Vagina V.V., Dmitrienko S.N., Bespalova L.A., Borovik A.N.,

Nutritional value of sphaerococcum wheat (Triticum sphaerococcum Perc.) and (Triticale sphaerococcum), protein biological value improvement methods, amino acid metabolism in chickens on monograin and supplemented bymino acids diets (P. 85-96)

Shevchenko A.A., Toropina A.V., Shevchenko L.V.,

Bacteriological examination in esherihioz (P. 97-102)


Amerkhanov R.A., Kirichenko A.S., Armaganyan E.G., Bandurko A.V.,

Prospects for the use of wind as an energy source for the Agrarian and Industrial Complex of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 103-109)

Maslov G.G., Serguncov A.S.,

Innovative technology in energy-saving technologies of the field (P. 110-117)

Chatkin M.N., Fedorov S.Y.,

Investigation of elastic cultivator’s racks (P. 117-122)