Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2021, № 91

UDC: 631.53.01
GSNTI: 68.35.03

Activities of the technical committee in the area of seeding TK359 “Seeds and seeding material”

The most important condition for increasing the efficiency of crop production is a well-developed system of seed production. Seed production is a branch of agricultural science and agricultural production that deals with the development of theoretical foundations and practical issues of the formation, technology of cultivation, post-harvest processing, storage, control, standardization and use of seeds. Environmental conditions have a strong influence on the ability of seeds to germinate and further develop. Samples from a single batch of seeds under different conditions of analysis (temperature, light, etc.), the time of evaluation and accounting of sprouted seeds, the skills of the laboratory assistant can give a wide range of results for determining the indicator. The task of standardization is to ensure the uniformity of measurements and the comparability of their results in order to improve the quality of products, services and increase the competitiveness of Russian-made products, which ultimately protects the interests of consumers and the state as a whole. The article analyzes the activities of the technical committee TC 359 "Seeds and planting material", whose functions are assigned to the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Russian Agricultural Center", in order to implement the state policy in the field of standardization in seed production. On the territory of the Russian Federation, as of 2021, there are 165 standards for varietal and sowing (planting) qualities of seeds and planting material, since 2007, 18 national and interstate standards have been developed, as well as 8 industry standards, technical specifications and standards of organizations for seeds of the most important agricultural crops.
Keywords: Seed production, national standards, the technical committee on standardization, standardization program of seed production.
DOI: 10.21515/1999-1703-91-206-210


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  1. Malko Alexander Mikhailovich, DSc in Agriculture, Director, Federal State Budgetary Institution “Russian Agricultural Center”.
  2. Androsova Olesia Viktorovna, applicant, Head of Seed Services Department, Federal State Budgetary Institution “Russian Agricultural Center”.