Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2016, № 58

Kostyaev A.I., Nikonova G.N., Kriulina E.N.,

Institutional environment in rural areas: problems of formation and evaluation of its effectiveness (P. 7-14)

Lunchevici N.M., Solovyova E.V.,

Ensuring high growth potential jobs through change management (P. 14-20)

Melnikov A.B., Svitenko M.A.,

Factors indicators and priority support foreign Russian security (P. 21-27)

Mitus K.N.,

Selecting the way of software acquisition: conceptual description of the subject area (P. 28-35)

Paramonov P.F., Stukova J.E., Ivanitskii D.K.,

Inter-farmer cooperation development factors and trends (P. 36-48)

Seraya N.N.,

Rice production development trends in the Krasnodar Territory (P. 48-52)

Sokolova I.V.,

Neural network estimation of physical persons’ credit status in the credit organizations (P. 53-59)

Osenniy V.V., Turliy S.I., Bershitsky Y.I.,

Economic efficiency of the organization on-farm processing of grain (P. 60-66)

Agas’eva I.S., Ismailov V.Y.,

The role of biotechnology in biological plant protection] (P. 67-74)

Barchukova A.Y., Kaigorodova E.A., Kostenko E.S., Chernysheva N.V., Tosunov J.K., Vaseckaya E.P.,

The effect of corn seed treatment with preparations of the series of tetrahydropyrido[3',2':4,5]thieno[3,2-d]-pyrimidineon crop quality (P. 74-78)

Vlasenko V.P., Terpelets V.I., Popova Y.S., Shvets T.V., Kostenko V.V.,

Degradatsionny processes in soils of the North-west Caucasus and methods of their regulation (P. 79-83)

Voloshin M.I., Brusentsov A.S.,

The results of new bean plant, guar, introduction (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L) Taub) (P. 84-91)

Gozhko A.A., Esipenko L.P.,

Grey heron (Ardea cinerea) in the agrolandscapes of lower reaches of Kuban (P. 92-98)

Devyatkin A.M., Markova I.A.,

Species сomposition and quantity of solitary bees-pollinators of seed alfalfa in the Krasnodar Territory (P. 99-106)

Dirin V.V., Barchukova A.Y., Tosunov Y.K.,

Efficacy of the Gidrogumin drug for soybeans (P. 107-111)

Esipenko L.P., Savva A.P., Zamotajlov A.S., Fedotova N.V., Gotovchikova A.A.,

Adventive weed of the American origin Ambrosia artemisiifolia L. as a source of allergies in Southern Russia and advanced methods of its control (P. 112-120)

Ilnitskaya E.T., Nudʾga T.A.,

New grapevine cultivars for high-quality red winemaking, adapted to open-earth cultivation in viticulture zones with unstable winter conditions (P. 121-123)

Kazieva A.A.,

Effectiveness of growth regulators on potato seeds in mountainous zone of Kabardino-Balkaria (P. 124-127)

Kruzhilin I.P., Ganiev M.А., Rodin K.A., Kostylev P.I.,

Breeding of aerobic rice varieties (P. 128-133)

Nikitsky N.B., Mamontov S.N., Zamotajlov A.S.,

New data on beetles (Coleoptera) of the abatis forests of Tula Province collected by the aid of window traps. Part. 1. Carabidae-Sphindidae (P. 134-144)

Рikushova E.A., Veretelnik E.Y., Zakirova M.M.,

The status of populations of harmful turtles Eyrigaster integriceps Put. (Heteroptera, Pentatomidae) in agrocenosis of winter wheat on leached chernozem of the Western Ciscaucasia (P. 145-152)

Sokyrko V.P., Nemchenko M.V.,

Fusarium infection background in the rhizosphere of corn (P. 152-155)

Tatarin M.V., Kravchenko A.N., Nastase A.S., Melchenko A.,

Migration of 90Sr in shrubby shrubby species of the forest belt (for example, red dogwood) (P. 156-161)

Terpelets V.I., Popova Y.S., Kashchits V.P., Tshovrebov V.S.,

Characteristic of overburden lessovidny breeds nonmetallic pits of the Northwest Caucasus and their suitability for biological recultivation (P. 162-166)

Tosunov Y.K., Barchukova A.Y., Dirin V.V.,

Efficacy of the drug Gidrogumin for potatoes (P. 167-170)

Fedulov Y.P., Lischenovskiy M.Y., Podushin Y.V.,

Effect of amino acids on plants winter wheat (P. 171-179)

Sheudzhen A.K., Bondareva T.N., Bochco T.F., Onishchenko L.M., Lebedovsky I.A., Osipov M.A., Yesipenko S.V.,

Gross silicon content and its forms available to plants in leached chernozem of the Western Ciscaucasia under agrogenesis] (P. 179-184)

Beloborodenko M.A., Beloborodenko T.A., Beloborodenko A.M., Beloborodenko D.F., Gubsky V.I., Dyomkina A.V., Pisareva J.A., Dubrovin I.I., Rodin I.A.,

Morphofunctional condition of the uterus blood vessels in pregnant females in the condition of inactivity (P. 185-188)

Gorkovenko L.G., Leshchuk A.G., Shcherbatov V.I.,

Reproductive ability of black-and-white breed cows of different origin (P. 189-193)

Chernykh O.Y., Shevchenko A.A., Dzhailidi G.A., Mishchenko V.A., Mishchenko A.V., Shevkoplyas V.N.,

Problems of viral diarrhea in cattle (P. 194-198)

Arinicheva I.V., Smolentsev V.M., Arinichev I.V.,

Mathematical model of cereals’ stems curving (P. 199-202)

Grinev A.P., Rudchenko I.I., Nikogda V.O.,

Fine-grained concrete for monolithic construction (P. 203-214)

Degtyarev G.V., Dac'o D.A.,

Analysis of bearing strength, certain on norms of Russian Federation and Near-Eastern countries of suppliers, brace and strut of farms of coverage of hothouses of 3A type (P. 215-221)

Kourasov V.S., Pleshakov V.N., Samurganov E.E., Ponomarev A.V.,

To methodology of study of motion and work of machines, their power balance taking into account the law of change of kinetic energy of the mechanical system and operating forces (P. 221-235)

Neverov E.N.,

Application of carbon dioxide to transport chickens-broilers carcasses (P. 236-239)

Petrova A.V.,

Assessment of the impact of the acoustic discomfort degree on the facilities of the Botanical garden named after I.S. Kosenko in Krasnodar in the Academician Trubilin Street (P. 240-245)

Shadunts K.S., Liashenko P.A., Denisenko V.V.,

Physical modeling in foundation engineering (P. 245-250)

Perfection of management of science (basing on results of the meeting of the Council for Science and Education under President of Russian Federation) (P. 251-253)