Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2023, № 107


Aleinik S.N., Dorofeev A.F., Dobrunova A.I., Akupiyan O.S., Pyatakov A.V.,

Socio-economic development risks and regional Agro-Industrial Complex diversification under sanctions (P. 7-11)

Artemova E.I., Nesterenko M.A.,

Improvement of pork products production organizational and economic system (P. 12-17)

Bannikov S.A., Tsypin A.P.,

Statistical analysis of Russia's role in global production and export of sunflower oil (P. 18-27)

Mokrushin A.A.,

Transformation of economic entities intersectoral interaction of the domestic Agro-Industrial Complex based on vertical integration mechanisms (P. 28-35)

Nikonov A.G.,

Analysis of the dynamics of changes in the area of unused agricultural land (P. 36-41)

Timirgaleeva R.R., Verdysh M.V.,

The concept of a crop production digital cluster model forming for Agro-Industrial Complex (P. 42-47)

Ulybina L.K., Okorokova O.A.,

Agricultural insurance in regional development (P. 48-54)


Bedlovskaya I.V., Ivanova A.A.,

Micromycetes succession processes on post-harvest plant residues (P. 55-61)

Gasiev V.I., Lushchenko G.V.,

Molecular DNA markers in red clover breeding (P. 62-66)

Doguzova N.N., Bekmurzov B.V.,

Microfertilizer Crystalon application effectiveness on potato plantings (P. 67-71)

Drozdova V.V., Buldykova I.A., Kazakevich A.V., Griguletsky V.G.,

Mathematical modeling of sugar beet roots productivity depending on phosphorus and potassium nutrition (P. 72-77)

Eremina O.V., Sivopliasov V.I., Eremin V.V.,

Cherry tree tratment with calcium chloride in the period of forced dormancy to reduce fruit cracking and improve their quality (P. 78-86)

Kapralov S.P., Kvashin A.A., Neshhadim N.N., Koval A.V., Shevel S.A.,

Soil preparation and ammophos application influence on yield and harvest structure of winter wheat varieties (P. 87-96)

Kravchenko R.V., Zantaria A.M.,

Corn hybrids yield structure formation features in the conditions of the steppe agrolandscape (P. 97-102)

Kuznetsova A.P., Efimova I.L., Lutsenko E.V.,

Yield evaluation of graft-rootstock aple tree combinations in intensive plantations using digital technologies (P. 103-109)

Kuznetsova O.V., Chenikalova E.V., Saulyan Y.V.,

Locusts in the Ciscaucasia, population growth factors and forecast (P. 110-115)

Manukyan I.R., Basieva M.A.,

Winter triticale seeds sowing dates, yield and sowing qualities in the Foothill zone RSO-Alania (P. 116-119)

Maslienko L.V., Efimtseva E.A., Deynega L.A.,

Storage technology optimization for microbiopreparation laboratory samples in a preparative form of a fungal strain-based wettable powder (P. 120-125)

Neshhadim N.N., Kvashin A.A., Gorpinchenko K.N., Koval A.V., Kapralov S.P.,

Productivity and economic efficiency of winter wheat varieties cultivation (P. 126-132)

Porsev I.N., Polovnikova V.V., Kokorina A.K.,

Varieties and protective measures role in the phytosanitary spring rapeseed cultivation technology in the Trans-Urals (P. 133-138)

Seget O.L., Suprun I.I., Amosova M.A.,

Grape microclonal propagation technology elements improvement (P. 139-144)

Sokirko V.P., Dmitrenko A.I.,

Trichoderma viride against fusarium root rot of corn (P. 145-148)

Tedeeva V.V., Abaev A.A., Tedeeva A.A.,

Symbiotic activity of soybean crops depending on mineral fertilizers application (P. 149-155)

Tikhomirova A.V., Belyi A.I., Zamotajlov A.S., Bedlovskaya I.V.,

The effectiveness of the apple tree protection system against apple moth and spider mite in the conditions of the Central zone of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 156-162)

Milovanov A.V., Klevny D.E., Savenkova D.S., Elisyutikova A.V., Troshin L.P.,

Tandem repeat lengths polymorphism in the wild grapevine populations of the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea (P. 163-173)

Mirsayapov R.R., Asylbaev I.G.,

Deposition of organic carbon in the soils of agricultural lands (P. 174-182)

