Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2020, № 87


Barsukova G.N., Derevenets D.K.,

Agricultural lands of Krasnodar Territory as a part of agricultural production resource capacity (P. 5-10)

Bershickij Y.I., Saifetdinova P.V.,

Structural and functional analysis and efficiency of the sugar beet seed production system (P. 11-17)

Vasiliev V.P., Burova V.A.,

Efficiency of agricultural organizations in the region and ways to improve it (P. 18-25)

Snimschikova I.V., Chugaeva J.A.,

State Audit of Inappective and Non-Effective Use of Budget Funds as a Tool for Increasing the Efficiency of Agrarian and Industrial Complex (P. 26-29)

Nizhegorodov N.V., Shevkunenko M.Y.,

Main trends in the development of the world food market in the context of globalization (P. 30-34)


Bondarenko A.S., Khomitskyi E.E., Zamotajlov A.S., Belyi A.I.,

Revisiting the population demography structure of ground beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) of orchards and vineyards of the Anapa-Taman, Southern Foothill and Black Sea Coast agricultural zones of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 35-47)

Vertikova E.A., Pylnev V.V.,

Evaluation of sorghum-sudangrass hybrids for breeding in the lower Volga region (P. 48-54)

Gegechkori B.S., Tymchik N.Y., Shcherbakov N.A.,

Cultivation of fruit crops seeding material in kennels with a short cycle (P. 55-59)

Gulnyashkin A.V., Lemeshev N.A., Zemtsev A.A., Lyulyuk I.R.,

Breeding new corn hybrids with reduced cutting humidity of grain (P. 60-66)

Dmitrieva I.G., Makarova N.A.,

New sunflower growth regulators screening (P. 67-71)

Kravchenko R.V., Luchinsky S.I., Matvienko V.P., Lubarets V.V.,

Different methods efficiency in sunflower weeds control (P. 72-78)

Lysenko O.G.,

New narrow - leaf lupin varieties obtained by intraspecific - hybridization (P. 79-82)

Osaulenko S.N., Polous V.S., Bely A.I.,

I the influence of tillage on its agrophysical properties and the yield of mogar in crop sowing (P. 83-87)

Osipov A.V., Slyusarev V.N., Popova Y.S., Sumlinski I.I.,

Water permeability of rice agricultural landscapes soils in the modern Kuban Delt (P. 88-92)

Polous V.S., Osaulenko S.N., Prokopova L.O., Sokirko V.P.,

Influence of methods and techniques of processing common chernozem on the activity and diversity of soil biota and winter wheat yield (P. 93-98)


Karatunov V.A., Tuzov I.N., Suprunova S.A., Shirokova N.V., Kobylyatsky P.S.,

Development of a functional product with natural sources of biologically active substances (P. 99-103)

Koba I.S., Pchelnikov A.V., Shantyz A.K., Luneva A.V., Kashkovskaya L.M., Dorozhkin V.I.,

Efficacy of antibacterial preparation kolistin in studying pharmacological properties (P. 104-109)

Krivoshchekova K.A., Krivoschekov K.S., Ratoshny A.N., Soldatov A.A.,

Influence of the «Fekord-2012» enzyme on the assimilation of compound feed by quails aged 0-28 days, containing malt sprouts, characterized by high fiber level (P. 110-116)

Kuzminova E.V., Semenenko M.P., Vasiliadi O.I., Koshchaev A.G., Bazyk A.D., Usha B.V.,

Study of the effectiveness of herbal remedies for toxic liver damage in laboratory animals (P. 117-122)

Kuzmenko N.I.,

Influence of different levels of raw fiber in the diets of Japanese quail on the chemical composition of eggs and blood biochemical parameters (P. 123-127)

Tishchenko A.S., Cherkashin V.V.,

Analysis of wellness measures effectiveness in relation to cattle leukemia (P. 128-133)

Semenenko M.P., Vlasenko A.A., Kuzminova E.V., Tapugin E.A., Koshchaev A.G., Neverova O.P.,

Changes in the morphometric parameters of broiler chickens with the introduction of natural silicon-containing compounds in the diet (P. 134-140)