Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2022, № 101


Gurnovich T.G., Agarkova L.V., Kharchenko A.V., Saaryan A.S.,

Development of the Russian Material and Technical Resources Agricultural Insurance System (P. 7-12)

Klochko E.N., Kharchenko S.N., Medvedeva A.Y.,

Rural territories of Russia: current state, positive practices for depression rehabilitation (P. 13-19)

Kapinos R.V., Breslavets Y.P., Dobrunova A.I., Breslavets A.P., Breslavets P.I.,

Features of the rural agroecosystem development forecast indicators calculation to ensure rational nature management and environmental protection in agricultural production (P. 20-29)

Kovalenko L.V., Kokurina K.D., Romanov T.R.,

Using rural research tools: practical aspects (P. 30-35)

Moiseev A.V.,

Sustainable development mechanism of the breeding and seed production system in the region (P. 36-41)

Novikov V.S.,

Digital technologies and tools managing processes as a factor of agrarian and industrial complex socio-economic systems efficiency increase (P. 42-49)

Panteleeva M.A.,

Grain cluster formation as a factor of rural territories attractiveness increasing for young specialists (P. 50-53)

Piterskaya L.Y., Ishchenko T.L.,

Peasant (farm) enterprises development and state regulation in the Krasnodar Territory (P. 54-60)

Rodionova I.A., Dudnikova E.B., Borodastova E.V.,

Sustainable development of agriculture based on organic farming (P. 61-66)

Snimshchikova I.V.,

Population living standard key indicators dynamics in the modern economic realities of Russia (P. 67-72)


Kanukova K.R., Bogotova Z.I., Khaudov A.D., Arkhestova J.H., Khagabanova M.M., Belyi A.I.,

Molecular genetic aspects of biosynthesis and starch accumulation in corn endosperm (P. 73-85)

Knyazeva D.B., Knyazev B.M.,

Soybean productivity depending on the seed depth in the zone of insufficient moisture (P. 86-89)

Knyazeva D.B., Knyazev B.M.,

Soybean yield formation depending on soil provision with microelements (P. 90-94)

Knyazeva D.B., Knyazev B.M.,

Soybean productivity depending on different sowing dates (P. 95-97)

Logvinov A.V., Mishchenko V.N., Logvinov V.A., Moiseev A.V., Kravchenko R.V.,

Ecological testing results of the first biotechnological sugar beet hybrids (P. 98-103)

Maistrenko L.A., Grigorieva O.V.,

New seedless grape variety Zolotse (P. 104-110)

Makrushin N.M., Zamotajlov A.S., Mayorova M.V., Makrushina E.M., Klitsenko O.A.,

Oil flax seeds harvest types establishing in the Rostov Region (P. 111-120)

Makrushin N.M., Mayorova M.V.,

Allocation of oilseed flax seed production zones in different regions of the Russian Federation (P. 121-128)

Manukyan I.R.,

Comprehensive assessment of the source material for winter soft wheat selection in the Central Caucasus (P. 129-134)

Moskaleva N.A., Dmitrenko N.N., Sasova N.A.,

Species composition and degree of winter wheat seeds infection according to phytoexpertise results in the Krasnodar Territory (P. 135-139)

Orlov V.A., Luk’yanov A.A.,

Digital transformation of field research in the Anapa ampelographic collection (P. 140-148)

Podgornaya M.E., Didenko N.A., Prah S.V., Vasilchenko A.V.,

Biological development features of Psylla pyri L. in agrocenoses of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 149-154)

Teuchezh A.A.,

Anapa Region soil cover ecological state in the Krasnodar Territory (P. 155-159)

Troshin L.P., Kravchenko R.V., Prakh A.V., Kufanova R.N.,

Influence of partial biologization of the grape protection system on its agrobiological indicators under the conditions of the Anapo-Taman zone (P. 160-167)

Logvinov A.V., Tsatsenko L.V., Mishchenko V.N., Zhabatinskaya Y.V.,

Test results of sugar beet breeding material for resistance to color (P. 168-174)

Shmakova O.A., Yakunina N.A., Popolzukhina N.A., Mazepa N.G.,

Evaluation of spring soft wheat samples for resistance to smut diseases and yield in the conditions of the Southern foreststeppe of Western Siberia (P. 175-180)

Sheujen A.K., Slyusarev V.N., Bondareva T.N., Lebedovsky I.A., Esipenko S.V.,

Agronomic assessment of magnesium fertilizers on winter rapeseed crops (P. 181-188)


