Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2021, № 93

UDC: 630*4
GSNTI: 68.37.31

The pathology State of forests of the Penza Region

State of forest sites Penza Region on the wood pathogens considered. The forest vegetation of investigated region is mostly influence by anthropogenous factors: cutting for use of timber, transformation of forest lands in agricultural purpose as well as for roads and other communications, forestry (care of a forest, sylviculture, etc.), recreational use of forest, forest fire. Unpleasant environmental conditions weakened the stands, which supported wide distribution of pests. Sanitary cuttings worsened the state. We found changes in dynamics of population of insects, notably the gypsy moth and the green oak leaf roller, common for this site and disturbance in the relations with host plants. Injuriousness of the species changes on each other account. Among forest diseases, the most common ones are stem and butt rots as well as necrosis and cancer. The wood pathogens distribution was of fungal origin, coming out from diffuse centers of chronic cancerous growth. We evaluated forest health and recommended the ways of improvement. Based on research, newly acquired knowledge and best practices, the old methods of pest surveillance have been replaced with more efficient and justifies approaches. Now, it is evident forest pets management systems and methods should be based on the biocenotic approach, and that all the pest-caused losses and damages should properly assessed, and that integrated management methods and ecological-economic criteria should be an integral part of pest management decision-making.
Keywords: Forest-steppe, forest health, wood pathogens, phyllophagous insects.
DOI: 10.21515/1999-1703-93-194-198


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  1. Kudryavtsev Aleksey Yuvenal'yevich, PhD in Biology, art. researcher, Saratov Branch of the Institute for Problems of Ecology and Evolution State Nature Reserve "Privolzhskaya forest-steppe".