Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2021, № 93


Baranovskaya T.P., Vostroknutov A.E., Feshina Y.V., Kovalenko A.V.,

Improved methods and models of quantitative description of the production process of technologically integrated agro-industrial organizations (P. 9-13)

Bershickij Y.I., Saifetdinova P.V.,

Current state and problems of effective functioning of sugar beet subcomplex (P. 14-20)

Vasiliev V.P.,

Efficiency of organizations activities in AIC (P. 21-28)

Vasiliev V.P., Savchenko E.V.,

The economic state of the retail industry (P. 29-34)

Gurnovich T.G., Agarkova L.V., Ponomarenko A.V., Taranenko D.V.,

Assessment of the agricultural enterprises resource potential components in the context of improvingnthe efficiency of use (P. 35-41)

Karamysheva S.G., Manko A.A.,

Current state of Russian export of oil and fat products to international markets (P. 42-49)

Melnikov A.B., Kotok N.Y.,

Criteria, threats and risks of ensuring food security of the Russian Federation (P. 50-55)

Petrik G.F., Prudnikov A.G., Logoida T.V., Fedorenko K.P.,

Intensification and management of soil fertility as crop production sustainability factors in the experimental and training farm "Kuban" (P. 56-61)

Snimschikova I.V., Chugaeva J.A.,

Development of export-oriented production of AIC as a condition for ensuring the economic security of the region (P. 62-67)

Yarotskaya E.V., Lyubitskaya E.V., Parpurenko M.R.,

Improvement of the state cadastral valuation of real estate objects to ensure the sustainable development of agricultural organizations (P. 68-75)

Shevkunenko M.Y.,

Improvement of economic, legal and organizational measures aimed at countering the turnover of counterfeit and adulterated food products (P. 76-81)

Yakhontova I.M., Kiriy V.A.,

Development and implementation of digital services to support business processes of an agricultural enterprise (P. 82-88)

Barsukova G.N., Maltseva V.V.,

Agricultural land market in Krasnodar Territory (P. 89-94)


Antsupova T.E., Syrbu A.A., Shafikov R.V.,

Alternative nutrition for the mass breeding of the predatory bug Macrolophus caliginosus Wagner (P. 95-101)

Balakhnina I.V., Yakovuk V.A.,

Adventive ladybug species Harmonia axyridis (Pallas, 1773) in the Central zone of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 102-110)

Danilov R.Y., Kremneva O.Y., Pachkin A.A.,

Study of spectral characteristics of winter barley plants infected with economically significant diseases pathogens (P. 111-121)

Zvyagina A.S., Varfolomeyeva N.I., Titova V.A.,

Influence of growth regulators on seeding qualities of seeds and yield of redish plants (P. 122-126)

Knyazeva D.B., Knyazev B.M.,

Symbiotic activity and productivity of soybeans depending on the use of phosphorus fertilizers (P. 127-130)

Kravchenko R.V., Luchinsky S.I., Prohoda V.I., Gabaraev D.B.,

Soil treatment influence on its agrophysical properties under corn crops (P. 131-136)

Nefedova M.V., Agasyeva I.S., Nastasiy A.S.,

Methods of the cotton moth Helicoverpa armigera Hübner Controlling (Review) (P. 137-151)

Tuytuynnikova E.M., Salomatin V.A., Plotnikova T.V.,

Effect of silica auxin growth stimulator Energy-M on tobacco productivity and raw material quality (P. 152-160)

Tosunov Y.K., Chernysheva N.V., Kosenyuk N.E., Ivanov S.V., Kaygorodova E.A.,

Growth regulating activity of zinc threoninate in cultivation of soy (P. 161-166)

Alekseev V.Y., Rumyantsev S.D., Veselova S.V., Cherepanova E.A., Maksimov I.V.,

Aficidal and immunostimulating activity of bacterial lipopeptides produced by Bacillus subtilis strains (P. 168-173)

Akhmatova Z.P., Kardanov A.R., Shamaeva I.Z.,

The main methods and techniques for assessing the "genotype-environment" interaction and managing the environment-forming potential of fruit crops for limiting factors in complex agricultural landscapes of the North Caucasus" (P. 174-179)

Goncharov S.V.,

Global seed market development: prospects and related risks (P. 180-187)

