Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2017, № 67


Buntsevich L.L., Vinter M.A., Shcherbakov N.A., Kuharchik N.V.,

Features of establishing and cultivation technology of the apple-tree vegetative rootstocks initial nurseries (P. 9-12)

Bukharov A.F., Bukharova A.R., Stepanyuk N.V.,

Variability and inheritance of the antioxidant complex of the pumpkin macrocarpa (P. 13-17)

Bezukh E.P., Potrakhov N.N.,

Microfocus radiography in plant breeding and nursery of fruit crops (P. 18-22)

Bezukh E.P.,

Agrotechnological techniques of growing high-quality seedlings of apple in North-West region of Russia (P. 22-26)

Gasanova T.A.,

Management of ecological-genetic potential of adaptability of species and variety of apricot in adverse conditions of the vegetation period (P. 26-30)

Golovin S.E., Pavlova A.Y., Jura N.Y.,

Principles of protection of green shoots cutting of fruit and berry crops from mycose rots (P. 31-35)

Dragavtseva I.A., Efimova I.L., Kuznetsova A.P., Morenets A.S., Dragavtsev V.A.,

Effects of the "genotype-environment" interaction for fruit crops in the changing weather conditions of the South of Russia (in time and in space) (P. 36-43)

Dunaevskaya E.V., Gorina V.M., Grebennikova O.A.,

Biological valuability of cherry plum fruits of the Idilliya, Krasnomyasaya and Pissardi Krupnoplodnaya cultivars (P. 43-47)

Yegorova N.A., Stavtseva I.V.,

Development of selective system in vitro for obtaining lavender callus lines resistant to low temperature (P. 48-51)

Eremin G.V.,

Innovative methods in creation of the initial material and its use in the selection process of stone fruits cultures (P. 52-59)

Zudova O.V., Cherednichenko M.Y.,

In vitro cultivation of golden root (Rhodiola rosea L.) (P. 60-63)

Ilnitskaya E.T., Tokmakov S.V., Makarkina M.V.,

Detection of the resistance gene Rpv3 in grapevine cultivars using DNA- markers (P. 63-67)

Kuzmina S.P., Kazydub N.G., Bondarenko E.V.,

Study of vegetable peak vegetables on environmental plasticity in Omsk SAU (P. 67-73)

Kazydub N.G., Kuzmina S.P., Burkakov А.А., Pletneva М.М.,

Main directions and results of legume crops breeding in Omsk State Agrarian University (P. 74-78)

Кlimenko N.N., Кlimenko O.E., Кlimenko N.I.,

Efficiency of grape growing with sod between rows using microbial preparations (P. 79-83)

Klimenko N.I., Klimenko O.E.,

New biological approach forWisteria sinensis (Sims) Sweet seedlings growing (P. 83-87)

Komar-Tyomnaya L.D.,

The interrelation of the Chenomeles productivity with abiotic factors of environment (P. 88-91)

Komar-Tyomnaya L.D., Trifonova A.A.,

Integrated assessment of Prunus persica (L.) Batsch initial material for breeding with the use of molecular genetic analysis (P. 92-97)

Komar-Tyomnaya L.D., Pilkevich R.A.,

Comparative characteristics of some genotypes Сhaenomeles spesiosa resistance to arid conditions (P. 97-101)

Korsakova S.P.,

Dependence of photosynthesis in Aucuba japonica variegata Thunb. from environmental factors under normal conditions and under soil drought conditions (P. 102-106)

Korsakova S.P., Rabotyagov V.D., Kantsaeva U.I.,

Morphological and biological characterictics and component composition of essential oil from species of genus Thymus L (P. 107-110)

Kuznetsova A.P., Yakuba Y.F., Lenivtseva M.S., Shestakova V.V.,

Geneticaland statistical analysis of variability of biochemical indices related with resistance toleaf spot (P. 111-115)

Kirakosyan R.N., Kalashnikova E.A.,

The influence of cultivation conditions on the level of ploidy of regenerated plants of Brassica oleracea L. obtained from the reproductive organs in vitro (P. 115-119)

Levin S.V., Paschenko V.I., Titov E.V.,

Geographical inoculations as a selective method of cultivation of five-coniferous pines (P. 119-125)

Levin S.V., Paschenko V.I.,

Adaptation of Pallas pine (Pinus pallasiana lamb.) on the territory of the Central Chernozem Region of Russia (P. 126-132)

Kuznetsova A.P., Lenivtsev M.S.,

The effectiveness of the stability interspecific hybrids of the Prunus genus to leaf spot (P. 132-134)

Zlenko V.A., Likhovskoy V.V., Volynkin V.A., Vasilyk I.A., Polulyah A.A.,

Identification of new frost-resistancy donors during selection of table grape varieties (P. 135-140)

Makrushin N.M., Spevak M.V., Kim V.V.,

Innovative principles for assessing the biological properties of seeds at the early stage of germination (P. 140-145)

Makrushin N.M., Klitsenko O.A., Astafeva V.E., Shabanov R.Y., Plugaritar Y.V., Kapitonov V.V., Vodolazkin S.N.,

Ecological bases of seed zoning of woody plants (P. 145-155)

Marco N.V., Khlypenko L.A.,

Selection study of Agastachе in Nikita botanical gardens (P. 156-161)

