Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2020, № 85


Koshchaev A.G., Gayduk V.I., Tolmachev A.V.,

Modern policy of knowledge and technologies transfer, scientific developments commercialization (P. 7-12)

Baranovskaya T.P., Vostroknutov A.Y.,

Methodological aspects of selecting the business process of an agro-industrial organization for its outsourcing (P. 13-17)

Kucherova A.S., Reznichenko D.S.,

Inventory as a method of agrarian formations non-current assets actual control (P. 18-23)

Peronko I.A., Turliy S.I.,

Тhe role of state support in the development of the dairy sub-complex of Russia (P. 23-29)

Melnikov A.B., Kotok N.Y.,

Theoretical aspects of ensuring food security in Russia (P. 30-36)

Snimschikova I.V., Chugaeva J.A., Matveev A.S.,

Corruption in the agricultural industry as a sector of the shadow economy (P. 37-41)

Nizhegorodov N.V., Shevkunenko M.Y.,

Economic and legal aspects of countering the raid capture of agricultural enterprises as a factor of ensuring economic security of Russia (P. 41-45)

Shevtsov V.V.,

Practical aspects of the forming business systems in agricultural production (P. 45-50)


Bedlovskaya I.V., Dmitrenko N.N., Tichomirov A.E., Bedlovskiy A.S., Dmitrenko F.I.,

Environmentally acceptable cherries protection system from diseases in the conditions of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 51-56)

Kalayda D.D., Vasilko V.P.,

Productivity of alfalfa depending on the basic tillage in the lower western agrolandscape on leached humus in the central zone of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 57-61)

Gulnyashkin A.V., Lemeshev N.A., Zemtsev A.A., Lyulyuk I.R.,

Breeding new corn hybrids with reduced cutting humidity of grain (P. 61-67)

Drozdova V.V., Kuchukova O.A.,

Sunflower seeds yield and quality depending on the different levels of mineral nutrition (P. 68-72)

Smykov A.V., Kirichenko V.S.,

The influence of the systems of crown formation on yield of apple plantations (Malus domestica Borkh) rootstock on EM-IX (P. 73-76)

Klimenko N.I., Klimenko O.E.,

Using of biopreparation for growing Hybiscus syriacus L. cuttings (P. 77-82)

Knyazev B.M., Diana K.B.,

Morphophysiological characteristics of promising soybean varieties in the zone of insufficient moisture in Kabardino-Balkaria (P. 83-87)

Kravtsov A.M., Zagorulko A.V., Kravtsova N.N., Sysenko I.S.,

Corn productivity for grain depending on fertility of leached chernozem and fertilizer rate (P. 88-97)

Kravchenko R.V., Terekhova S.S., Kravtsova N.N., Bardak N.I.,

Sugar corn crop structure formed under the influence of nitrogen fertilizers (P. 97-103)

Kuznetsova N.F.,

Estimation of selectionmaterial and stain testing of drought-resistant variety of pine Ostrogozhskaya (P. 104-109)

Kumejko T.B., Tumanyan N.G.,

Interrelation of total polished rice and degree of grain damage in the form of dark spots (P. 110-114)

Kuchuk V.A., Evseev V.N., Ignatova M.I., Makrushin N.M.,

Influence of radioactive pollution on the environment, sanitary state of trees, development and reproduction properties of forest tree plants (P. 115-120)

Lebedeva V.A., Gadzhiev N.M.o., Ivanov A.V.,

The length of the tubers dormant period of some potato varieties and their hybrids in the conditions of the Leningrad region (P. 121-124)

Lukicheva L.A., Chernenky L.A.,

Frost and drought resistance of cultivars and breeding forms of sweet cherries under the conditions of the steppe Crimea (P. 124-129)

Lukomets V.M., Gridnev A.K., Gorlova L.A., Makrushina E.M., Makrushin N.M., Naumenko T.S.,

Status and prospects of zonal seed production of spring rape in different regions of the Russian Federation (P. 129-141)

Malko A.M., Androsova O.V.,

Model calculation of cost of the license agreement for the production of sunflower seeds in the Russian Federation (P. 142-147)

Malko A.M., Androsova O.V., Makrushina E.M., Makrushin N.M.,

Current status and prospects for the further development of zonal sunflower seed production in the Russian Federation (P. 148-159)

