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2022, № 99

UDC: 579.64
GSNTI: 68.03.07

Intensification of surfactin synthesis by B. velezensis strain, the promising biocontrol agent for plant protection against fungal diseases

Surfactin is one of the most frequently studied biosurfactants produced by bacteria of the genus Bacillus and having a high potential for commercial use. Surfactin isomers are biosurfactants of cyclic lipopeptides, consisting of seven amino acid units and one side chain of a hydroxyl fatty acid with varying chain lengths of 13-15 carbon atoms. Surfactin isomers are best known for their multifaceted interactions with biological systems, which lead to a number of physiological and biochemical interactions, and can be incorporated into the phospholipid bilayer due to their amphipathic nature. Research of surfactin increasing is of great importance in microbiological and biotechnological research. The aim of this work was to determine the stimulation of cell growth and intensification of the lipopeptides of the surfactin group synthesis during the Bacillus velezensis BZR 517 cultivation, a strain-producer of antifungal metabolites, a promising agent for the creation of fungicidal biological preparations for protecting plants from fungal diseases by cultivation on a nutrient medium based on by-products of industrial processing of plants, the introduction of sources of Zn2+, Mn2+, Co2+ and Fe2+ ions, as well as biosupplements - valine, threonine, ascorbic acid and biotin. Methods for determining the titer of bacterial cells by sowing on solid nutrient media and the method of bioautograms with an artificial infectious background Fusarium oxysporum var. Orthoceras BZR F6 were used in the work. The results showed that the growth of cells in liquid culture is more stimulated by the nutrient medium with organic components (an increase in relation to the control by 321-673%) and biotin at a concentration of 0.0025 g / L (an increase in relation to the control by 595%). The intensification of the surfactin group antifungal compounds synthesis was manifested to the maximum extent during cultivation on a nutrient medium with organic components (an increase in the zones of growth inhibition on bioautograms in relation to the control by 500-1800%).
Keywords: Antifungal activity, biofungicides, Bacillus velezensis, bioautography, antifungal metabolites, microelements, vitamins, amino acid, surfactin.
DOI: 10.21515/1999-1703-99-91-99


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  1. Kozitsyn Alexander Evgenievich, researcher, FSBSI "Federal Scientific Center of Biological Plant Protection".
  2. Asaturova Anzhela Mikhailovna, PhD in Biology, leading researcher, FSBSI "Federal Scientific Center of Biological Plant Protection".
  3. Sidorova Tatyana Mikhailovna, PhD in Biology, senior researcher, FSBSI "Federal Scientific Center of Biological Plant Protection".
  4. Astakhov Mikhail Mikhailovich, junior researcher, FSBSI "Federal Scientific Center of Biological Plant Protection".
  5. Saenko Ksenia Yuryevna, junior researcher, FSBSI "Federal Scientific Center of Biological Plant Protection".