Vinokurova D.P., Semenenko M.P., Vlasenko A.A., Semenenko K.A., Kuzminova E.V.,

Influence of the siliostin drug on structural changes and biomechanical properties of poultry tubular bones (P. 189-195)

Gulieva N.G., Gutieva (Kubatieva) Z.A., Temiraev R.B., Baeva Z.T., Stolbovskaya A.A., Koshchaev A.G.,

Intensification of growth and digestive metabolism in young pigs with the use of biologically active supplements in diets (P. 196-203)

Gyrnets E.A., Budko A.E., Svyatenko T.S., Koshchaev A.G.,

Change of genetic milk yield potential in the population of black-motley holstein cattle breed at different level of predicted transmission ability of bulls-producers (P. 204-209)

Zavyalov O.A., Duskaev G.K., Kurilkina M.Y.,

The effect of small molecules of plant origin on live weight and blood parameters dynamics in broiler chickens (P. 210-216)

Kalinin A.Y., Pokhodnya G.S., Breslavets Y.P., Breslavets A.P., Breslavets P.I., Koshchaev A.G., Chus R.V., Kryuchin D.V.,

Feed additive effectiveness in boars diets (P. 217-222)

Kvan O.V., Duskaev G.K., Gvozdikova A.M., Kartekenov K.S.,

Plants metabolites of phenolic nature as new generation phytobiotics (P. 223-231)

Kochish I.I., Myasnikova O.V., Nikonov I.N., Lasenko M.V., Shkarlat P.E.,

Application of molecular genetic analysis methods to evaluate the effect of symbiotic "Poultry Star" on the broiler chickens intestinal microbiom (P. 232-238)

Koshchaev A.G., Gugushvili V.M.,

The effect of cargdechin on hematological parameters of various cattle breeds in therapeutic and preventive measures of salmonellosis (P. 239-247)

Lazarev S.E., Zabashta N.N., Miroshnichenko P.V., Danilchenko O.B., Lisovitskaya E.P.,

Economic efficiency of various probiotic complexes application in the cultivation of broiler chickens (P. 248-252)

Makarova L.O., Shcherbatov V.I.,

Innovative method of pre-incubation selection of quail eggs (P. 253-256)

Koshchaev A.G., Shantyz A.K., Kosykh A.V., Marchenko E.Y.,

Studying the acute toxicity parameters of the new chelate complex (P. 257-261)

Malkov S.V., Krasnoperov A.S., Oparina O.Y., Novikova M.V.,

Hepatoprotective feed additive influence on chicken leukocyte variability in temperature stress (P. 262-267)

Mikailov M.M., Gunashev S.A., Yanikova E.A., Khalikov A.A., Chernykh O.Y.,

Diagnostic value of indigenous and foreign serological tests for cattle brucellosis diagnosеtics (P. 268-271)

Neverova O.P., Gorelik O.V., Tyapugin E.A., Shantyz A.Y., Koshchaeva O.V.,

Season of the year influence on the milk production efficiency with year-round stall keeping of cows (P. 272-282)

Nikulina A.N., Zimin A.A., Koshchaev A.G.,

Study of the temperature influence on transduction abilities and lytic activity of bacteriophages RB43 and RB49 (P. 283-292)

Novikov A.A., Suslina E.N., Pokhodnya G.S., Breslavets Y.P., Breslavets A.P., Chus R.V., Gaponenko V.N.,

Improving the assessment of pigs breeding value of based on the use of BLUP methods and genomic analysis (P. 293-300)

Poryvaeva A.P., Pechura E.V., Sazhaev I.M., Lysova Y.Y., Klepova Y.V.,

Associations of pathogenic microorganisms in the young cattle in livestock enterprises of the Sverdlovsk region (P. 301-307)

Sidorov A.A., Chernogradskaya N.M., Grigoriev M.F., Grigorieva A.I.,

Meat productivity of Yakut horses (P. 308-313)

Smirnova Y.M., Khabarova G.V.,

Productive longevity as a factor of increasing the dairy cattle breeding efficiency (P. 314-320)

Kharzhau A., Shamshidin A.S., Batyrgaliev E.A., Gabdullin D.E., Kulbaev R.M., Zholdasbekov A.K., Kuzhuget E.K.,

Features of cow feeding technology in farms of the western region of Kazakhstan (P. 321-329)

Al-Amine O.B., Ugryumova V.S., Mingaleev D.N., Ugryumov O.V., Ravilov R.K., Yarullin R.S.,

Study of the latitude of the antimicrobial effect spectrum of the disinfectant Recobact, inclusing Fusobacterium Necrophorum (P. 330-334)