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2017, № 69

UDC: 636.4
GSNTI: 68.39.15

The influence of Veleguard AS feed additives in diets of piglets

Scientific-economic experiment on pigs has been conducted. With regard to age, live weight and growth intensity four groups of pigs (one control and three experimental) of Canadian selection "GENESUS" 20 animals in each were formed by the method of analogues. In the course of the experiment the following was studied: the buffering capacity of the feed before and after the introduction of the supplements, average daily gains, morphological and biochemical blood composition. It was established that feed additives Veleguard AS introduction in the general diet of young pigs contributed to the increase of gain in live weight and had a positive influence on morphological and biochemical blood composition. Increase in body weight in the experimental groups testifies to the improvement of metabolic processes in the gastrointestinal tract, digestibility and the proper preparation formulation for physiological groups of animals taking into account the buffer capacity. The calculation of economic efficiency undeniably shows that the inclusion of Veleguard AS in the dosage of 0.5% in the composition of feed SC-3.5 and SC-4 within 45 days after weaning piglets from sows and in subsequent monitoring of them is economically justified for the expected productivity and safety of young pigs.
Keywords: Organic acids, Veleguard AS, buffer capacity, specialized feed, piglets, live weight, safety, hematological investigation of blood, feed consumption, feed conversion, economic efficiency
DOI: 10.21515/1999-1703-69-272-278


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  1. Elizbarov Ruben Vladimirovich, Phd in Agricultural, technologist, JSC "Agroalimenta Kuban".