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2018, № 72

UDC: 633.854.78:631.52
GSNTI: 68.00.00

Group isolators - innovative devices for production of genetically pure sunflower seeds of inbred lines

In seed growing of hybrid sunflower there is a major challenge connected to high saturation of crop rotations by commercial sunflower and to wide spreading of sunflower seeds drop that does not allow reliable production of seeds of parental forms with high biological purity. Hence, the main purpose of this work was to present the results of the development and use of specially designed devices, group isolators, in seed growing of parental forms of sunflower hybrids. Group isolators are able to protect flowering plants from unrelated pollen and from pecking out of seeds by birds during the ripening of heads. The isolators are an innovative part of general seed growing technology in the system of growing seeds of CMS and Rf self-pollinated lines with high biological purity which are then sown as a parent components in the hybridizations plots during production of F1 hybrids. A special technology has been developed for the isolators, which involves the use of three terms and different schemes and methods of seed sowing for such devices. The isolators are also designed in such a way that they can reduce the negative effect of different weather conditions on plants placed under the isolator awning. Different ways of flower pollination are suggested for flowering plants placed under the isolator. Manual method and method with the use of bees. The best results were received during the bee pollination of plants. The given design of isolators and the developed technology for them are now widely used in primary seed growing of sunflower hybrids.
Keywords: Helianthus annuus L, hybrid seed growing, CMS and Rf inbred lines, group isolators, plants protection of pollen carriers, birds, strong wind, hail, active sun rays, optimal conditions for pollination and seeds formation
DOI: 10.21515/1999-1703-72-123-128


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  1. Gridnev Alexei Kuzmich, DSc in Agriculture, leading Scientist, the department of seed growing, All-Russia Research Institute of Oil Grops by Pustovoit V.S. (VNIIMK); Crimea experimental station of gardening of Federal State Institution of Science «Order of the Labour Red Banner Nikita Botanical Gardens - National Scientific Center Russian Academy of Science».