Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2019, № 78


Sidorov V.A., Yadgarov Y.S., Vlasova N.V.,

Phenomenon of the market economy: theoretical and methodological conceptualization of agriculyural development vector (P. 5-14)


Bershitsky Y.I., Saifetdinov A.R., Ulyanov A.V.,

Methodological features of assessing the economic efficiency of the transition to organic agriculture technologies (P. 15-20)

Goncharov V.D., Balakirev N.A., Selina M.V.,

Import substitution in the Rrussian meat and milk subcomplex (P. 21-26)

Makarevich L.O., Ulez’ko A.V.,

Agri-food complex as a form of agro-industrial integration (P. 27-32)

Oleinik M.A., Porubel T.V.,

Agroholdings cybersecurity (P. 33-41)

Petukh M.V.,

Method of analytical procedures for auditor’s assessment of the effectiveness of remuneration to the staff (P. 42-49)

Prudnikov A.G., Karpusenko A.S.,

Problems of rating estimation of financial state of agricultural organizations (P. 50-58)

Chayka V.P., Tolmachev A.V., Mikhailushkin P.V., Bagmut A.A., Iskandaryan G.O.,

Systematic evaluation of the effectiveness of Agrarian and Industrial Complex regulation (P. 59-65)

Shvyreva O.I.,

Formulation of internal controls in the tax policy of entities - unified agricultural tax’s payers (P. 65-74)


Besedina E.N., Agasieva I.S., Ismailov V.Y., Kil V.I.,

Molecular genetic analysis of the structure variability of entomophages populations on the example of the parasitic hymenoptera Habrobracon hebetor Say and the predatory bug Perillus bioculatus F (P. 75-79)

Gegechkori B.S., Helmond M.K., Shamsuldin W.,

Assessment of agro-climatic resources of the Prikuban fruit zone of the Krasnodar Territory and the Kandahar province of the Republic of Afghanistan in order to determine the possibility of apple cultivation (P. 80-85)

Kravchenko R.V., Tolstykh A.S.,

Influence of soil main treatment on the agrobiological indicators of the the Vulcan hybrid sunflower under the conditions of the Central zone of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 86-90)

Maslienko L.V., Voronkova A.K., Datsenko L.A.,

The primary screening of antagonist strains to the pathogen of oil flax Fusarium blight (P. 91-98)

Okhlopkova O.V., Kolosov A.V., Ananko G.G., Kuznetsov V.E., Druchinina A.V.,

Mixed infections to control the gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar L.) population (P. 99-104)

Pushnya M.V., Rodionova E.Y., Snesareva E.G., Ismailov V.Y.,

Experience of application of entomoptogenic nematodes against dominant pests of agricultural crops in the Krasnodar Territory (P. 105-110)

Savva A.P., Telezhenko T.N., Kovalov S.S.,

Biological threshold of barnyard grass harmfulness for maize plants (P. 110-114)

Serdyuk O.A., Trubina V.S., Gorlova L.A.,

Frequency of disease occurrence on the brown mustard in the central agroclimatic zone of the Krasnodar Territory depending on weather conditions (P. 115-120)

Soboleva L.M., Plotnikova T.V., Sidorova N.V.,

Herbicides applying system for tobacco seedling growing (P. 121-125)

Filippov A.P., Shuvalov O.N., Volkova G.V.,

Accumulation, distribution, methods and tools for the quantitative determination of mobile forms of heavy metals in soil and agricultural plants (P. 125-136)

Klevny D.E.,

Anatomic features of generative reproduction of Parthenocissus quinquefolia F. Murorom, growing in the central zone of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 136-141)

Chirkova E.A., Fedulov Y.P., Podushin Y.V.,

The effect of trace elements on the composition of rhizosphere fungi and winter wheat productivity (P. 141-146)


Baratov M.O., Shantyz A.Y.,

Improvement of the diagnosis of cattle tuberculosis (P. 147-151)

Karatunov V.A., Tuzov I.N., Martynenko Y.N., Ratnikov A.R., Tuzov A.I.,

Influence of feeding on the growth of muscular and bone tissues of golshtin bulls (P. 152-157)

Komlatsky V.I., Zelenskaya L.A., Kamirnaya A.N.,

Efficiency of "Furor-T" feed concentrate in the diet of the poultry (P. 157-162)

Krasochko P.A., Krasochko I.A., Dubinich V.N., Dubinich M.V., Chernykh O.Y.,

Influence of complex adsorbent of mycotoxins "Biotox" with proand prebiotic properties on quality animal production (P. 163-168)

Kuzminova E.V., Semenenko M.P., Antipova D.V., Koshchaev A.G., Zholobova I.S.,

Increase of the metabolic status of poultry at fodder stress (P. 169-174)

Nazarov M.V., Kravchenko G.A., Vinokurova D.P., Okolelova A.I., Rudneva Y.A.,

Modulating effects of biologically active substances in the posterium paresis in cows (P. 175-178)

Shkuro O.A., Shkuro A.G., Scherbatov V.I.,

Influence of incubation modes on the quality of daily young stock (P. 178-182)

Shuklin S.Y., Koshchaev A.G., Schukina I.V.,

Formation of a selection group of repair breeding cattle (P. 183-190)