Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2017, № 69


Plugatar Y.V., Makrushin N.M., Zamotajlov A.S.,

3rd All-Russian scientific-applied conference “Ecological-genetic reserves of breeding, seed production, and plant propagation" (Yalta, September, 3-9, 2017) (P. 7-12)


Govdya V.V., Degaltseva Z.V.,

Machine and tractor fleet services calculation methods development (P. 13-18)

Goncharova N.A., Zinisha O.S., Satsykevich V.A.,

The largest taxpayers and their place on the current stage of domestic tax system development (P. 19-23)

Gurnovich T.G., Mozhegova V.D.,

Analysis of enterprise risks and possible measures of their decrease by innovative business projects in Agrarian and Industrial Complex (P. 24-29)

Kumratova A.M.,

Theory and practice of modeling, analysis and predicting evolutionary socio-economic systems by nonlinear dynamics methods (P. 30-35)

Kurnosova N.S.,

Information support for agrarian management: essence and peculiarities of formation (P. 36-42)

Levshukova O.A., Polinskaya M.V.,

Tax system of the Russian Federation: evaluation of efficiency and direction of reform (P. 42-48)

Lomakina O.V., Ezhova M.A.,

Analysis of expenditure of budgetary funds (based on municipal formation the city of Krasnodar) (P. 49-55)

Lipciu N.V., Lipciu K.I.,

Theoretical foundations of competitiveness and investment attractiveness of agricultural organizations (P. 56-61)

Lyakhovetskiy A.M., Zubkova K.I.,

Factors and reserves for the growth of labor productivity (P. 62-66)

Metelkova E.O.,

The system of state support of meat cattle breeding development: innovations and prospects (P. 66-71)

Novikova I.I., Kochesokova T.E.,

The concept of delineation of powers between levels of power and its improvement based on the Krasnodar Territory (P. 72-77)

Oleinik M.A., Ilinova S.M.,

Audit quality supervision (P. 78-82)

Polinskaya M.V.,

Tax risks: causes and evaluation methods (P. 83-87)

Safonova M.F., Reznichenko S.M.,

The nature and problems of quality control system of audit activities (P. 88-93)

Chernyavsky S.A., Litvinyuk V.L.,

Analysis of management of current capital in construction (P. 93-98)

Chetverikova K.V.,

The economic essence and peculiarities of reproduction of the material and technical base of crop production of agricultural producers (P. 99-105)

Shol Y.N., Subaeva A.I., Kim A.E.,

Improving tax system effectiveness by tax administrating improving (P. 105-110)


Belova I.V.,

Phenolic compounds and products of lipid peroxidation in the responses of plants Lavandula angustifolia L. at low temperature (P. 111-117)

Vlasenko V.P., Osipov A.V., Fedashhuk E.D.,

Degradation change of the physical state of soils of Azov-Kuban plains (P. 118-123)

Volkova G.V., Melchenko A.I., Khmara I.V., Kritenko D.V.,

The content of heavy metals in some zoned in the kuban varieties of winter wheat (P. 124-129)

Gaidukova N.G., Shabanova I.V., Sidorova I.I.,

Biogeochemical assessment of the availability of leached chernozem of essential trace elements (P. 129-135)

Gorkovenko V.S., Dmitrenko N.N., Bedlovskaya I.V., Dmitrenko F.I.,

Biological and economic efficiency of fungicide amistar extra, sk for the collection of winter wheat varieties (P. 135-139)

Drozdova V.I., Buldykova I.A., Kuchukova O.A.,

Influence of macroand microfertilizers on productivity and quality of corn grain on leached chernozem of the Western Ciscaucasia (P. 140-145)

Kotlyarov D.V., Kotlyarov V.V., Fedulov Y.P.,

Wheat plants growth regulation by the application of exogenus amino acids (P. 146-151)

Naydenov A.S., Terehova S.S., Dereka F.I., Gudov S.Y.,

The effect of tillage method and herbicide on the productivity of maize in the conditions of the flat-erosion landscape (P. 152-157)

Lukyanova E.N., Onishchenko L.M., Sheudzhen A.K.,

Effects of mineral fertilizers in growing lucerne on leached chernozeme of Western Ciscaucasia (P. 158-164)

Osipova A.A., Kaigorodova E.A., Kostenko E.S., Kosyanok N.Y.,

Research of reactions of electrophillic substitution of ethyl 3-(1-pyrrolyl) thieno [2,3-b] pyridine -2- carboxylate (P. 164-170)

Podkolzin О.А., Sokolova I.V., Osipov A.V., Barakina Е.Е., Perov А.Y.,

The content of microelements in soils of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 171-176)

Repko N.V., Repko V.V., Kochubey A.A., Kovalev V.V., Khronyuk E.V.,

Yielding capacity of winter barley collection forms and elements of its structure (P. 177-182)

Slyusarev V.N., Osipov A.V., Macharova A.Y.,

Ways of regulation of soil absorption complex of leached chernozem in the Azov-Kuban plain (P. 183-187)

Sotnik A.I., Babina R.D.,

Yield capacity and quality of fruits of winter pear varieties (Рyrus communis L.) in Crimea conditions (P. 188-191)

Khomitskyi E.E., Zamotajlov A.S., Belyi A.I.,

Contribution to study of the carabid beetles complex (Coleoptera, Carabidae) of agrarian landscape in the foothill zone of Krasnodar Territory in winter (P. 192-198)

