Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2022, № 102


Zagorulko A.V., Rodionov A.I.,

Department of plant growing - 100 years of educational and scientific activity (P. 7-12)


Anichin V.L., Dorofeev A.F., Yurchenko Y.N.,

Economic boundaries of agricultural production in independent organizations (P. 13-18)

Barcho M.K., Gorbenko E.A., Zatsepilina D.A., Korovin D.A., Shulzhenko T.A.,

State regulation of agricultural development as a factor of ensuring food security of Russia (P. 19-24)

Dyakov S.A., Alekseenko L.D., Anopkin A.V., Korovin D.A., Shulzhenko T.A.,

Digitalization of the activities of economic entities in order to increase economic security (P. 25-30)

Skomoroshchenko A.A., Artemova E.I.,

Comprehensive analysis and features of the of the financial potential realization in a depressed rural settlement (P. 31-38)

Soroka Z.N., Felde E.M., Zhadovskaya M.A., Zherdeva O.V.,

Theoretical aspects of convergence of international financial reporting standards and russian accounting standards (P. 39-45)

Ternovykh K.S., Popov D.Y.,

Seed potatoes market condition and development trends in Russia (P. 46-51)

Tuguskina G.N., Dorofeev A.F.,

Рublic-private partnership model in solving the staff problems of the agro-industrial sector (P. 52-60)

Sheudzhen Z.R., Yuyukina M.V.,

Economic aspect of agricultural lands condition (P. 61-66)

Yarotskaya E.V., Sheudzhen Z.R., Lipilin D.A., Matveeva A.V., Andrienko K.P., Karachina A.A.,

Assessment of rural territories land potential in the Krasnodar Territory (P. 67-74)


Kravtsov A.M., Makarenko A.A.,

Stationary experience of the department of crop production of the Kuban State Agrarian University - a scientific and technological testing ground for innovations in agriculture of the Kuban and a training base for young researchers (P. 75-78)

Agaeva E.V., Bespalova L.A., Puzyrnaya O.Y., Zubanova Y.S., Lymar A.A.,

Realization of the resistance gene to brown rust Lr 37 in short stone varieties North-Caucasian ecotype (P. 79-87)

Reshetneva S.V., Bespalova L.A., Kudryashov I.N., Puzyrnaya O.Y., Novikov A.V.,

Comparative analysis of the harvesting index in the genetic and ecological gradient (P. 88-92)

Mamsirov N.I., Brovkina T.Y., Sysenko I.S.,

Corn for grain productivity depending on the agricultural technologies in the Central zone of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 93-97)

Brovkina T.Y., Kravtsov A.M., Kalashnikov V.A.,

Productivity elements implementation by winter wheat plants depending on agrotechnical factors (P. 98-102)

Bykova O.A., Tkhaganov R.R., Anikina A.Y., Sidel'nikov N.I.,

Methods of increasing the yield of medicinal crops in the conditions of the Western Caucasus (P. 103-109)

Vasilko V.P., Makarenko A.A., Magomedtagirov A.A.,

The dynamics of the main parameters of the agrochemical properties of leached black soil in the plain agrolandscape of the Central zone of the Krasnodar Territory depending on the tillage system (P. 110-113)

Vasilko V.P., Gerasimenko V.N., Velikanova L.O., Gladkov V.N., Boyko E.S.,

Soil fertility - the basis for the agricultural production and agricultural landscapes ecologization sustainability (P. 114-120)

Garkusha S.V., Tesheva S.A., Pischenko D.A.,

Production testing of Kuban selections rice varieties in diferent rice-growing zones (P. 121-126)

Zagorul’ko A.V., Amini H., Osipov A.V.,

Agrophysical properties of leached chernozem depending on the agricultural techniques intensification in the No-Tillage technology and their influence on the winter wheat yield (P. 127-138)

Kalashnikov V.A., Brovkina T.Y., Logoida T.V.,

Sugar beet growth processes intensity, productivity and technological qualities depending on the cultivation technology in the central zone of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 139-144)

Kravtsov A.M., Zagorulko A.V., Brovkina T.Y., Pavelko I.A.,

The effectiveness of fertilizers and herbicides in sugar beet cultivation on leached chernozem with different fertility levels (P. 145-150)

Kravchenko R.V., Terekhova S.S., Grechishchev D.S.,

The influence of basic tillage and mineral fertilizers on the agrophysical properties of soil znd the productivity of winter wheat in the Central Zone of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 151-157)

Lesnyak S.A., Dubina E.V., Garkusha S.V., Ruban M.G.,

Creation of rice genetic resources resistant to abiotic stressors and with increased rice quality based on modern biotechnological approaches (P. 158-163)

Neshchadim N.N., Kvashin A.A., Starushka A.V., Shevel S.A.,

Yield of confectionery sunflower varieties under various agricultural technologies in the Western Ciscaucasia (P. 164-171)

Novoseletsky S.I., Sysenko I.S., Brovkina T.Y., Kondratiev S.V.,

Impact of agro growth technology on alfalfa green mass productivity and bioenergy efficiency under conditions Western Ciscaucasia (P. 172-179)