Malko A.M., Makrushina E.M., Mayorova M.V., Makrushin N.M., Klitsenko O.A.,

Research of the production area, yield and quality of flax seeds in the Russian Federation in connection with zonal seed growing (P. 160-171)

Ochkas N.A., Bragina O.A., Goncharova J.K.,

Development of agricultural technology of rice varieties during cultivation in the conditions of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 172-177)

Papulova E.Y., Tumanyun N.G., Tkachenko Y.V., Olhovaya Y.V.,

Correlation structure of amylographic traits of rice grain quality (P. 178-182)

Petrukhina D.I.,

Atmospheric pressure Non-Thermal Plasma and its opportunities for treatments of agricultural and food products (P. 183-203)

Prakhova T.Y., Prakhov V.A.,

Evaluation of varieties mustard of Sarepta in the conditions of forest-steppe Middle Volga Region (P. 203-208)

Ptashnik O.P.,

Seed productivity of some varieties of Cicer arietinum under conditions of the steppe Crimea (P. 208-213)

Savenko E.G., Korotenko T.L., Glazyrina V.A., Shundrina L.A.,

Accelerated obtaining of genetically stable (homozygous) rice forms on base of valuable breeding samples with target resistance genes by method of anther culture in vitro (P. 213-219)

Savenko E.G., Mukhina Z.M., Glazyrina V.A.,

Using the molecular genetic approach to solve the practical problems of experimental haploidy of cabbage vegetable crops (P. 220-226)

Smirnov A.I., Orlov F.S.,

Presowing treatment of seed and planting material with a low-frequency electromagnetic field (P. 227-233)

Smirnova L.A.,

Administration in the field of seed production of agricultural plants (P. 234-243)

Smykov A.V., Mitrofanova I.V., Mesyats N.V., Fedorova O.S., Ivashchenko Y.A.,

Productivity peach cultivars bred and introduced at the Nikita Botanical Garden (P. 243-250)

Trifuntova I.B., Aseeva T.A.,

Comparative evaluation of oats varieties of Far Eastern selection with foreign examples (P. 251-255)

Ulyanovskaya E.V., Belenko E.A.,

Ways to increase the competitiveness of domestic apple grades (P. 255-259)

Fesenko A.N., Amelin A.V., Zaikin V.V., Chekalin E.I.,

Species and varietal characteristics of the fruit formation and seed production in plants of buckwheat (P. 260-265)

Tsarev A.P., Laur N.V.,

Test plantations of Pinus sylvestris in Karelia Republic (P. 266-272)

Tsareva R.P., Tsarev V.A.,

Results of the initial testing of hybrid aspen offspring in the Central Chernozem Region (P. 272-278)

Tsitsilin A.N., Kondrateva T.N.,

Influence of the storage periods and application of growth regulators on seeding qualities of medicinal vervain seeds (Verbena officinalis L.) (P. 279-283)

Chekalin E.I., Amelin A.V., Panarina V.I.,

The influence of the breeding on the morphotype, growth, development, productive and hormonal status of plants of varieties of peas (P. 284-289)

Cherkashyna A.V.,

Influence of elements of cultivation technology and hydrothermal conditions on yield of maize hybrids of different maturity groups under non-irrigated conditions in the steppe zone of the Crimea (P. 290-294)

Chizhikova S.S., Olkhovaya K.K., Maskalenko O.A.,

Correlation between rice grain quality traits on the example of Ukrainian varieties grown under conditions of Krasnodar Territory (P. 295-299)

Shapovalov M.I., Bandurko I.A., Khlestkina E.K.,

Quality assessment of fruits of pear varieties in the piedmont zone of the North-Western Caucasus (P. 299-304)

Dolzhenko V.I., Dolzhenko T.V., Plugatar’ Y.V., Makrushina E.M., Makrushin N.M., Zamotajlov A.S., Belyi A.I.,

Seed pests and diseases of the forest tree plants in Russia. 1. Introduction. Insect pests (P. 305-318)


Komlatsky V.I., Velichko L.F., Velichko V.A., Tsyganok L.E.,

Modern technologies of rabbit breeding in small-scale farming (P. 319-325)