Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2018, № 72


Ambarcumova K.A., Toshkina E.A.,

Аnnual legumes in mixed crops in the conditions of the Novgorod Region (P. 25-27)

Amelin A.V., Chekalin E.I., Zaikin V.V., Ikusov R.A., Mazalov V.I., Sagin A.V., Kulishova I.V.,

Potential of grain productivity and quality of modern winter wheat variety to Orel Region conditions (P. 28-33)

Andrushchenko L.M., Fedorova M.D., Zaika I.B.,

New sources of economicaly valuable signs of spring wheat for breeding in the North-Western zone of the Russian Federation (P. 33-37)

Arkhipov M.V., Tyukalov Y.A., Sinitsyna S.M., Priyatkin N.S., Gusakova L.P., Potrakhov N.N., Bessonov V.B., Beletskiy S.L.,

Novel technologies of seedproduction: fundamental andapplied vision (P. 38-42)

Aseeva T.A., Trifuntova I.B., Zenkina K.V.,

Comparative evaluation of cereals productivity in hydrothermal conditions of the Middle Priamurye (P. 42-46)

Bakova N.N., Marco N.V., Feskov S.A.,

Marjoram cultivar of the Nikitа Botanical Gardens breeding applicabilities for feedstuff processing (P. 47-53)

Bragina O.A., Malyuchenko E.A.,

Assessment of selection material on resistance to a rice blast (P. 54-58)

Bukreeva G.I., Yanovsky A.S., Domchenko M.I., Eikoyan A.A., Abram T.V., Kulikova A.V.,

The role of micromethods in assessing the quality of hard wheat grains at early stages of selection (P. 58-62)

Bukharov A.F., Baleev D.N., Ivanova M.I., Bukharova A.R., Razin O.A.,

Morphometry of the embryo as an element of system testing quality of dill seeds (P. 63-66)

Vargach Y.I., Loskutov I.G.,

Features of valuable traits of oats in the Non-Chernozem zone of the Central Region of Russian Federation (P. 67-72)

Varivoda E.A., Koleboshina T.G.,

The value of heterosis in breeding of watermelon (P. 72-76)

Velibekova L.A.,

Fruit growing of Dagestan: problems and prospects (P. 77-80)

Volovik V.T., Prologova T.V., Shirokova A.V., Krutius O.N.,

Assesment of the perspective mutant forms of the springcanola with improved phenotype and seed production (P. 81-83)

Goncharov S.V., Repko N.V., Kostov K.V.,

Current status and prospects of commercialization of winter barley varieties and hybrids in Southern Federal Region (P. 84-88)

Goncharov S.V., Kostov K.V.,

Heterosis breeding of cereals (P. 89-92)

Goncharova Y.K., Gapishko N.I.,

Рrospectives of using hamet breeding in improving rice productivity (P. 92-96)

Goncharova Y.K., Gapishko N.I.,

Interrelation of nutrient values with rice pericarp color (P. 97-100)

Goncharova Y.K., Malyuchenko E.A.,

Improved method of selecting couples for hybridization of domestic varieties of rice (P. 101-105)

Goncharova Y.K., Malyuchenko E.A.,

Results of analysis of data obtained by genotyping and phenotype test was markers, linked with traits and chromosome regions polymorphism, which determines the efficiency of genetic systems for domestic rice varieties (P. 105-109)

Gorlova L.A., Bochkaryova E.B., Strelnikov E.A., Goncharov S.V.,

Rapeseed breeding for the final use: modern tendencies and directions (P. 109-114)

Gorlova L.A., Trubina V.S., Serdyuk O.A., Shipievskaya Y.Y.,

Breeding of brown mustard (Brassica juncea) for increased content of allyl mustard oil (P. 114-118)

Graskova I.A., Perfilieva A.I., Nozhkina O.A., Klimenkov I.V., Sukhov B.G.,

Efficient and safe method of health potato with nanokomposites (P. 118-122)

Gridnev A.K.,

Group isolators - innovative devices for production of genetically pure sunflower seeds of inbred lines (P. 123-128)

Demurin Y.N., Tronin A.S., Pikhtyareva A.A., Pikunov S.A.,

Initial imidazolinone resistant population development for breeding of confectionary sunflower (P. 128-131)

Dobronogova A.S., Cherednichenko M.Y.,

Application analisys of ontologies in crop breeding (P. 132-134)

Dragavtsev V.A.,

“Arrangement” of quantitative characters of plant productivity and why Russia is in want the Breeding phytothrone (P. 134-141)

Dragavtsev V.A., Dragavtseva I.A., Mozhar N.V., Morenets A.S.,

To deciphering of the "Genotype - Environment" interaction mechanism in the context of climate change for fruit crops in the South of Russia (P. 142-148)

Evdokimova Z.Z., Kalashnik M.V.,

Сreation of early varieties potatoes for conditions of North-West and European Northern Russia (P. 148-152)