Mozhar N.V.,

Selection potential of a pear in the conditions of the south of Russia (P. 162-165)

Pashtetskiy A.V., Plugatar Y.V., Ilnitskiy O.A., Korsakova S.P., Kovalev M.S., Gil A.T.,

Addiction the intensity of photosynthesis in Laurus nobilis L. from environmental factors (Ta, I-PAR., Da.), leaf temperature, transpiration and their chance during the growing season in the conditions of the south coast (P. 166-173)

Plugatar Y.V., Koba V.P., Gerasimchuk V.N., Papelbu V.V., Sakhno T.M.,

Тhe ecologic-genetic determination of quantitative growth signs of some species of genus Albizia Durazz in the conditions of introduction on the Southern coast of the Crimea (P. 174-178)

Plugatar Y.V., Hlypenko L.A., Feskov S.A., Shevchuk O.M., Marco N.V., Dmitriev L.B.,

Prospects for use of Rosmarinusofficinalis L. as spice on the Southern coast of Crimea (P. 179-184)

Pivovarov V.F., Musaev F.B.,

Ecological and geographical orientation invegetable seed production (P. 185-189)

Pavlova A.Y., Dzhura N.Y.,

The factors defining the yield of young plants for intensive orchards (P. 190-194)

Paliy A.E., Rabotyagov V.D., Khokhlov Y.S.,

Volatile compounds in some Lavandula L. plants ethanol extracts (P. 195-199)

Paliy A.E., Grebennikova O.A., Paliy I.N., Gubanova T.B.,

Seasonal dynamics of ascorbic acid accumulation and ascorbate oxidase activity changes in some Olea europaea L. cultivars (P. 199-203)

Pilkevich R.A.,

Water regime peculiarities of chaenomeles seedlings of various species in conditions of water stress in the South of Crimea (P. 204-207)

Podorozhniy V.N., Mayorova Y.A.,

Use of antibiotics in culture of fabrics of garden plants (P. 208-212)

Sorokopudov V.N., Burmenko J.V., Nigmatzyanov R.A.,

Evaluation of species of the genus Ribes L. in conditions of introduction (P. 212-218)

Sorokopudov V.N., Sorokopudova O.A., Zhilenko V.Y., Myachikova N.I.,

Barbaris selection in the European part of Russia (P. 219-223)

Sidel’nikov N.I., Hazieva F.M.,

The influence of different quality the seeds of Atropa belladonna L. on the medicinal herbs and seeds yield (P. 224-228)

Skipor O.B., Zolotilov V.A., Zolotilova O.M., Savchenko M.V.,

Elements of the technology of reproduction of lavender angustifolia varieties Sineva (P. 229-235)

Smykov A.V., Fedorova O.S., Ivashchenko I.A., Zvonareva L.N.,

Susceptibility of introduced peach cultivars to leaf curl and powdery mildew (P. 236-240)

Sotnik A.I., Babina R.D., Khoruzhiy P.G.,

Comparative evaluation of pear varieties (Pyrus communis l.) on immunity of generative organs to low temperature stress in the climate of Crimea (P. 241-245)

Sotnik A.I., Tankevich V.V.,

Evaluation of the adaptation potential of root stock combinations of pear in the сlimate of Crimea (P. 245-249)

Timasheva L.A., Pekhova O.A., Danilova I.L.,

Methods of identifying sclareol content in the raw material of Salvia sclarea L. and in products of its processing (P. 249-254)

Trofimov I.A., Trofimova L.S., Yakovleva E.P.,

Environmental basis of nature use in the agriculture of the south Russia (P. 255-258)

Trofimova L.S., Yakovleva E.P.,

Agrolandscape-ecological foundations seeds and nursery of agricultural and forest plants Krasnodar Territory (P. 259-263)

Tevfik A.S., Mitrofanova I.V., Brailko V.A.,

Morpho-anatomical and physiological peculiarities of canna (Canna x hybrida hort. ex Backer, cv. Dar Vostoka) explants cultured in vitro and ex situ (P. 263-268)

Ulyanovskaya E.V., Suprun I.I., Tokmakov S.V., Bogdanovich T.V.,

Modern methods of creation and assessment of initial material of an apple-tree for acceleration of selection process (P. 268-272)

Khokhlov S.Y.,

Studying the morphological variability of fruits and evaluating the perspective graces of walnut (P. 273-277)

Khokhlov S.Y., Panyushkina E.S., Tsyupka S.Y., Melnikov V.A.,

Perspective use of walnut in agriculture of the Republic of the Crimea (P. 277-281)

Khokhlov S.Y., Panyushkina E.S., Tsyupka S.Y., Melnikov V.A.,

Processing of jujube fruits: current status and prospects (P. 282-285)

Chernobay I.G.,

Dynamics of dry substance concentration in the almond fruit during ripening (P. 285-288)

Tsarev A.P., Tsareva R.P., Tsarev V.A.,

Balsam Poplars Variety Testing Results in Central Chernozem Area (P. 289-296)

Shishov A.D., Ivanov M.G., Matov A.V.,

Use of physiologically active substances (PAS) in creation of plantations of vegetable Spicy-Aromatic Plants OF Origanum, Hyssop and Tarragon (P. 297-300)

Shabanova E.A.,

Micropropagation of Albidae Dode section poplar hybrids (P. 301-304)