Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2021, № 91


Arifova Z.I., Smykov A.V.,

Influence and interrelation of productivity components in strawberry varieties of introduction and selection "NBG-NSC" (P. 7-11)

Aseeva T.A., Trifuntova I.B.,

Agronomic stability of varieties and breeding lines of oats of the Far Eastern selection in the conditions of the Middle Amur Region (P. 12-17)

Babina R.D., Chakalova E.A., Khoruzhiy P.G.,

New varieties of pear breeding in Nikita Botanical Garden (P. 18-22)

Baskakova V.L.,

Evaluation of drought resistance of pear in the conditions of the steppe zone of the Crimea (P. 23-27)

Bevz S.Y.,

The influence of weather conditions on the biological yield of spring wheat in the conditions of the Novgorod region of the North-West of Russia (P. 28-31)

Borovik A.N., Bespalova L.A., Kolesnikov F.A., Ilyina N.A., Chataev A.R.,

Classic - anewvariety of common winterwheat (P. 32-35)

Bragina O.A.,

Prediction of the development of epiphytotics Pyricularia Orizae Cav. in rice growing areas of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 36-40)

Bragina O.A., Krasovsky D.G.,

Demonstration tests of fungicides in the protection of rice crops from blast in the Krasnodar Territory (P. 41-45)

Varivoda E.A., Koleboshina T.G.,

The use of heterosis in the breeding of the dining watermelon at the Bykovskaya multiple experimental station (P. 46-50)

Vertikova E.A., Pylnev V.V.,

The use of heterosis in the breeding of sorgian crops for the conditions of the Lower Volga Region (P. 51-57)

Volkov O.G., Smirnov Y.V., Cheglik L.G.,

Information on the possibility of using the entomophage Picromerus bidens L. (Heteroptera, Pentatomidae) on fruit and forest plants (P. 58-63)

Voronchikhina I.N., Rubets V.S., Pylnev V.V., Mett M.D.,

Evaluation of spring wheat varieties of Canadian selection by indicators of productivity and grain quality in the conditions of the Moscow Region (P. 64-70)

Goleva G.G., Pushkareva V.I., Selyavkin S.N., Novgorodova V.D., Golev A.D.,

Variability of the number of productive nodes of soybean plants (GLYCINE MAX (L.)) with different seeding rates and seeding methods (P. 71-76)

Goncharov S.V.,

Breeder training in Russia (P. 77-83)

Goncharova J.K., Bragina O.A., Ochkas N.A., Kharitonov E.M.,

Variability of ion accumulation in Russian rice samples due to increased adaptability to dehydration (P. 84-88)

Goncharova J.K., Kharitonov E.M., Gapishko N.I., Bragina O.A.,

Polymorphism aminoasid composition of rice varieties due to drought tolerance (P. 89-94)

Goncharova Y.K., Kharitonov E.M., Sheleg V.A.,

Clusterization rice varieties by content of non-substitute amino acids (P. 95-100)

Gorina I.N.,

Analytical quality control treatment of maize seeds with fungicides, containing mefenoxam and metalaxyl (P. 101-104)

Danilchuk A.A., Balykina E.B., Yagodinskaya L.P., Kovalenko L.V.,

The effectiveness of chemical and biological methods of controlling the dominant representatives of the genus hemiptera on the apple tree (P. 105-109)

Eremin G.V., Eremin V.G.,

The use of remote hybridization in the breeding of stone fruit crops in the south of Russia (P. 110-120)

Zenkina K.V., Aseeva T.A.,

Productivity of spring triticale in soil-climatic conditions of the Middle Amur Region (P. 121-126)

Kalchenko E.Y., Nozdracheva R.G.,

The effect of the variety and the stock on the growth and fruiting of plums in the garden (P. 127-132)

Kamalov R.M.,

Phenotypical and genetic age-age correlations in progeny tests Scots pine (P. 133-137)

Karpov I.V.,

Тhe use of black walnut (Juglans nigra L.) as a rootstock for growing walnut seedlings (J. regia L.) (P. 138-141)

Kirichenko V.S., Smykov A.V., Useinov D.R.,

Influence of planting density on yield of apple (Malus Domestica Borkh) plants on em-ix root in the conditions of foothill Crimea (P. 142-146)

Kitaeva M.P., Fedotcheva T.A., Semeykin A.V.,

Cytotoxic activity of extracts obtained from intact plant and callus cell culture Podophyllum peltatum in human leukemic cells (P. 147-151)

Koba V.P., Krest'yanishin I.A., Korenkova O.O.,

Visibility of the pollen of forest crops of scots pine on Сrimean Yayl (P. 152-156)

Koleboshina T.G., Shaposhnikov D.S., Kobkova N.V.,

Efficiency of methods of application of growth regulators and liquid organomineral fertilizer in cultivation of commercial and seed products of melon in conditions of the steppe Volga (P. 157-162)

Komar-Tyomnaya L.D.,

Dry resistance of some peach cultivars for ornamental purpose (P. 163-167)

Kopina M.B., Kuznetsova A.A., Tsvetkova Y.V.,

Little-studied and especially dangerous mycoses in strawberry plantations of some regions of Russia (P. 168-173)

Kryzhko A.V.,

Plants and entomopathogenic bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis Interaction in the agrocenosis of Origanum vulgare L (P. 174-180)

Kuznetsova N.F.,

Genotype-environment interaction and breeding of Pinus sylvestris L. for drought and stress resistance (P. 181-186)

Levin S.V.,

Studies of the peculiarities of the formation of temperature and humidity of tree trunks of scots pine in the contact method of study (P. 187-192)

Makrushin N.M., Plugatar’ Y.V., Ma’lko A.M., Ignatova M.I., Makrushina E.M.,

Improve terminology in the sector of seed breeding (P. 193-199)

Makrushin N.M., Plugatar’ Y.V., Ma’lko A.M., Androsova O.V., Ignatova M.I., Makrushina E.M., Klitsenko O.A., Mayorova M.V.,

Methodological support of zonal seed production of agricultural and forest tree plants (P. 200-205)

Malko A.M., Androsova O.V.,

Activities of the technical committee in the area of seeding TK359 “Seeds and seeding material” (P. 206-210)

Mardvaev N.B.,

Influence of sowing dates and seeding rates on the grain yield of spring triticale in the steppe zone of the Republic of Buryatia (P. 211-215)

Milovanov A.V., Savenkova D.S., Makarkina M.V., Pyata E.G., Kapralova N.I., Borgul K.A., Zvyagin A.S.,

Genetic markers for identification of VVMYBA1 alleles of cultural grapes (P. 216-224)

Mikhailikova V.V., Strebkova N.S.,

Analysis of the pesticide market in the Russian Federation (P. 225-227)

Nemtinov V.I., Pekhova O.A., Timasheva L.A., Zubochenko A.A.,

Agrobiological assessment of the garlic collection in the Crimea (P. 228-233)

Nozdracheva R.G., Gorina V.M., Scherbakova E.V.,

Evaluation of apricot cultivars in the conditions of the Voronezh region (P. 234-238)