Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2017, № 68


Volkova G.V., Zamotajlov A.S., Koshchaev A.G.,

8th International scientific - applied conference “Agrotechnical control of the plant hazardous organisms” (P. 7-10)


Goncharova N.A., Zinisha O.S., Gushchin D.S.,

The main problems of the state tax regulation mechanism in the Russian Federation and ways of their solution (P. 11-18)

Gurnovich T.G., Brylyakova O.A.,

Management of PJSC ''LUKOIL'' competitiveness by financial risks reducing and innovative technologies implementing (P. 18-23)

Ilchenko Y.A., Buzulukin A.V.,

The peculiarities of regional tariffs for the population in the energy sector of the Russian Federation (P. 23-30)

Kremyanskaya E.V., Karamysheva S.G., Kurnyakova T.A.,

Statistical Analysis of the number and structure of the population of Russia and the Krasnodar Territory (P. 31-36)

Shvyreva O.I., Petukh A.V.,

Key acpects of the accounting estimates’ audit strategy (P. 37-47)

Lipski S.A., Ryazantsev I.I.,

On the question of the essence and nature of contemporary agrarian and land relations (P. 48-54)

Shulimova A.A., Skobylev M.O.,

The institutional forms and mechanisms of business participation in socially significant and infrastructure projects implementation from the perspective of economic theory (P. 55-62)


Astapchuk I.L., Mkrtchyan A.G., Volkova G.V.,

The dispersion and germination of the pathogen of net blotch of leaves of winter barley in agro-climatic zones of the Nothern Caucasus in 2014-2016 (P. 63-68)

Barchukova A.Y., Kostenko E.S., Chernysheva N.V., Pestunova S.A., Sidorova I.I.,

On use of growth-regulators in derivatives of 4-thioxo-1,3,4,5-tetrahydrofuro[3,4-c] pyridine-3-ona for increase of grain productivity (P. 69-75)

Kvashin A.A., Gorpinchenko K.N., Neshhadim N.N., Barshadskaya S.I.,

Economic efficiency and bionergetic estimation of longtime fertilizers’ apllication in the crop rotation (P. 76-85)

Krivorotov S.B., Bukareva O.V., Khodyka M.S.,

Ecological and Anatomical Specifics of Some Representatives of the Genus Artemisia L., Asteraceae, in the Flora of the North-West Caucasus (P. 86-90)

Kuznetsov E.V., Alkhatter S.,

Study of soils reclamations regimes under extreme conditions in growing farm crops (P. 90-96)

Logvinenko L.A., Shevchuk O.M.,

Peculiarities of development and component composition of Artemisia annua L. essential oil in the conditions of the Southern сoast of Crimea (P. 96-102)

Bedlovskaya I.V., Mordaleva L.G., Tsibulnikova R.A.,

The fractional application of herbicides in sugar beet crops (P. 103-106)

Nazarova A.A., Knyazev B.M.,

The influence of plant predecessors and cultivation zone on symbiotic and photosynthetic activity of green peas (P. 106-111)

Osenniy N.G.,

Features of the boharian agriculture of the Republic of Crimea (P. 111-116)

Podkolzin O.A., Sokolova I.V., Osipov A.V., Slyusarev V.N.,

Soils fertility monitoring in the Krasnodar Territory (P. 117-124)

Teuchezh A.A., Nikiforenko Y.Y.,

Table of contents of phosphorus in different crops (P. 125-133)

Chukuridi S.S., Barchukova A.Y., Grekova I.V.,

Physiological aspects of Philadelphus L. (Hydrangeaceae) adaptation in Krasnodar (P. 133-138)


Velichko V.A., Komlatsky V.I.,

Pork quality when feeding roasted soybeans (P. 139-144)

Danilova N.V., Lavrentyev A.Y.,

Enzymes for improving productive activity of feed (P. 145-149)

Lakota E.A.,

The efficacy of introduction crossing stavropol-zabaykalski ewes with the producers of the Volgograd breed in conditions of the Volga region (P. 149-153)

Lyashenko N.V., Jarmoc A.V., Galicheva M.S., Tletseruk I.R., Ratoshny A.N.,

Analysis of the effectiveness of Landrace families pigs breeding systems (P. 153-157)

Tyurin V.G., Semenov V.G., Chuchulin A.V., Granatsky L.N.,

Use of medical and hygienic medicines for prevention of lameness and treatment of diseases of hooves of cattle (P. 158-164)

Tuzov I.N., Svitenko O.V.,

Growing bulls of Aberdeen-Angus and Hereford breeds in the Кrasnodar Territory (P. 164-168)


Varivoda А.A.,

Determining the optimal parameters of the freezing process cheese (P. 169-174)

Bareev V.I., Golets E.A.,

Analysis of systems of fire safety of object of a grain processing complex (P. 174-178)

Krivonosov V.S., Bareyev V.I.,

Ecological and geological characteristics of solid municipal waste landfills as modern natural geological objects (P. 179-186)

Subbotin O.S.,

The problems of forming the architecture of small churches and chapels (P. 187-191)