Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2022, № 98


Efanova N.V., Ivanova E.A., Kiriy V.A.,

On the question of projects prioritization of the agroindustrial complex enterprises (P. 5-12)

Maksimovich K.Y., Lisitsin A.E., Petukhova M.S.,

Human capital assets in rural areas to determine the establishment and effective development of Siberian organic agriculture (P. 13-22)

Nilova N.M.,

Methodology for analysis of the business model of the bakery production of regional consumer cooperation according to the criterion "efficiency of the seasonal value offer" (P. 23-29)

Snimschikova I.V., Chugaeva J.A.,

Import substitution in the aic as a factor of ensuring the economic security of Russia (P. 30-34)


Arifova Z.I., Arslanova L.E.,

Agricultural and economic efficiency of cultivation of new and released raspberry varieties (P. 35-40)

Basalaeva I.V.,

Germination dynamics of Polemonium caeruleum L. seeds depending on the modes and storage periods (P. 41-45)

Bekish L.P., Uspenskaya V.A., Chashin D.O.,

Genetic sources for breeding spring rapeseed in the conditions of the North-Western region of Russia (P. 46-50)

Voronchikhina I.N., Voronchikhin V.V., Shchuklina O.A., Rubets V.S., Pylnev V.V.,

Evaluation of spring soft wheat varieties of various ecological and geographical origin in terms of yield and the formation of physical qualities of grain in the conditions of CRNZ (P. 51-58)

Garkusha S.V., Tumanyan N.G., Mukhina Z.M., Papulova E.Y.,

Phenotyping of varieties of "Collections of genetic resources of rice, vegetable and melon crops" according to the technological characteristics of grain in connection with the developmentof breeding technology for the creation of rice varieties with high nutritional quality of grain (P. 59-63)

Goncharov S.V., Kurashov M.Y.,

Durum seed market in the European countries (P. 64-69)

Grigoriev A.V., Lukicheva L.A., Gorina V.M.,

Assessment of drought resistance of some hybrid forms of cherry plum (Prunus cerasifera Ehrh.) in the steppe zone of Crimea (P. 70-75)

Dedova A.E., Eremin G.V.,

Source material for use in the selection of Russian plum (P. rossica Erem.) (P. 76-80)

Kalchenko E.Y., Nozdracheva R.G.,

Features of propagation of plum varieties by home winter vaccination (P. 81-84)

Komar-Tyomnaya L.D.,

Breeding evaluation of new ornamental peach forms (P. 85-89)

Lukicheva L.A., Gorina V.M., Grigoriev A.V.,

Productivity of cherry plum (Prunus cerasifera Ehrh.) in connection with abiotic environmental factors (P. 90-97)

Maksimov I.V., Veselova S.V., Shein M.Y., Khairullin R.M.,

Endophytes and plant protection from biotic stress: Prospects for the preparation of biocontrol agent new generation (P. 98-104)

Mukhortov S.Y.,

Realization of biological resources of carrot agrocenoses with the use of growth regulators (P. 105-109)

Piyanina N.A., Podorozhnyi V.N.,

Comparative evaluation of Raspberry varieties for the suitability of growing in the foothill zone of the North Caucasus (P. 110-114)

Sautkina M.Y.,

Analysis of the features of the content of chlorophylls a and b in the leaves of English oak trees of the field-protective forest belts of the Stone Steppe (P. 115-119)

Turina E.L., Kornev A.Y.,

Variety testing of Carthamus tinctorius in Crimea and the possibility of obtaining biofuel (P. 120-125)

Chepinoga I.S.,

Priority areas and sources economically valuable traits in pear breeding (Pyrus L.) (P. 126-131)

Shchuklina O.A., Voronchikhina I.N., Zavgorodny S.V.,

Features of the formation of the crop structure of spring wheat-wheatgrass hybrids in contrasting meteorological conditions (P. 132-136)


Gorelik A.S., Gorelik O.V., Neverova O.P., Fedoseeva N.A., Koshchaeva O.V.,

Dynamics of quality indicators of cow milk by seasons (P. 137-144)

Kobylatsky P.S., Tupolskikh T.I., Karatunov V.A., Gvozdeva Y.M., Shevchenko A.A.,

Qualitative characteristics of beef from dairy cattle breeds depending on the maturation period (P. 145-148)

Kuzminova E.V., Abramov A.A., Koshchaev A.G., Semenenko M.P., Miroshnichenko P.V.,

Diagnostic significance of medium mass molecules in cattle liver diseases (P. 149-154)

Svitenko O.V., Serdyuchenko I.V., Tuzova Y.A.,

Results of using different methods of growing calfs (P. 155-158)

Stafford V.V., Streltsova Y.B.,

Application of immunohistochemical reaction for immunophenotyping of leukocytes in tissues and organs of pigs (P. 159-162)


Volkova V.V., Koshkina O.A., Khozhokov A.A.,

Study of the genetic diversity of the Yaroslavl and Kholmogorsky breeds using different types of genetic markers (P. 163-171)

Kovalenko L.V., Seraya N.N.,

Problems and prospects of rice growing in the Krasnodar Territory (P. 172-176)

Kolosova A.A., Fedosov D.Y., Patrushev M.V., Volkov Y.A.,

Development and implementation of a method for studying the sensitivity of yeast to inhibitors (P. 177-181)

Kochish I.I., Myasnikova O.V., Nikonov I.N.,

Evaluation of the effect of the probiotic "Bactosel" on the intestinal microflora of broiler chickens (P. 182-188)