Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2020, № 83


Agafonova N.P., Matveyeva Y.I., Chendirova D.A.,

Evaluation of investment attractiveness of rural territories of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 5-12)

Bardin A.K., Ilyin V.S.,

Improvement of a model for an integrated assessment of agroeconomic characteristics to horticultural using the adaptation mechanism (P. 13-16)

Vasilieva N.K., Torbenko M.N.,

State support for farmers in the Russian Federation and Krasnodar Territory (P. 17-21)

Komlatskiy G.V., Gayduk V.I., Ermakov A.A.,

The role of family animal husbandry in the sustainable development of rural territories (P. 22-27)

Melnikov A.B., Snimschikova I.V., Chugaeva J.A.,

Formation of economic security mechanisms by agricultural enterprises by means of controlling tools (P. 28-31)

Peronko I.A., Turliy S.I., Turliy F.N.,

Development strategy of the dairy and food complex of the Krasnodar Territory under import substitution activization (P. 31-36)

Romanova N.K., Shuraeva G.P., Savvin A.A.,

The level of the tobacco raw materials market development in Russia (P. 37-43)

Toguzaev T.K., Rakhaev K.M., Modebadze N.P.,

Cycles of integration and cooperation in agriculture (P. 44-48)

Frantsisko O.Y.,

Modeling of the regional agriculture management structure by regression analysis methods (P. 49-53)

Shevkunenko M.Y., Nizhegorodov N.V.,

Strategic aspects of agricultural products import substitution as a factor of ensuring Russia’s economic security (P. 54-57)

Shumilin P.Y., Sabel'nik I.V., Reznichenko E.A., Sumatokhina A.V., Kirichenko A.A.,

Accounting development in agribusiness (P. 57-62)


Arinicheva I.V.,

Quantitanive characteristics of cereal architectonics as an indicator of productivity (P. 63-69)

Balakina S.V.,

Efficiency of microbiological fertilizers application in potato cultivation under the conditions of North-West of Russia (P. 69-75)

Varfolomeeva N.I., Blagorodova E.N., Nepshekueva T.S., Zvyagina A.S.,

Effects of physiologically active compounds on the growth and development of antirrhinum plants different varieties (P. 76-81)

Ivanitskii K.I., Pavlyuk I.V., Jigalkina G.N.,

Results of testing the selection material of Ostrolist sort type of Nicotiana tabacum [Lin.] (P. 82-88)

Kravchenko R.V., Terekhova S.S., Kravtsova N.N., Bardak N.I.,

Influence of nitrogen fertilizers on photosynthetic activity of sugar corn (P. 88-94)

Larkina N.I., Romanova N.K.,

Prospects for tobacco growing in the Crimean peninsula using crops rotation (P. 95-100)

Nasonov A.I., Astapchuk I.L., Yakuba G.V.,

Cultural diversity of species Fusarium sporotrichioides Sherb. apple root rots agent in the Krasnodar Territory (P. 100-105)

Osipov A.V., Slyusarev V.N., Vlasenko V.P., Popova Y.S., Kozlova S.A.,

Possibility of using chernozems of the Southern Anapo-Taman zone of Krasnodar Territory for laying vineyards (P. 106-111)

Pikushova E.A., Shadrina L.A., Dolbilova T.A.,

Factor of winter wheat chemical protection from pests in various cultivation technologies on the Western Caucasus leached black earth (P. 112-116)

Plotnikova T.V., Sidorova N.V., Salomatin V.A., Egorova E.V.,

Results of combind applying of tobacco dust and sugar defecate as organic fertilizer (P. 117-123)

Podgornaya M.E., Luzhkova L.O., Moskaleva N.A., Dmitrenko N.N.,

Estimation of the effectiveness of atabron, KS insecticide in the system of apple protection from Cydia pomonella L (P. 124-129)

Podushin Y.V., Fedulov Y.P., Degtyarev E.A., Donskoy A.V., Zaika G.E.,

Exogenous phytoghormones effect on the growth of winter wheat, depending on the seeds germination temperature and humidity (P. 130-135)

Tosunov Y.K., Chernisheva N.V., Barchukova A.Y.,

Effectiveness of drugs Slavol and Energy Aqua on corn (P. 136-140)

Homutova S.A., Ivanitskii K.I., Kubahova A.A.,

New tobacco varieties creation based on the mobilization of the Nicotiana genus genetic potential (P. 141-146)


Gugushvili N.N., Koshchaev A.G., Inyukina T.A.,

Immunological and biochemical studies of blood in cattle pasteurellosis (P. 147-152)

Karatunov V.A., Tuzov I.N., Chernyshkov A.S.,

Influence of antioxidant additive on dairy productivity of lacting cows (P. 153-159)

Balakirev N.A., Sharafutdinov G.S., Shakirov S.K., Khairullin D.D., Kashayeva A.R., Zinnatov F.F.,

The quality of bulky feed and the usefulness of feeding diets for zaanen goats during lactation (P. 160-165)

Alexandrova M.V., Radchenko V.V., Milovanov A.V., Luneva A.V., Koshchaev A.G.,

Primary analysis of the whole-genome sequencing results of Lactobacillus probiotic strains (P. 166-173)

Komlatsky V.I., Strelbitskaya O.V.,

Changing the parameters of the rectum of honeybees when feeding Kandy with the addition of organic acids (P. 174-179)

Krasochko P.A., Krasochko P.P., Pritychenko A.V., Struk M.S., Chernykh O.Y., Lysenko A.A.,

Ethiological structure and state of the immunity in calves with respiratory diseases (P. 180-186)

Pechura E.V., Poryvaeva A.P., Sazhaev I.M., Kutkina N.A.,

Distribution of bovine coccidiosis in livestock enterprises of the Sverdlovsk Region (P. 187-194)

Koshchaev A.G., Gavrilenko D.V., Nikolaenko S.N., Semenenko M.P., Semenenko K.A.,

Pharmacodynamic effects of the feed additive Selevit (P. 194-200)