Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2022, № 97


Gayduk V.I., Gladkiy S.V., Kovalchuk M.D.,

Management of the crop cluster of agro-industrial enterprises based on geographic information systems (P. 5-10)

Baranovskaya T.P., Vostroknutov A.E.,

Development of a methodology and models for assessing the business processes of an agro-industrial corporation according to criteria of strategic importance and comparative effectiveness (P. 11-16)

Osenniy V.V., Zatonskaya I.V., Efimiadi L.K.,

Integral assessment of the social development of rural areas of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 17-22)


Alenicheva A.D., Zavgorodniy S.V., Ivanova L.P., Shchuklina O.A., Upelniek V.P.,

In memory of Lyubimovoy - the first variety of a new grain crop × Trititrigia Cziczinii tsvelev (P. 23-26)

Arkhipov M.V., Tyukalov Y.A., Danilova T.A., Potrakhov N.N., Priyatkin N.S., Gusakova L.P.,

On the issue of biological and economic heterogeneity of seeds based on the assessment of the structural integrity of the grain by indicators of latent damage (P. 27-33)

Baskakova V.L., Atazhanova E.V.,

Introduction and prospects of use in breeding of Azerbaijani pear and apple varieties in the Crimea (P. 34-39)

Veselova S.V., Sorokan A.V., Burkhanova G.F., Rumyantsev S.D., Alekseev V.Y., Cherepanova E.A., Maksimov I.V.,

Bacteria of the genus Bacillus as a promising source for the creation of biological control agents against pathogens and pests of agricultural crops (P. 40-45)

Gamzayeva R.S., Bekish L.P.,

The effect of microbial preparations on the enzymatic activity of the rhizosphere and the yield of winter triticale (P. 46-50)

Golubev A.M., Aleshina N.A., Bodrov N.V., Anfalov V.E., Efremova N.A., Kulikov A.A., Vdovenko V.S., Voronova N.K., Dyatlova J.A.,

Research of the mechanisms of winter resistance in apricot generative buds (P. 51-57)

Goncharov S.V., Kulikov R.N.,

Global challenges for national breeding programs (P. 58-65)

Goncharova J.K., Kharitonov E.M., Yakunina A.A., Simanova V.V.,

Balance of the amino acid composition of domestic rice varieties (P. 66-72)

Danilchuk A.A., Balykina E.B., Yagodinskaya L.P.,

Seasonal dynamics of aphid abundance (Hemiptera, Aphidoidеа) in apple orchards of the Crimea (P. 73-77)

Dronik A.A.,

Features of generative differentiation cherry buds in the conditions of the North-West Caspian sea (P. 78-81)

Kvitko V.E., Kuzmina N.P., Shchuklina O.A.,

Assesment of indicators of the yield structure winter wheat-wheatgrass hybrids (P. 82-86)

Korotenko T.L., Garkusha S.V., Yurchenko S.A., Sadovskaya L.L.,

Rice varietal differences in seed viability with varying degrees of seed maturity during storage (P. 87-94)

Korsakova S.P., Kovalev M.S.,

Phenological development features of some ornamental introduced species in the Southern coast of the Crimea (P. 95-100)

Logvinov A.V., Mishchenko V.N., Pleshakov A.A., Railyan R.N., Zhabatinskaya Y.V.,

Combinational ability of sugar beet lines on the basis of "yield" (P. 101-104)

Lukicheva L.A., Grigoriev A.V., Chernen'kiy L.A., Sokolovskaya J.S., Gorina V.M.,

Sources of genetic resources for sweetcherry and cherry plum breeding for fruit quality (P. 105-109)

Menshutina T.V., Kostenko M.G.,

Productive and adaptive potential of selective apple varieties for intensive orchards in arid conditions (P. 110-116)

Nuzhnaya T.V., Minnigaliyeva A.F., Tyryshkin L.G., Veselova S.V., Maksimov I.V.,

Influence of Stagonospora nodorum (Berk.) effector SnTox1 on components of the wheat pro-/antioxidant system (P. 117-123)

Rumyantsev S.D., Alekseev V.Y., Veselova S.V., Burkhanova G.F., Maksimov I.V.,

The role of endophytic bacteria genus Bacillus in the regulation of transcription factors gene expression involved in the defense response of wheat against aphid Schizaphis graminum (Rond.) (P. 124-130)

Smykov A.V., Mesyats N.V.,

Drought resistance of peach cultivars and forms of the Nikita Botanical Gardens collection (P. 131-137)

Kharchenko A.A., Smykov A.V.,

Content of biologically active substances in fruits of certain varieties and forms of figs from the collection of the Nikitsk Botanical Garden (P. 138-143)

Shigidin A.A., Vashchenko T.G.,

Morpho-biological features of soybeans in the course of breeding in the Central Chernozem Region (P. 144-149)

Yudina V.N., Boldyreva L.L., Britvin V.V.,

Investigation of self-pollinated forms of sweet sorghum as the parent material for the creation of hybrids in the conditions of Crimea (P. 150-154)


Gerasimov N.P.,

Genetic structure of Kazakh White-Headed cattle by a combination of GH (g. 2141C>G) and GHR (g. 914T>A) polymorphisms (P. 155-160)

Denisenko K.S., Duskaev G.K., Nurzhanov B.S., Galiev B.K.,

Digestibility of dry matter of forages and physiological state of animals when feeding hemp cake (P. 161-166)

Zaitseva O.S., Sokolova O.V., Martynov N.A., Bezborodova N.A., Bytov M.V.,

Diagnosis of genetically determined diseases of holstein cattle (P. 167-177)

Navozenko N.A., Tarasenko O.V., Pokhodnya G.S., Breslavets P.I., Breslavets Y.P., Koshchaev A.G.,

Morphological and biochemical indicators of reindeer meat and offal (P. 178-184)

Novikov V.V., Gorkovenko N.E.,

Efficacy of «polyoxidonium vet» in postpartum cow endometritis of bacterial-viral etiology (P. 185-189)

Koshchaev A.G., Pokhodnya G.S., Shevchenko N.P., Shevchenko A.I., Breslavets Y.P., Pavlichenko T.S., Perevozchikov N.V.,

The use of organic trace elements of domestic production "OMEK-7M" in the diets of fattening pigs (P. 190-196)


Grushevsky S.P., Lutsenko E.V., Nazarova O.V., Nazarov A.V.,

Free and Russian software in the professional training of teachers for agricultural education and the possibility of import substitution (P. 197-206)

Dobrunova A.I., Akupian O.S., Kapinos R.V., Breslavets A.P., Breslavets Y.P.,

Improvement of the mechanisms of the program and target management of the living support of the rural population (P. 207-214)

Zimin A.A., Nikulina A.N., Nikulin N.A., Xia H., Lu Y., Osepchuk D.V., Koshchaev A.G.,

Homologs of the majer antigene of bacteriophage RB30 from compost methagenome (P. 215-227)

Tsypin A.P., Bannikov S.A.,

Statistical analysis of the state and prospects of the Russian confectionery market (P. 228-234)