Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2016, № 58

UDC: 504.064.2
GSNTI: 67.07.01

Assessment of the impact of the acoustic discomfort degree on the facilities of the Botanical garden named after I.S. Kosenko in Krasnodar in the Academician Trubilin Street

In the past two decades, noise pollution is one of the most urgent problems for Russia and many technologically advanced countries in the world. The main sources of noise pollution are the vehicles of ground and air transport, as well as industrial facilities. In industry, the majority of mechanized processes involves the use of powerful, energy-intensive and high-speed equipment. Craft industries and enterprises of consumer services such as boilers, electrical transformers, ventilation systems and others almost continuously generate aerodynamic noise of high power over a wide frequency spectrum into the environment. High noise levels in areas of recreation and human habitation adversely affect the health, and in some cases is the cause of an erroneous perception of useful information signals. The study and development of effective means to reduce noise in the recreation and human habitation areas at the stage of design decisions and general development plans of highways will improve the protection of the environment from pollution with transport and industrial noise, without additional costs to improve the sound insulation of exterior protecting constructions. We conducted measurings of sound levels and characteristics of traffic flow (equivalent units) in the Krasnodar Territory. In the Botanical Garden 2 options of green cover were considered with alternating bands of fast-growing and slow-growing plants. Systematization of plants with regard to the shape of the crown and geometrical parameters, depending on the age of the plants were conducted. The peculiarities of the seasonal crown condition, favorable conditions for their development were studied.
Keywords: Sound insulation, trees, shrubs, group planting


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  1. Petrova Anna Vital’evna, senior lecturer, Department of architecture, research student, Kuban State Agrarian University.