Khashagulgov U.A., Khashagulgov M.A., Getokov O.O., Kashukoev M.V.,

Photosynthetic activity and elements of winter wheat productivity, depending on the predecessors (P. 199-206)

Sheudzhen A.K., Korsunova M.I., Bondareva T.N., Gutorova O.A., Osipov M.A., Esipenko S.V.,

The vanadium content and forms of compounds in leached chernozem of the Western Ciscaucasia in agricultural soil genesis (P. 207-212)


Bondarenko V.Z., Sklyarov O.D., Ignatova S.V., Fedorov A.I., Iskandarova S.S., Imasheva M.A., Chernyh O.Y., Lysenko A.A.,

The use of a rare earth elements based preparation for prevention and treatment of mastitis in cows (P. 213-219)

Vorokov A.S.,

The level of mineral nutrition of dairy cattle in winter and its impact on digestibility and nutrient utilization on feed (P. 219-225)

Doylidov V.A.,

Determination of reproductive, fattening and meat quality of pigs with integrated genotypes of various DNA markers allelomorphis (P. 225-231)

Imbabi T.A.S.M., Gugushvili N.N.,

Immunobiological reactivity of calves in treatment-and-prophylactic measures in calves infectious rhinotracheitis and parainfluenza-3 (P. 232-236)

Komlatsky V.I., Takho-Godi A.Z., Podoynitsyna T.A.,

On automation of technological processes of milk processing and dairy production (P. 236-242)

Semivolos A.M., Molchanov A.V., Rykhlov A.S., Krivenko D.V., Egunova A.V., Pankov I.J.,

Ecgography in diagnosis of pregnancy and infertility in cows (P. 243-248)

Stekolnikov A.A., Ladanova M.A., Tolkachev V.A., Kolomiytsev S.M., Akulshina D.E.,

Boar's cryptorchidism in the conditions of Pig-breeding complex (P. 249-256)

Tuzov I.N., Grigorieva M.G.,

Meat productivity of Hereford and Aberdin Angus calves (P. 257-261)

Khmara I.N., Khmara I.V., Koshchaev A.G.,

Mycotoxicosis in quails at environmentally relevant levels of several mycotoxins (P. 262-267)

Shevchenko A.A., Litvinova A.R., Chernykh O.Y.,

Dissemination of cattle bacterial infections in the Krasnodar Territory and their prophylaxis (P. 267-272)

Elizbarov R.V.,

The influence of Veleguard AS feed additives in diets of piglets (P. 272-278)


Varivoda А.A.,

Development of technologies for the production of fast-restored powder food (P. 279-284)

Vinnikov A.V., Masenko A.V., Savenko A.V., Tropin V.V.,

Analysis of correlation between the levels of voltages of feeding and distribution nets (P. 284-289)

Vladimirov S.A., Khatkhokhu E.I., Chebanova E.F.,

Crop rotations for ecological rice grawing (P. 290-297)

Vlaschik L.G., Tarasenko A.V., Kiykova Y.A.,

Assessment of the quality and safety of canned vegetables “green peas” (P. 298-302)

Degtyareva O.G., Naydenov S.Y., Safronova T.I., Degtyarev G.V.,

Numerical method of the variant pool design and its technical and economic evaluation (P. 303-308)

Inyukina T.A.,

Vitamin and pectin containing beverages role in workers’ therapeutic and preventive nutrition (P. 309-314)

Kurasov V.S., Pogosjan V.M., Pleshakov V.N., Samurganov E.E.,

Research of corn-cob motion in roller thresher (P. 315-318)

Maslov G.G., Evglevsky R.O.,

Energy saving technology for winter wheat seeding with simultaneous basic fertilizers application (P. 319-324)

Nikolaenko S.A., Tsokur D.S.,

Creation of automatic control system with visualization function based on the example of laboratory equipment (P. 325-332)

Oskin S.V., Potapenko L.V., Blyagoz A.A., Ilchenko Y.A.,

Increasing of earning capacity of beekeeping by electrotechnological means (P. 333-336)

Priporov E.V., Ognianik A.V., Zolotarev K.V.,

Loader seeders performance rationale (P. 337-341)

Priporov I.E.,

Research of technological process of sunflower seeds pressing producing the cake (P. 342-346)

Subbotin O.S., Yunkov D.A.,

Innovative materials and technologies in the construction of low-rise residential buildings (P. 347-354)

Taleysnik M.A., Shcherbakova N.A., Gerasimov T.V., Misteneva S.Y., Romanova N.N.,

Peculiarities in the development of technology of flour confectionery products using natural vegetables and fruits processing products (P. 355-358)


Moroz V.A.,

Again on the amending (P. 359-363)

Voronina Y.V.,

Model of the organizational-economic development mechanism of farmers farms (P. 364-371)

Truflyak E.V., Kurchenko N.Y.,

The condition of modern precise agriculture (P. 372-376)


Razhina E.V., Loretts O.G.,

Influence genetic modifications of kappa-casein and linear accessories of cows dairy efficiency (P. 377-380)

Sukhanova S.F., Alekseyeva Y.I., Leshchuk T.L.,

Characteristics of the economic and useful warnings of the aberdin-angussian breed having f blood system (P. 380-383)