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2021, № 91

UDC: 581.19+633.18
GSNTI: 34.29.25, 34.31.37

Variability of ion accumulation in Russian rice samples due to increased adaptability to dehydration

Dehydration is characteristic of plants when exposed to a number of stresses: drought, salinity, high and low temperatures, and the defense mechanisms against it are similar when exposed to various stressors. The mechanism of adaptation to salinity in different plants is not the same. But the increased content of chloride and sulfate ions can indirectly release salt-tolerant specimens with a tolerance mechanism that allows for greater salt accumulation without harming the plant. The content of Cl-ions varied in 50 studied rice samples from 7.6-55%. In terms of the amount of sulfate ions, the range of variation was also high, from 1, 19% to 46, 51%. The content of nitrate ions varied least of all in the test material (from 0.37% to 15, 22%). 10 samples had a content of Cl ions - more than 30%, which allows them to be recommended as sources according to the characteristic, these are the varieties: Privolniy, Vizit, Courage, Rapan, Smuglyanka. Anahit, Olympus. The varieties Privolniy Mars, Gamma, Olympus contained a high concentration of nitrate ions. Sulfate ions accumulated most of all in the following samples: Anahit, Vizit, Orion, Istok, Regulus. The isolated samples can be sources of both adaptability to drought and salinity.
Keywords: Adaptability, ions, cultivar, rice, variability.
DOI: 10.21515/1999-1703-91-84-88


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  1. Goncharova Julia Konstantinovna, DSc in Biology, Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution "Federal Scientific Center of Rice», LLC "Aratai", Skolkovo,Moscow.
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