Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2022, № 96


Artemova E.I., Lazko L.V.,

Рriorities for the development of animal husbandry in AIC of the Krasnodar Territory in the face of external challenges (P. 7-13)

Bashkatov V.V., Soroka Z.N., Yavrumyan I.V.,

Modern digitalization tools of accounting (financial) reporting (P. 14-19)

Zinisha O.S., Korovin D.A., Karabayeva A.S., Voronkov A.A.,

Analysis of current agro-food security issues of the russian federation under sanctions (P. 20-26)

Minenko A.V.,

Financial condition and sustainability of agricultural organizations development in the Altai Territory (P. 27-34)

Oleynik M.A., Logvina A.I.,

Key features and prospects of automatic simplified taxation system in agricultural formations (P. 35-39)

Plotnikova E.V.,

Problems and economic aspects of sheep breeding innovative development in Russia and the Krasnodar Territory (P. 40-46)

Plotnikova E.V., Artemova E.I.,

Introduction of digital technologies in agricultural organizations (P. 47-52)

Shevkunenko M.Y., Shulzhenko T.A.,

Russia's food security: challenges and threats (P. 53-58)


Aleynikova G.Y., Seget O.L.,

The production potential of grape varieties of domestic selection in the conditions of the South of Russia (P. 59-65)

Volkova G.V., Yakhnik Y.V., Kustadinchev A.D., Zhukovsky A.G., Krupenko N.A., Pilate T.G., Zhukouskaya H.A., Leshkevich V.G.,

The spread of pink snow mold on winter grain crops in the republic of Belarus and in the South of Russia (P. 66-74)

Dzedaev K.T., Gazdanova I.O., Morgoev T.A.,

Biological products influence on potato varieties yielding capacity and quality (P. 75-78)

Drozdova V.V., Buldykova I.A.,

Effect of different mineral nutrition systems on winter wheat productivity and crop quality in leached chernozem conditions (P. 79-84)

Zagorulko A.V., Kravtsov A.M., Amini H.,

The role of fertilizers in forming the yield of weather wheat when cultivated by technology with the application of zero tilling (P. 84-94)

Zeleneva Y.V., Sudnikova V.P., Buchneva G.N.,

Immunological characteristics of soft winter wheat varieties in conditions of the CBR (P. 95-99)

Zemtsova E.S., Bome N.A.,

Comparative characteristics of Triticum Aestivum L. genotypes on resistance to fusarium ear blight in conditions of artificial infection (P. 100-106)

Kalayda D.D., Vasilko V.P.,

The water-air regime under the 2nd year of life alfalfa depending on the agricultural cultivation methods (P. 107-113)

Knyazeva D.B., Knyazev B.M.,

Soybean productivity depending on the degree of root system development (P. 114-117)

Knyazeva D.B., Knyazev B.M., Tiev R.A.,

Application of herbicides on soybean crops (P. 118-122)

Kravchenko R.V., Terekhova S.S., Grechishchev D.S.,

Influence of the basic soil treatment after sugar beet precursor on its agrophysical indicators under winter wheat crops (P. 123-128)

Kuznetsova A.P., Drygina A.I., Yakuba Y.F., Khokhlova A.A., Semenova M.N., Fedorenko A.M.,

Studying the interrelations of biochemical indicators and adaptability to stressors of the winter-spring period for forms of the genus Prunus L (P. 129-135)

Lekova I.A., Gernrva F.T.,

Evaluation of promising potato varieties in the foothill zone of the North Caucasus by biochemical and table indicators (P. 136-139)

Mal’ko A.M., Makrushin N.M., Zamotajlov A.S., Musaev F.B.o., Makrushina E.M., Mayorova M.V., Klitsenko O.A.,

Status and prospects for the development of vegetable seed production in the Russian Federation (P. 140-155)

Manukyan I.R.,

Screening of soft winter wheat varieties for resistance to brown rust in the conditions of the foothill zone of the Central Caucasus (P. 156-163)

Milovanov A.V., Elisyutikova A.V., Savenkova D.S., Zvyagin A.S., Troshin L.P.,

Using IPBS markers to study the genetic diversity of native grape varieties (P. 164-172)

Neshhadim N.N., Kvashin A.A., Koval A.V., Kapralov S.P., Shevel S.A.,

The influence of the yield of winter wheat varieties with various agricultural technologies in the central zone of the Kuban (P. 173-180)