Ignatieva T.N., Kashutina E.V., Bugaeva L.N.,

Leis dimidiata Fabr. in protection of vegetable crops of indoor ground against Aphids (P. 188-193)

Kudryavtsev A.Y.,

The pathology State of forests of the Penza Region (P. 194-198)

Pastukhova I.S.,

Analysis of the yield assessment of the collection plants of the "Arboretum parks” and "Southern cultures" of Sochi (P. 199-202)

Reshetnikova L.F.,

Assessingthe phytosanitary state of the iris collection of the N.V. Bagrov Botanical Garden (P. 203-206)

Sivolapov A.I., Blagodarova T.A., Sivolapov V.A.,

State ofinter species hybrids oakin the clonearchive VGLTU (P. 207-212)

Smirnov A.I.,

Influence of low-frequency electromagnetic field and hydrogel on survival and growth of seedlings of forest woody plants (P. 213-219)

Smykov A.V., Rikhter A.A.,

Relationship between biochemical compositions and flavoring qualities of peach fruits (P. 220-225)

Tankov D.A., Kukhlevskaya Y.F.,

Gypsy moth (Limantria dispar L.) in the forests of the Orenburg region (P. 226-231)

Tsarev A.P., Tsareva R.P., Tsarev V.A., Laur N.V.,

Evaluation of the genotype-environment interaction in poplar hybrids by the Eberhart-Russell method (P. 232-237)

Chelebiev E.F.,

Comprehensive assessment of applev arieties and breeding forms in the conditions of the Crimean foothill zone (P. 238-245)

Cherkashyna A.V., Sotchenko E.F.,

Influence of planting dates on corn hybrids growing season duration (P. 246-250)

Churagulova Z.S., Miftakhov A.A., Khatmullin R.Z.,

Experiments on creating a forest seed base on the soil and selection-genetic basis in the northern forest-steppe of the republic of Bashkortostan (P. 251-256)


Vinokurova D.P., Koschaev A.G., Semenenko M.P., Osepchuk D.V., Kuzminova E.V.,

Changes in histological indicators of the bone tissue in broiler chickens with the introduction of osteotropic preparation into the diet (P. 257-264)

Grigoriev M.F.,

The use of unconventional feed additives in sheep feeding in Yakutia (P. 265-269)

Grin V.A., Semenenko M.P., Kuzminova E.V., Semenenko K.A., Shantyz A.Y.,

Influence of different doses of selephlan on the biological status and growth characteristics of broiler chickens (P. 270-275)

Zaitseva O.S., Bezborodova N.A., Kozhukhovskaya V.V., Martynov N.A.,

Evaluation of allelic variants of the kappa-casein gene in black-and-white cows in the Sverdlovsk Region (P. 276-279)

Osepchuk D.V., Svistunov A.A., Astakhova D.P., Agarkova N.V., Svitenko O.V.,

Efficiency of using corn extract in feeding broiler chickens (P. 280-284)

Popova N.Y., Bespamyatnykh E.N., Isaeva A.G., Kundryukova U.I., Drozdova L.I.,

Development of laboratory diagnostic criteria for autoimmune thyroid pathology in cows (P. 285-290)

Rogaleva E.V., Semenenko M.P., Kuzminova E.V., Koshchaev A.G., Popov A.A.,

The main aspects of the preclinical study of a new biostimulator for the growth of animals and poultry (P. 291-297)

Shkhalakhov D.S.,

Efficiency of application of probiotic feed additive Trilaktkor AB when growing quails (P. 298-304)


Burakayeva A.D., Petrova G.V., Sorokun S.V.,

Destruction of wastewater pollutants Benic culture Penicillium brevicompactum in the satisfies of periodic and continuous cultivation (P. 305-309)

Koshchaev A.G., Gyrnets E.A.,

Occurrence of beta-casein genotypes in the population of black-and-white Holstein dairy cattle (P. 310-314)

Petrova K.O., Fedosov D.Y.,

Methods for Vitis species and varieties identification (P. 315-320)

Smirnova L.I., Kiyanchuk M.V.,

Analysis of morphological, biochemical and cultural properties of Candida krusei in the study of pickled food products (P. 321-323)

Tatarintsev S.A., Stekolnikov A.A.,

Intramural ectopic of the ureter in dogs (P. 324-326)