Popolzukhina N.A., Kuzmina E.S., Popolzukhin P.V., Parshutkin Y.Y., Gaidar A.A.,

Comparative study of spring soft wheat varieties of domestic and foreign breeding in the condiions of the Omsk Irtysh Region (P. 180-184)

Slyusarev V.N., Kravtsov A.M., Zagorulko A.V.,

Рroductivity of arable land of eleven-field grain-grass-row crop rotation and fertility of leached chernozem with alternative technologies for growing field crops (P. 185-189)

Sysenko I.S., Novoseletsky S.I., Kondratiev S.V., Khatkov K.K.,

Dependence of winter wheat productivity and its growing bioenergy efficiency on different intensity agricultural technologies in the conditions of the Western Caucasian Region (P. 190-195)

Tosunov Y.K., Kaigorodova E.A., Chernysheva N.V., Barchukova A.Y., Kosyanok N.E., Ivanov S.V.,

Improvement of sowing quality of winter wheat seeds of Adele variety under the action of new innovative complexes of agrochemicals (P. 196-202)

Tumanyan N.G., Chizhikova S.S., Garkusha S.V., Olkhovaya K.K.,

Grain quality of rice varieties approved for use, grown in 2019-2021 (P. 203-207)

Fedulov Y.P., Zagorul’ko A.V., Podushin Y.V., Amini K.,

Agrotechnical factors effect on the leaves photosynthetic pigments content of winter wheat variety Steppe (P. 208-215)

Khudokormova Z.N., Ablova I.B., Bespalova L.A., Tarkhov A.S., Boldakov D.M., Lymar A.A.,

Characteristics of winter soft wheat genetic diversity for resistance to the stem rust causative agent (P. 216-221)

Chernutskaya E.A.,

Cytological features of some representatives of Malus Mill. gene pool FSBSI NCFScCHVW (P. 222-228)


Vlasenko A.A., Semenenko M.P., Osepchuk D.V., Kuzminova E.V., Semenenko K.A.,

Evaluation of the productive indicators of broiler chickens with the introduction of silicite aluminosilicates into the diet (P. 229-233)

Gaytov C.R., Ktsoeva I.I., Kudukhova D.Z., Temiraev R.B., Vityuk L.A.,

Influence of different doses of phospholipiid on economic and useful qualities and liver function of quails during denitrifation (P. 234-241)

Zaseev A.T., Koshchaev A.G., Semenenko M.P., Semenenko K.A.,

Ecological monitoring of the distribution of heavy metals in the soils of the suburban areas of the city of Vladikavkaz and their conjugation with cows’ blood parameters (P. 242-248)

Gunko M.V., Sazonova E.A., Avramenko A.S.,

Mycotoxins in animal feed (P. 249-253)

Kiyaeva E.V., Marshinskaya O.V., Kazakova T.V.,

Influence of microelements on productive qualities of laying hens (P. 254-258)

Koshchaev A.G., Gugushvili V.M., Gugushvili N.N., Inyukina T.A.,

Features of immune protection in various types of farm animals (P. 259-266)

Kudukhova D.Z., Gappoeva V.S., Kozyrev S.G., Plieva Z.K., Temiraev R.B.,

Quail meat productivity and biological value when feeding different antioxidant doses (P. 267-274)

Moiseeva K.V., Loginov E.A., Zubareva V.D., Krivonogova A.S., Isaeva A.G., Sokolova O.V., Donnik I.M.,

Antimicrobial resistance in dairy farming and food products (P. 275-280)

Osepchuk D.V., Labutina N.D., Petrenko Y.Y.,

The use of additives from vegetable raw materials in poultry feeding (P. 281-286)

Pokhodnya G.S., Perevozchikov N.V., Breslavets Y.P., Breslavets A.P., Breslavets V.M., Chus R.V., Gaponenko V.N., Koshchaev A.G.,

Growth and development of replacement pigs depending on feeding them the feed additive "Elevit" during the growing period (P. 287-292)

Sampiev A.M., Kuzminova E.V., Semenenko M.P., Semenenko K.A.,

Drug development for accute thermal hyperthermia treatment in cattle (P. 293-300)

Tarasenko O.V., Pokhodnya G.S., Breslavets Y.P., Breslavets A.P., Shernakova N.I., Chus R.V., Gaponenko V.N.,

Influence of the seasons of the year on the duration of farrows and the productivity of sows (P. 301-306)

Usenko V.V., Voitenko A.S.,

Feed additive from grape snail as an alternative protein source for aquaculture (P. 307-314)

Chimidov S.Y., Shcherbatov V.I.,

New criteria for assessing juvenile molting of quails (P. 315-319)

Chus R.V., Gaponenko V.N., Kryuchin D.V., Koshchaev A.G.,

Realization of the genetic potential of pigs using innovative technological techniques (P. 320-324)

Yurin D.A., Maxim E.A., Skamarokhova A.S., Tletseruk I.R., Hagur F.R.,

Increasing the rate of maturation of stager caviar (P. 325-329)