Plugatar’ Y.V., Makrushin N.M., Makrushina E.M., Zamotajlov A.S., Klitsenko O.A., Nagornyak A.A.,

Growing areas, harvesting, yield and quality of seeds of leafy woody plants in different regions of the Russian Federation (P. 181-188)

Novichikhin A.P., Fedorova A.A., Lemesheva A.V.,

Classification of new corn inbred lines by cluster analysis (P. 189-193)

Podushin Y.V., Savinsky A.O., Myazina A.N., Makarenko S.A.,

The use of broadband vegetation indices to assess the weed infestation of crops (P. 194-200)

Savva A.P., Telezhenko T.N., Kovalev S.S., Suvorova V.A.,

The effectiveness of the new herbicide Velositi Super, CE on winter wheat crops in the central zone of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 201-206)

Sidelnikov N.I., Bykova O.A., Thaganov R.R., Anikina A.Y.,

Methods of increasing the maclea yield in the conditions of Western Caucasus (P. 207-211)

Sydykov A.B.,

The influence of rootstock on the yield of standard apple seedlings in theb Chui valley of Kyrgyzstan (P. 212-216)

Podgornaya M.E., Vasilchenko A.V., Prakh S.V., Tolstenko N.I., Belyi A.I.,

Evaluation of the biological efficacy of the new insecticide of the chemical class diamide in the control of the number of cherry flies (P. 217-222)


Bogdanova A.A., Alekseev A.A., Payuta A.A., Flerova E.A., Konovalov A.V.,

The use of microbiological inoculants for ensiling green mass of Triticale (X Triticosecale Wittm. Exa. Camus) (P. 223-228)

Grechkina V.V., Lebedev S.V., Sheida E.V., Petrusha Y.K.,

Features of poultry metabolism and the use of probiotic and mineral supplements in the diet (P. 229-234)

Ibragimov K.M.,

Productivity and nutritional value of elongated salt marsh wheatgrass on desolate forage lands (P. 235-240)

Kobylatsky P.S., Karatunov V.A., Bachinina K.N., Shevchenko A.A.,

Improvement of the turkey cross big-6 growing technology and its processing in the Rostov Region (P. 241-246)

Knyazeva V.V., Garkovenko A.V., Radchenko V.V., Koshchaev A.G.,

Development of a genetic test system: Design of fluorescent-labeled primers for real-time PCR and optimization of assay for a1/a2 milk conditions (P. 247-258)

Neverova O.P., Gorelik O.V., Sadovnikov N.V., Mymrin V.S., Koshchaeva O.V.,

Features of age-related lactation activity of cows of different linear affiliation (P. 259-271)

Novikova E.N., Ivakin I.E., Slesarenko E.V., Turchenko Y.S.,

African swine fever in Russia: distribution and control methods (P. 272-277)

Omarov M.O., Ratoshny A.N., Agarkova N.V.,

Factors affecting the efficiency of synthetic lysine supplementation in diets for young pigs (P. 278-283)

Oparina O.Y., Krasnoperov A.S., Malkov S.V., Vereshchak N.A.,

Changes in the parameters of the blood system of highly productive cattle under the influence of heat stress (P. 284-289)

Saleeva I.P., Zhuravchuk E.V., Kislova I.V., Ovchinnikova N.V.,

The Effects of Different Stocking Density on the Physiological Status in Broilers of Russian Cross "Smena-9" (P. 290-294)

Sycheva I.N., Bystrenina I.E., Tsibizova O.V., Krasavina V.A., Vasiliev V.V., Vasilyeva I.S.,

The gene pool dynamics of crossbred beef bull-calves and heifers according to complex genotypes by gene-markers of meat productivity (P. 295-300)

Tatueva O.V., Koltsov D.N.,

Productive longevity of Holstein breed cows depending on paratypical and genetic factors (P. 301-306)

Tishchenko A.S., Serdyuchenko I.V., Shunaeva A.V., Prilutskaya K.V.,

Effectiveness of immunoprophylactic measures in infectious cattle rhinotracheitis (P. 307-313)

Khamitov M.R., Drozdova L.I., Rubinsky I.A.,

Porcine circovirus (review articles) (P. 314-333)

Chichagova I.G., Lutsuk S.N., Dyachenko Y.V., Kataeva T.S.,

Clinical-hematological aspects of rabbit psoroptosis (P. 334-339)