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2017, № 66

UDC: 635.21:631.526.32
GSNTI: 68.35.13

Methods for creating source material to breeding domestic advanced competitive potato varieties with complex resistance to diseases

The article presents the main criteria of potato varieties required on modern market. Special attention is paid to the impotance of the selection process for complex resistance to different diseases and vermins. Mostly the sources of resistance in potato breeding are the wild potato species. To draw wild species in potato breeding the anthors used in their work the strategis scheme of N.A. Lebedeva. According this scheme interspecies hybrids can be created by means of preliminary experimental polyploidy and further interspecific hybridization. The best hybrids must be selected in the first or the second generation for the second crossing with best cultivars. For intensification of desirable features can be use inbreeding for 2-4 generations. As a result will be create a line of breeding. Interlines crossing will be result in mutispecies hybrids. Multispecies hybrids can be new potato cultivars and also the sourse material to further bruding potato varieties. The authors underscore the effectiveness of the conducted research to obtain domestic potato varieties with integrated resistance to diseases and another valuable features.
Keywords: Potato cultivars, breeding, multispecies hybrids, complex resistance
DOI: 10.21515/1999-1703-66-137-139


  1. Лебедева, Н. А. Преимущества использования экспериментальной полиплоидии в селекции иммунных сортов картофеля. 2-ой съезд Всесоюзного общества генетиков и селекционеров им. Н.И. Вавилова. Тезисы докладов / Н. А. Лебедева. - М. Наука, 1972. - 222 с.


  1. Lebedeva Vera Aleksandrovna, Dr. of agricultural sciences, leading researcher, FSBSI “Leningrad Agricultural Research Institute “Belogorka”.
  2. Gadzhiev Nadim Mahish ogly, Cand. of agricultural sciences, Head of the department, FSBSI “Leningrad Agricultural Research Institute “Belogorka”.