Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2019, № 81


Barsukova G.N., Litra E.N.,

Legal and organizational and economic substantiation of the Krasnodar Territory agriculture transition to an innovative development model (P. 7-12)

Velibekova L.A.,

Problems of fruit products sale: regional aspect (P. 13-18)

Gurnovich T.G., Zhigalova K.S.,

Assessment of the level of food security in the Krasnodar Territory (P. 19-24)

Dzudtsova I.I.,

Mechanisms of state support for the agrarian and industrial complex (P. 25-29)

Prudnikov A.G., Zakharenko A.M.,

Analysis and assessment of resource efficiency in agricultural organization (P. 30-38)

Starovoitova L.A., Aytekova B.Z., Oleinik M.A.,

Development of the methods of tax audit in agricultural organizations (P. 38-43)

Tyupakov K.E., Akimov Y.B.,

Economic analysis of pond fish farming development in Russia (P. 43-47)

Severinov D.A., Shevkunenko M.Y.,

Criminalization in the field of turnover of agricultural lands as a threat to economic security (P. 47-51)

Didych V.A.,

Methodology for evaluating the economic efficiency of implementing electric equipment modernization projects at agricultural enterprises (P. 51-55)

Petukh A.V., Shvyreva O.I.,

Reliability and misstatement of financial information: difficulties of identification and verification (P. 56-68)

Peronko I.A., Anisimov K.V., Postarnak J.A.,

Activation of innovative activities of enterprises as a factor of development of the economy of the region (P. 68-72)


Antsupova T.E., Syrbu A.A.,

Predatory bug Macrolophus caliginosus Wagner fertility depending on food substrates (P. 73-78)

Burakaeva A.D., Petrova G.V.,

Effect of biologically active substances of the microscopic fungus on the germinating power of legumes (P. 78-84)

Volkova G.V., Miroshnichenko O.O., Tarancheva O.V.,

Retrospective analysis of virulence of the North Caucasian population of wheat stem rust pathogen (P. 85-90)

Grigorev S.V., Horeva V.I., Illarionova K.V.,

Cotton seed protein content in Southern and North-Caucasian FD of Russia (P. 91-96)

Kravchenko R.V., Zagorulko A.V., Kalinin O.S.,

Influence of basic treatment on the agrophysical soil properties in the technology of croping sugar beet (P. 97-102)

Levin S.V.,

The growth of Сrimean pine mixed with scots pine in the protecting forest area in Voronezh (P. 103-108)

Lobankova O.Y., Ageev V.V., Korostylev S.A., Sychev V.G., Eroshenko F.V.,

Efficiency of microgranulated Easystart fertilizer for seed application for sugar beet (P. 109-113)

Lysenko O.G.,

Development features and economic indicators of varieties uzkolistnylupin in the conditions north-west region (P. 114-118)

Makrushina E.M., Mayorova M.V., Makrushin N.M.,

Ecological substantiation of oil flax zonal seed breeding (P. 118-125)

Matov A.V., Semchuk N.N., Shishov A.D., Balun O.V.,

Modern methods of rapid multiplication of planting material of plants of Solanum tuberosum L (P. 126-130)

Milovanov A.V., Asaturova A.M., Tomashevich N.S., Kozitsyn A.E., Shternshis M.V.,

Primary analysis of the results of whole-genome sequencing of biocontrol strains Bacillus subtilis BZR 336g and Bacillus subtilis BZR 517 (P. 131-137)

Nalbandyan A.A., Fedulova T.P.,

Molecular screening of Beta vulgaris L. breeding material for presence of powdery mildew resistance gene (P. 138-141)

Nikhmonov I.S., Partoev K.,

Correlation communication signs of potato in the conditions of the Vanj district of Tajikistan (P. 141-144)

Ochkas N.A., Foliyanc B.V., Malyuchenko E.A.,

Duration of the vegetation period for new rice varieties and its connection with yield, depending on the mineral nutrition level and normal seed (P. 145-151)

Papulova E.Y., Tumanyun N.G., Tkachenko Y.V., Kumeiko Y.V.,

Studying variability of rice varieties by amylographic characteristics of grain starch due to application of different doses of nitrogen fertilizers during cultivation (P. 151-155)

