Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2019, № 80


Zamotajlova D.A., Popova E.V., Gorkavoy P.G.,

Cost-effectivenes' assesing methodology of predatory ground beetles' natural complex as entomophages of agricultural pests development prospects (P. 7-13)

Prudnikov A.G., Karpusenko A.S.,

Rating assessment of financial condition of agricultural organizations by credit scoring (P. 14-18)

Chernyavsky S.A., Busko O.V.,

Liquidity as an elemebt of analysis of the financial condition of organizations of the Agrarian and Industrial Complex (P. 19-24)


Amelin A.V., Zaikin V.V., Chekalin E.I., Fesenko A.N.,

Changes of stomatal conductance to CO2 leaf buckwheat as a result of breeding on seed production (P. 25-30)

Anatov D.M., Osmanov R.M.,

Evaluation of the collection of apricot of the Mountain botanical garden DSC of the RAS for resistance to shot-hole (Clasterosporiumcarpophilum (Lev) Aderh.) in the mountains of Dagestan (P. 31-35)

Andruschenko L.M., Fedorova M.D.,

Comparative evaluation of new spring soft wheat lines by main economic characteristics (P. 35-39)

Mochalova E.N., Antonova T.I., Makrushin N.M.,

Selection and study of collector-hybrid fund major forest tree species and exsotic species on the basis of Academician A. Yablokov Ivanteevskiy Arboretum (P. 40-45)

Babina R.D., Khorygij P.G., Baskakova V.L., Chakalova E.A., Grishanova L.Y., Kovalenko L.V.,

Assessment of the genofond collection of pears on stability to main diseases under the conditions of Crimea (P. 45-50)

Balakina S.V.,

The productivity of potato promising variety Siverskiy depending on methods of cultivation on sod-podzolic soils of the North-West Russia (P. 51-56)

Baskakova V.L.,

Evaluation of varieties and hybrids of quince (Cydonia oblonga Mill.) to main diseases in Steppe Crimea (P. 57-61)

Bevz S.Y.,

Influence of ecotope on productivity of a two-source meadow in the conditions of the Novgorod region of the North-West of Russia (P. 62-66)

Bekish L.P., Uspenskaja V.A.,

The features of seed production of spring rape (Brassica napus L.) in the North-Western region of Russia (P. 67-72)

Bragina O.A., Malyuchenko E.A., Ogly A.M., Khachmamuk P.N.,

Morphological and cultural properties and pathogenicity of the Pyricularia oryzae Cav. in districted rice varieties (P. 73-77)

Gadzhiev N.M.o., Lebedeva V.A., Komarov A.A., Ivanov A.V., Sokolov I.A.,

Competetive potato varieties breeding in the Leningrad scientific research of agriculture “Belogorka” (P. 77-79)

Ganotskaya T.L., Radchenko L.A., Radchenko A.F.,

Yield and quality of some varieties of winter wheat in the steppe Crimea after sunflower as a preceding crop (P. 80-85)

Goleva G.G., Vashchenko T.G., Pushkareva V.I., Golev A.D.,

Tilling capacity as a factor of formation of winter wheat productivity in the Central Chernozem Region (P. 86-92)

Gontcharov S.V., Goloschapova N.N.,

Sunflower durable resistance to downy mildew (P. 93-97)

Goncharova J.K., Kharitonov E.M., Gapishko N.I.,

Increasing of Russia's export potential and import substitution of long-grain and major grain varieties on the Russian market (P. 98-103)

Guchetl S.Z., Antonova T.S., Araslanova N.M., Chelyustnikova T.A.,

Inheritance of resistance to race G broomrape (Orobanche cumana Wallr.) at new sunflower lines (P. 104-108)

Demurin Y.N., Rubanova O.A.,

Seed set of sunflower hybrids in competitive variety test (P. 109-113)

Dunaevskaya E.V., Marchuk N.Y., Shishkina E.L.,

Biological value of fruits of feijoa breeding of Nikitsky botanical Gardens (P. 113-117)

Evdokimova Z.Z., Kalashnik M.V.,

The creation of early potato varieties for the conditions of the north-west of the russian federation is a priority task of selection (P. 118-123)

Erofeev A.A., Lyalechkin O.A., Zaharkina R.A., Kargin V.I., Salnikova A.V.,

The state of seed production of spring grain and leguminous crops in the Republic of Mordovia (P. 124-129)

Ivanov A.V., Lebedeva V.A., Gadzhiev N.M.,

Comparative evaluation of yield and starch content of some potato varieties and their hybrids in conditions of Leningrad region (P. 129-132)

