Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2020, № 84

UDC: 633.18:581
GSNTI: 68.03.03, 68.37.13

Theoretical and methodological bases of creation of the internal and external markets of rice varieties

Сhanging in varietal policy can increase the export potential of Russia by 6 times in monetary terms and this does not require additional investments. Now the export market in Russia is focused on cheap segments, crushed rice occupies more than 21,3% in it, 24,8% are also exported raw, despite the fact that domestic processing plants are not fully loaded. In other words, Russia exports cheap rice, but buys expensive, which neutralizes export results. The most promising direction in terms of increasing export potential is the selection of varieties with colored pericarp for the recovery of the population. Red and black grains of rice due to the high content of antioxidants and trace elements protect the body from cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes. Now in Russia a whole range of varieties of this direction has already been created, their price on the international market is up to 6 times higher than for round-grain varieties. Black-and-red and red-grain varieties of domestic selection are superior to foreign ones both in yield and in the content of antioxidants, especially after preparation due to their deeper occurrence. Long-grain and large-grain varieties competitive in the world market have been created, however, their seed production and advertising are absent. It is necessary to reorient the Russian selection to create “expensive” varieties that are in demand on the market: black-grain, red-grain, large-grain, long-grain for import substitution. To provide state support for breeding enterprises and producers to enter the international market. To change the methods for evaluating breeding material in the state network to more efficiently identify high-yielding samples with non-standard cultivation technology. Evaluation of all studied varieties should be carried out in accordance with the group of ripeness and quality, taking into account the features of cultivation technology, seeding standards, row spacing, timing and dose of fertilizer application.
Keywords: Rice, varietal policy, foreign and domestic market, export potential.
DOI: 10.21515/1999-1703-84-135-140


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  1. Goncharova Julia Konstantinovna, DSc in Biology, Federal State Budget Scientific Institution "Federal Scientific Center of Rice".
  2. Kharitonov Evgeny Mikhailovich, DSc in sociology, professor, academician of the RAS, Federal State Budget Scientific Institution "Federal Scientific Center of Rice".
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