Petrovtseva N.A., Esimbaeva E.M., Kopyl T.V.,

Inheritance mode of winter rye lodging resistance in hybrids of new short-stem variety Evrika (P. 156-159)

Pilkevich R.A.,

Water regime peculiarities and potential drought resistance of apricot in conditions of summer moisture deficit on the Southern Coast of Crimea (P. 160-164)

Porsev I.N., Polovnikova V.V., Vyunik A.V., Subbotin I.A.,

Resistant varieties as an element of phytosanitary technologies of cultivation of peas in the conditions of Southern Urals (P. 164-168)

Rodionenkov A.I., Shelabina T.A., Kuznetsov A.A., Zav'yalova S.A.,

Economic assessment of the use of insecticides - protectors in protection from the wires of the original seed potato (P. 169-172)

Ryabchikova N.B., Koleboshina T.G., Shaposhnikov D.S., Belov S.I.,

Efficiency of application of new types and norms of water-soluble fertilizers in the technology of growing table watermelon under the conditions of the Volgograd Region (P. 173-177)

Sautkina M.Y.,

Secondary biochemical characteristics as indicators of sustainability of plants of English oak in the Kamennaya Steppe (P. 178-182)

Semenyuk O.V., Surkova E.V.,

Effect of growth regulating substances with retardant effect on change of winter wheat morphometric indices and yield heat (P. 182-187)

Tevfik A.S., Yegorova N.A.,

Optimization of cultivation conditions for first and second stages of Thymus vulgaris L. micropropagation in vitro] (P. 188-195)

Toshkina E.A., Ambartsumova K.A.,

Influence of meteorological conditions on the formation of seed productivity of varieties of vetch in the conditions of the Novgorod Region (P. 195-200)

Toshkina E.A., Ambartsumova K.A.,

Influence of the variety on the productivity of seeds of annual legumes (P. 200-205)

Trifuntova I.B., Aseeva T.A.,

Adaptivity of perspective lines for spring oats in conditions of Middle Amur Region (P. 205-210)

Tropina N.S., Anikina A.Y., Thaganov R.N., Hazieva F.M.,

Change of quality indicators of efiromaslichny medicinal raw materials under the influence of natural retardant Hardy (P. 211-214)

Trubina V.S., Serdyuk O.A., Gorlova L.A., Shipievskaya E.Y.,

Influence of Fusarium spp. on the yield structure mustard white (Sinapis alba L.) (P. 215-219)

Tsarev A.P., Tsareva R.P., Laur N.V.,

Poplar selection in flood conditions of Ukraine steppe zone (P. 220-225)

Popov A.I., Chakalov T.S.,

Study of dwarf and semi-dwarf clonal rootstocks for apple in the garden in the foothills of Crimea (P. 226-230)

Chizhikova S.S., Zelensky G.L., Olkhovaya K.K., Kumeiko T.B.,

Quality traits of rice grain of accessions of ARRRI breeding from competitive testing (P. 230-234)

Shaposhnikov D.S., Koleboshina T.G., Ryabchikova N.B.,

The influence of space power, doses and methods of application of mineral fertilizers on the yield and quality of pumpkin fruits bush form (P. 235-239)

Shelabina T.A.,

The study of species composition of aphids in the planting of original potatoes in the conditions of the Leningrad Region (P. 240-245)

Shtro O.V., Abdushaeva Y.M.,

Environmental and biological assessment of the genus Astragalus L. in conditions of landscapes of the Novgorod Region (P. 246-250)


Zabashta N.N., Tilloev I.T., Tuzova S.A., Zabashta A.V.,

Growth features of the golstinized and switzebuid young (P. 251-255)

Kulikova N.I., Cherechecha A.A., Koshchaev A.G., Patieva A.M.,

Productive and breeding qualities of cows of domestic and American breeds in intensive technology conditions (P. 256-263)

Krivoplyasov E.I., Yarovan N.I., Masalov V.N.,

The effect of separate and combined use of α-blocker pyroxan and antioxidant Bio-50 on hematological parameters of sows (P. 264-271)

Tashpekov K.Y., Tuzov I.N.,

Productivity of holstein first-calves depending on the country of origin (P. 272-276)

Patieva S.V., Koshchaev A.G., Patieva A.M., Kulikova N.I., Shkredov V.V.,

The influence of optimization of feed rations with trace elements on the change in the quality indicators of pork (P. 277-283)