Erofeev A.A., Zaharkina R.A., Kargin V.I.,

The current state of seed growing of winter crops in the Republic of Mordovia (P. 153-157)

Zolotarev V.N., Perepravo N.I.,

Status and prospects of seed production of tall fescue in Russia (P. 158-160)

Kazydub N.G., Kuzmina S.P., Freilikh E.S.,

Study of some receipts of making new varieties of fruits on seeds in conditions of southern forest-steppe of Western Siberia (P. 161-165)

Kalugina Y.E., Malova A.R., Cherednichenko M.Y.,

Introduction into in vitro culture and callusogenesis induction by winter round black raddish (Raphanus sativus L. var. niger) (P. 165-167)

Kamanina L.A.,

Influence of agroecological factors on the quality of soybean seeds of the mid-ripening varieties of Amur selection (P. 167-171)

Каrtаshеvа L.I., Bondareva L.M., Radyukevi T.N., Lysenko O.G.,

Economic evaluation of costs for creation of varieties of spring barley (P. 172-177)

Klitsenko G.G.,

Tierage of soybean plants and its effect on the yielding properties of seeds (P. 177-180)

Klitsenko G.G.,

Soybean’s heterospermia and its use in seed selection (P. 180-184)

Kovtunenko V.Y., Panchenko V.V., Kalmus A.P.,

The shortstrawness of the line PRAG 530 at the winter triticale breeding (P. 184-189)

Kovtunenko V.Y., Panchenko V.V., Kalmus A.P.,

Dolya - varieties of winter soft wheat created with the participation of rye (P. 190-195)

Kornienko A.V., Skachkov S.I., Semenihina L.V., Melnikov Y.N., Baranova T.V.,

System to develop adaptive and resistant hybrids of sugar beet (P. 196-202)

Korotenko T.L., Sadovskaya L.L.,

The results of the application of modern methods in the study of genetic diversity Oryza s.L (P. 202-206)

Kremneva O.Y., Volkova G.V.,

Diagnosis Tsn1 gene of Pyrenophora tritici-repentis in wheat varieties and their resistance to races of the pathogen (P. 206-210)

Krotova L.A., Beletskaya E.Y.,

Dependence of plant productivity in mutant populations of soft wheat on chemical mutagens and variety genotype (P. 211-215)

Kudryavtsev N.A., Zaitseva L.A., Zaharova L.M., Alibekovi М.B., Alyrchikov F.V., Savos`kina О.А.,

Theoretical and methodological innovations in research and forecasts of diseases, pests and weeds of flax, in testing them agains a new high-molecular of the drug, contributing to phytosanitary stabilisation of flax cultivation (P. 215-220)

Kuz’menko D.D., Cherednichenko M.Y.,

Some aspects of in vitro cultivation of the scarlet sage (Salvia splendens Sellow ex Schult.) (P. 221-222)

Kuzmina S.P., Kazydub N.G., Bendina Y.B., Bondarenko E.V.,

The study of correlation links of selection characteristics that determine the productivity of peas vegetable in relation to weather conditions (P. 223-227)

Kurunina D.P., Nikulina T.M.,

Breeding pumpkins on productivity, resistance to external environment and product quality (P. 228-232)

Lebedeva V.A., Gadzhiev N.M.o.,

Evaluation of the Colorado beetle injury for some potato cultivars (P. 232-235)

Lysenko O.G., Bondareva L.M.,

Result of many years of research on narrow-leaved lupin Northwest of the Russian Federation (P. 236-238)

Malko A.M., Berezkin A.N., Pylnev V.V., Rubets V.S., Cherednichenko M.Y., Kotenko Y.N., Voronchikhina I.N.,

Calculation of production areas and volumes for seeds of grain crops elite at different stages of its obtaining (P. 239-242)

Malko A.M., Berezkin A.N., Pylnev V.V., Rubets V.S., Cherednichenko M.Y., Kotenko Y.N., Voronchikhina I.N.,

Calculation of seed crops areas and seed production volumes at different stages of seed development in the farm (discrict, region) (P. 242-245)

Malyuga A.A., Chulikova N.S.,

Dynamics of numbers of Colorado beetle on the colored varieties of potatoes (P. 245-251)

Makrushin N.M., Makrushina E.M., Shabanov R.Y.,

Correlation between sowing and yielding properties of seeds (P. 252-258)

Makrushin N.M., Makrushina E.M., Naumenko T.S., Denisova O.A., Shabanov R.Y., Klitsenko O.A.,

Periodization of the ontogenesis and vegetation period of herbaceous plants (P. 258-266)

Makrushina E.M., Plugatar’ Y.V., Makrushin N.M.,

Evolutionary principle of ontogenesis' classification (P. 267-270)

Masalova L.I.,

Introduction and prospects of using plantz of the genus Mahonia in the Orel Region (P. 271-274)

