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2020, № 83

UDC: 663.71(477.9)
GSNTI: 68.35.39

Prospects for tobacco growing in the Crimean peninsula using crops rotation

The modern economy of the Russian tobacco industry, its level of production, trends in improving the quality and safety of products are largely determined by the sustainability of raw materials, but their production has undergone major changes during the years of market reform. The presence of multinational tobacco companies on the market has undermined the agricultural part of the industry - tobacco growing. Technological and economic monitoring studies on the state of the agro-industrial tobacco production in the Crimea show that once tobacco growing on the peninsula was widespread. Tobacco was the second crop after viticulture, which was facilitated by soil and climatic conditions. Therefore, the restoration of the tobacco growing industry would be cost-effective and would contribute to providing raw materials for the manufacturing of high-quality tobacco products with reduced toxicity, without the use of chemical additives that satisfy the tastes of consumers. Based on natural and economic features, tobacco growing regions in the Republic of Crimea can be divided into three main zones: mountain (south-coastal), foothill and steppe. At present, when restoring the development of tobacco growing on the peninsula, it is necessary to take into account the soil, climate, cultivars for cultivation, and most importantly crop rotation, since their main goal is to create conditions in agricultural production for the systematic increase of soil fertility and on this basis to obtain ever higher yields and high-quality raw materials from all crops involved in crop rotation.
Keywords: Cultivation, perspective, tobacco, growing zones, crop rotation schemes, production plant crops, crop rotations
DOI: 10.21515/1999-1703-83-95-100


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  1. Larkina Natalya Ivanovna, Leading Researcher, FGBNU "All-Russian Research Institute of Tobacco, Shag and Tobacco Products".
  2. Romanova Nadezhda Konstantinovna, Leading Researcher, FGBNU "All-Russian Research Institute of Tobacco, Shag and Tobacco Products".