Ikusov R.A., Amelin A.V., Chekalin E.I., Zaikin V.V., Mazalov V.I., Gorodov V.T.,

Features of yield formation and grain quality of modern varieties of wheat spring (P. 133-138)

Kartamysheva E.V., Luchkina T.N., Zbrailova L.P.,

Ecological plasticity and stability of mustard varieties of sareptana by selection of VNIIMK in conditions of insufficient moisture of theRostov region (P. 139-144)

Komar-Tyomnaya L.D., Zaitsev G.P.,

Biologically active substances and flower pigments of some cultivars and breeding forms of chaenomeles (Сhaenomeles lindl.) (P. 145-149)

Kravchenko R.V., Arkhipenko A.A.,

Optimization of mineral nutrition at minimization of the basic soil treatment in the technology of cultivation of winter wheat (P. 150-155)

Kuzmin S.V., Medvedev A.V., Bukharov A.F.,

Basic principles of F (P. 156-161)

Kumeiko T.B., Tumanyan N.G.,

Evaluation of rice starting material by the amylose content in the grain when breeding lowand mediumamylose varieties (P. 162-166)

Makrushin N.M., Plugatar Y.V., Malko A.M., Makrushina E.M., Naumenko T.S., Zamotajlov A.S., Gridnev A.K., Androsova O.V., Klitsenko O.A., Shabanov R.Y., Maiorova M.V.,

Method of establishing types of seeds’ crops of agricultural plants (P. 167-178)

Nifontov S.V., Amyaga E.N., Gridnev A.N., Makrushin N.M.,

Assessment of sowing qualities and genetic control of seeds of the main forest-forming species of the Khabarovsk territory for the purpose of monitoring their populations (P. 178-186)

Orlov O.V., Yurchenko E.G.,

Geometric morphometrics methods for indication intraspecific transformation Eropean greavine moth (Lobesia botrana Den. Et Schiff, 1775) (P. 187-193)

Klevny D.E.,

Influence of the temperature regime on the spring of seeds of liana Parthenocissus tricuspidata (P. 194-200)

Khomitskiy E.E., Zamotajlov A.S., Savenkova D.S., Milovanov A.V., Belyi A.I.,

Design and testing of the molecular markers in silico to identify 16 species of insect pests in the Krasnodar Territory (P. 200-208)


Velichko V.A., Komlatsky G.V., Velichko L.F.,

Effect of furor feed concentrate on the growth rate of pigs (P. 209-214)

Gladyr E.A., Konovalova E.N., Kostyunina O.V., Koshchaev A.G.,

Molecular diagnostics of FMO genetic defect in Ayrshire cattle breed (P. 215-221)

Kapustin A.V., Yakimova E.A., Savinov V.A., Petkovich D.D., Laishevtsev A.I.,

Microbiome of infertile cows’ reproductive system (P. 222-228)

Krivoplyasov E.I., Yarovan N.I., Masalov V.N.,

A method for correcting the hormonal status and improving the reproductive function of pigs with the combined use of the antioxidant bio 50 and α-adrenoblockator pirroxane (P. 229-235)

Chernykh O.Y., Lysenko A.A., Krivonos R.A., Hahov L.A., Vatsaev S.V.,

Development and implementation of a new laboratory diagnostics method for nodular cattle dermatitis for livestock enterprises of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 236-243)

Nakhushev R.B., Vorokov V.K., Kulikova N.I.,

Characteristics and use of Alpine and subalpine pastures in the mountainous regions of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic for breeding Aberdeen-Angus cattle (P. 244-247)

Onishchuk P.D., Semenenko M.P., Kuzminova E.V., Turchenko A.N., Bogosyan A.A.,

Pre-clinical studies of fodder supplement Lozekorm in the acute experiment (P. 248-253)

Ratoshnyy A.N., Krivoshchekov K.S., Krivoshchekova K.A.,

Quail growth and development dependeng on the level of crude fiber in the diet (P. 253-259)

Ryadchikov V.G., Soldatov A.A., Kharitonov E.L., Tantawi A., Fileva N.S., Shlyakhova O.G., Dmitrienko S.N.,

The effect of protein level and its breakdown on the use of nitrogen feed, the supply of essential amino acids and milk production of holstein fresh cows (P. 260-279)

Zabashta N.N., Koshchaev A.G., Tuzova S.A., Zabashta A.V.,

Growing milk breeds in the conditions of intensive and semi-intensive technology (P. 280-285)

Shevchenko L.V., Drobin Y.D., Chernykh O.U., Shevchenko A.A., Litvinova A.R.,

Epizootological monitoring of cattle infectious diseases in the North Caucasus (P. 285-290)