Logvinov A.V., Moiseev A.V., Logvinov V.A., Shevchenko A.G., Mishchenko V.N.,

Features of cultivation of promising hybrids of sugar beet of domestic selection in the Krasnodar Territory (P. 183-186)

Koshchaev A.G., Repko N.V.,

Agroecological assessment of winter barley varieties developed by Kuban State Agrarian University (P. 187-192)


Gorkovenko N.E., Kopyltsov S.V., Kosykh A.V.,

Chelating feed additive effect on rat gut microbiome (P. 193-198)

Zavyalov O.A., Kurilkina M.Y., Kurilkin Y.Y.,

Angus bulls blood composition peculiarities depending on the weight growth intensity during the fattening period (P. 199-207)

Ignatieva L.P.,

Influence of different factors on Simmental cows productivity and longevity (P. 208-213)

Yildirim E.A., Ilyina L.A., Filippova V.A., Kalitkina K.A., Spiridonov A.M.,

Pathogenic clostridia in feed as a source of ruminant infection (P. 214-222)

Kazakova T.V., Marshinskaya O.V.,

Broiler chicken meat chemical composition evaluation in combined probiotics and chrome-methionine application (P. 223-229)

Kosov A.V., Pokhodnya G.S., Breslavets Y.P., Breslavets A.P., Chus R.V., Gaponenko V.N., Koshchaev A.G.,

Effectiveness of use of the feed additive in the rations of replacement gits during the period of their preparation for insemination (P. 230-235)

Karpenko L.Y., Bakhta A.A., Borisova S.D., Vorobyov N.I., Nikonov I.N., Laishev K.A.,

Mathematical modeling of the dependence of productivity and resistance indicators of laying hens on feed, feed additives and conditions of industrial poultry farming (P. 236-244)

Yildyrym E.A., Ilina L.A., Laptev G.Y., Filippova V.A., Soldatova V.V., Akhmatchin D.A.,

Probiotic to reduce toxins and increase milk yield in cows (P. 245-249)

Kazanchev S.C., Getokov O.O., Paritov A.Y., Unazhokov A.M.,

Features of suckling lamb production technology in the North Caucasus Region (P. 250-255)

Kobylyatsky P.S., Karatunov V.A., Tuzov I.N.,

Growth and reproductive qualities holstein cattle (P. 256-260)

Nenakhov V.V., Gorelik O.V., Neverova O.P., Harlap S.Y., Gorelik A.S., Lemeshchuk D.A., Koshchaev A.G.,

Evaluation of the effect of the duration of the service period on the dairy productivity of cows (P. 261-270)

Pozyabin S.V., Borkhunova E.N., Belogurov V.V., Kachalin M.D.,

Morphological changes in the hooves of cattle of dairy productivity in conditions of intensive animal husbandry (P. 271-277)

Reshetnikova A.A., Belous A.A.,

Genetic analysis Average daily growth and commercial crossbreeds feed conversion genetic analysis in pig farming (P. 278-287)

Stepovoy A.V., Zabashta N.N., Miroshnichenko P.V., Danilchenko O.B., Lazarev S.E.,

Biologically active high protein feed additive development (P. 288-292)

Khamiruev T.N., Dashinimaev S.M.,

Genetic structure of beef cattle (Bos taurus) by blood antigenic factors (P. 293-301)

Shevkhuzhev A.F., Pogodaev V.A.,

Efficiency of breeding purebred and crossbred bulls in farms Karachay-Cherkess Republic (P. 302-308)


Vorobyov N.I., Guselnikova A.A., Selina M.V.,

Features of biochemical indicators of the blood of dairy cows when using a feed additive based on humic substances (P. 309-312)

Patieva A.M., Koshchaev A.G., Patieva S.V., Zykova A.V.,

A comparative assessment of the growth, development and meat qualities of ducks of various crosses (P. 313-316)

Nikonova N.A., Nikonov A.G., Dibirova K.A.,

Assessment of the Northwest rural Territories resource potential from the organic food production perspective (P. 317-321)

Tuzov I.N., Koshchaev A.G., Svitenko O.V., Kalmykov Z.T., Tuzova Y.A.,

Features of growing and fattening calves of Kalmyk and Aberdeen-Angus breeds (P. 322-328)