Mashcovteva S.A., Gonceariuc M.M., Balmush Z.K., Butnarash V.I., Cotelea L.A., Botnarenco P.M.,

Characteristics of productivity of maternal forms Lavandula angustifolia Mill. at the method of polycross hibridization (P. 275-279)

Mihailova M.P., Sinegovskaya V.T.,

Role of biologically active substances in improving the quality of soybean seeds (P. 280-283)

Nikolaev P.N., Yusova O.A., Anis'kov N.I., Safonova I.V.,

Adaptive capacity and stress resistance of collectible varieties of spring barley in the conditions of Omsk Priirtyshje (P. 284-289)

Palkin Y.F., Mokshonova I.M., Lipilina I.V.,

Hybrids of cucumber of the company “Gavrish” as an innovative element in technology of culture at growing in hotbeds and in the open ground of the Irkutsk Region (P. 289-292)

Pivovarov V.F., Soldatenko A.V., Musaev F.B.o.,

The modern rates of development of vegetable growing in the Russian Federation (P. 293-298)

Poljudina R.I., Grishin V.M.,

Heterosis selection of red clover and Sudan grass in Siberia (P. 298-302)

Plugatar’ Y.V., Denisova O.A., Naumenko T.S., Shabanov R.Y.,

Eсology, agrotechnology and seed control of coriandrum sativum (P. 303-307)

Ptashnik O.P.,

Influence of weather conditions on the yield of Pisum sativum in the steppe Crimea (P. 308-311)

Rafalskiy S.V., Rafalskaya O.M., Melnikova T.V.,

Evaluation of ecological plasticity and stability of promising potato varieties in the conditions of Priamurye (P. 312-315)

Ryabchikova N.B., Koleboshina T.G., Suslova V.A.,

The influence of growth stimulators on yield and fruit quality of watermelon in the open ground of the Volgograd Trans-Volga Region (P. 315-320)

Salnikova N.B., Amelin A.V.,

The features of the initial linear growth of the collectible varieties of soybean from different eco-geographical origin (P. 320-323)

Seytuarova A.D., Popolzuhina N.A.,

The efficiency of photosynthesis of soft wheat under the influence of biopreparation Risogrin (P. 324-328)

Sinegovskaya V.T., Fokina E.M.,

Soybean selection as an instrument for solving import substitution tasks in the Far Eastern Federal District (P. 328-331)

Stegniy V.N.,

Evolutionary and adaptation differences in the organization of species genome and their importance in the selection of plants (P. 332-335)

Subbotin I.A., Abylkanova A.O., Porsev I.N., Polovnikova V.V.,

Seed production of new varieties of common bean in the conditions of the Southern Urals (P. 335-339)

Tikhanova N.N., Tolokontsev D.V., Uskov A.I.,

The analysis of the condition of potato growing of the Kostroma Region: problems and prospects (P. 339-342)

Trofimov I.A., Trofimova L.S.,

Assessment of agrolandscapes, challenges of their monitoring and management (P. 343-347)

Trofimov I.A., Trofimova L.S., Yakovleva E.P.,

Nature use environmental basis in the agriculture of Eastern Siberia (P. 348-351)

Trukhan O.V.,

Innovative technology low grasses seed production (P. 352-355)

Kharitonov E.M., Ochkas N.A., Sheleg V.A., Tumanyan N.G.,

New varieties of rice require the use of newtechnologies (P. 355-360)

Khlebnikova D.A., Cherednichenko M.Y.,

Influence of mineral composition of nutrient medium on in vitro growth of Satureja hortensis L (P. 360-362)

Khomchenko N.N., Budylin M.V., Gavrish S.F.,

Evaluation of parent lines and F1 hybrids of cucumber for diseases resistance by marker-assisted selection on the Real-time PCR platform (P. 363-368)

Chekalin E.I., Amelin A.V., Zaikin V.V., Ikusov R.A., Mazalov V.I., Sagin A.V., Gorodov V.T.,

Yield grain wheat grain in the Orel Region and the peculiarities of its formation by modern varieties (P. 369-372)

Shelabina T.A., Rodionenkov A.I., Kuznetsov A.A., Zavyalova S.A.,

Restoration from viruses potato of varieties created in leningrad scientific research institute of agricultural science "Belogorka" (P. 373-377)

Sheleg V.A., Goncharova Y.K.,

Interrelation of plant productivity with changes in the parameters of the root system of rice varieties (P. 378-381)

Shulgina A.A., Kalashnikova E.A.,

The effect of hormonal substances on clonal micropropagation of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni in vitro (P. 382-385)

Yusov V.S., Evdokimov M.G., Meshkova L.V., Kiryakova M.N., Glushakov D.A.,

The characteristic of resistance entries of the durum wheat from nurseries KASIB to the brown rust in the conditions of Western Siberia (P. 386-390)

Yakovleva E.P.,

Environmental state estimation of Omsk Region agrolandscapes (P. 391-394)