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2022, № 94

UDC: 636.2.034
GSNTI: 68.39.29

Reference intervals of concentrations of chemical elements in the seed fluid of holshtein bulls

The purpose of this study was to establish reference intervals for the concentrations of main essential and toxic elements in semen of sires. The studies were carried out on physiologically healthy sires of the Holstein breed bred in the farms of Leningrad region. The elemental composition of semen fluid was determined according to 25 parameters (Al, As, B, Ca, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, I, K, Li, Mg, Mn, Na, Ni, P, Pb, Se, Si, Sn , Hg, Sr, V, Zn) by methods of atomic emission and mass spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma. Reference intervals for the concentrations of chemical elements in semen were established in accordance with the recommendations of M.G. Skalnaya (2003): Ca (480.0-559.5); K (2939-3208); Na (1673-1874); Mg (90.02-109.4); P(909.0-1239); Co (0.0097-0.0115); Cr (0.0389-0.0484); Cu (0.862-1.09); Fe (2.26-4.28); I (0.211-0.270); Mn (0.216-0.381); Se (1.25-1.33); Zn (7.86-9.27); B (0.337-0.473); Li (0.0636-0.0774); Ni (0.111-0.464); Si (1.12-1.51); V (0.0018-0.0024); Al (0.199-0.270); As(0.0024-0.0033); CD (0.0003-0.0004); Hg (0.0081-0.0134); Pb (0.0749-0.124); Sn (0.0012-0.0110; Sr (0.128-0.159). Reference intervals were also calculated in accordance with the American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology guidelines for quality assurance and laboratory standards. The established reference intervals are proposed to be used to detect elementoses in sires, including the development of individual schemes for the metabolic correction of elemental status in order to improve the quality characteristics of fresh semen.
Keywords: Cattle, sires, seminal fluid, trace elements, reference intervals.
DOI: 10.21515/1999-1703-94-187-194


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  1. Zavyalov Oleg Alexandrovich, DSc in Biology, Leading Researcher; Department of Beef Cattle Breeding Technology and Beef Production, Federal Scientific Center for Biological Systems and Agrotechnologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  2. Frolov Aleksey Nikolaevich, DSc in Biology, Acting Head; Department of Beef Cattle Breeding Technology and Beef Production, Federal Scientific Center for Biological Systems and Agrotechnologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  3. Kharlamov Anatoly Vasilievich, DSc in Agriculture, Professor, Chief Researcher; Department of Beef Cattle Breeding Technology and Beef Production, Federal Scientific Center for Biological Systems and Agrotechnologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  4. Kurilkina Marina Yakovlevna, PhD in Biology, Senior Researcher; Department of Beef Cattle Breeding Technology and Beef Production, Federal Scientific Center for Biological Systems and Agrotechnologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.