Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2017, № 66

Bespalova L.A., Goncharova Y.K., Dragavtsev V.A., Kosolapov V.M., Lachuga Y.F., Makrushin N.M., Malko A.M., Plugatar Y.V., Ryumshin A.V., Sinegovskaya V.T., Trubilin A.I., Tsarev A.P., Chekmarev P.A.,



Ageyev V.M., Dubachinskaya N.N., Dubachinskiy S.N.,

Efficiency of applying chemical plant protection means in the technology of growing winter wheat seeds on erosional agrolandscapes of Orenburg region (P. 15-19)

Arkhipov M.V., Priyatkin N.S., Gusakova L.P., Potrakhov N.N., Kropotov G.I.,

Non-destructive quality control of seeds: opportunities and prospects (P. 20-27)

Aseeva T.A., Zenkina K.V.,

The results of ecological study of spring triticale varieties from the VIR world collection in the conditions of the Middle Priamurye region (P. 27-31)

Amelin A.V., Chekalin E.I., Zaikin V.V., Fesenko A.N.,

The intensity of photosynthesis of leaves of plants of buckwheat in connection with breeding for high and stable yields (P. 32-37)

Berezkin A.N., Cherednichenko M.Y., Malko A.M.,

Breeding and seed production in Germany - not only science, but also politics (P. 38-41)

Boldyrevа L.L., Lugovskaia A.A.,

Sudan grass and sorghums-sudanese hybrids as a source of the initial material for selection (P. 41-45)

Bliev S.G., Azubekov L.K.,

Ecological and technological fundamentals of seed cultivation of varietal and hybrid seeds of corn in rain-fed KBR conditions (P. 46-49)

Varivoda E.A., Koleboshina T.G., Baibakova N.G.,

The use of genetic markers in hybrid seed production of watermelon (P. 50-54)

Varivoda O.P., Shaposhnikov D.S., Varivoda G.V.,

Study on the pollen viability of diploid and polyploid forms of watermelon in breeding for heterosis (P. 54-58)

Goncharov S.V.,

Seeds life cycle management (P. 59-62)

Goncharov S.V., Korotkova T.S.,

Shuttle breeding in sunflower: results and prospects (P. 63-65)

Goncharov S.V., Kostov K.V.,

Speed of Adaptation of Breeding Innovations: Hybrid Cereals (P. 66-69)

Goncharova Y.K., Malyuchenko E.A.,

Anther culture, as the method of creation initial material for various directions of breeding work (P. 70-74)

Goncharova Y.K., Malyuchenko E.A., Ochkas N.A.,

Breeding of rice varieties adapted for the lack of irrigation water (P. 74-77)

Gorlova L.А., Trubina V.S., Serdyuk O.A., Shipievskaya E.Y.,

Influence of agricultural and ecological factors on valuable traits of mustard (Brassica juncea) (P. 78-82)

Guchetl S.Z., Tchelustnikova T.A., Antonova T.S., Umanetz A.S.,

Control of the genetic purity of sunflower lines and hybrids by an isozyme analysis (P. 82-86)

Dementiev Y.N.,

The effect of autumn sowing dates on the yield of cabbages of Savoy in the Piedmont zone of the Crimea (P. 87-90)

Demchuk A.V.,

Productivity of barley of different biological groups at spring sowing in the conditions of steppe of the Crimea (P. 91-94)

Dobronogova A.S., Cherednichenko M.Y.,

Secondary metabolism of higher plants in bioontologies (P. 94-97)

Evdokimova Z.Z., Kalashnik M.V., Kotova Z.P.,

Plasticity and stability of productivity of interspecies hybrids of potato of competitive variety testing (P. 98-101)

Erofeev A.A., Kargin V.I.,

Problems of potato seed in the Republic of Mordovia (P. 102-105)

Zemtsova E.S., Bome N.A., Novohatin V.V.,

Variability of quantitative characters of Triticum aestivum L. and their interrelation under the influence of environmental factors (P. 106-109)

Kashevarov N.I., Polyudina R.I., Potapov D.A.,

Development of breeding material and Fodder crops cultivars in Siberia (P. 110-114)

Kovtunenko V.Y., Bespalova L.A., Panchenko V.V., Kalmysh A.P.,

The direction and results of triticale breeding in the Krasnodar Research Institute for Agriculture Behalf of P. Lukyanenko (P. 115-120)

Kolеboshina T.G., Malueva S.V., Galichkina E.A.,

The value of perennial grasses as the optimal precursor for melons on non-irrigated areas (P. 121-125)

Kornienko A.V., Skachkov S.I., Semenikhina L.V., Melnikov Y.N., Verzilina N.D.,

Regularity of resistance and productivity expression in the system of genotype-environment-function of living organismsduring their colonization of external worldin the course of evolution (P. 126-130)

Korotenko T.L., Chukhir I.N., Khorina T.A., Peprukhnenko A.A.,

Genetic diversity of rice collection and aspects of its use in soil and climatic conditions of Kuban zone of rice growing (P. 131-137)

Lebedeva V.A., Gadzhiev N.M.o.,

Methods for creating source material to breeding domestic advanced competitive potato varieties with complex resistance to diseases (P. 137-139)

Lysenko O.G., Kinash M.V.,

Selection for breeding new varieties of lupine narrow-leaved of «Leningrad research institute for agricultural science «Belogorka» (P. 140-142)

Lubek N.I., Sedyakov M.V.,

Evaluation of influence of elements of intensive technology of selection of new perspective lines of yarn barley L-1505 and L-1623 (P. 143-145)

Makrushin N.M.,

Classifictioan of genetics and its place in the system of biological sciences (P. 145-149)

Makrushin N.M., Makrushina E.M.,

Philosophical basis of the concepts, terminology and definitions in biology, agronomy and forestry (P. 150-158)

Makrushin N.M., Astafeva V.Y., Shabanov R.Y., Savchenko M.V., Kirilenko N.G., Kozyaicheva D.N.,

Reutization as the most important process for formation of seeds (P. 158-163)

Malko A.M., Berezkin A.N., Pylnev V.V., Rubets V.S., Bakshtanin A.M.,

Creation and implementation of educational-methodical support of courses of professional development in crop certification and its structural elements (P. 164-168)

Malko A.M., Berezkin A.N., Cherednichenko M.Y.,

Interaction with international organizations is the necessary proviso for expansion of the export capacity of the Russian Federation (P. 169-172)

Medvedeva N.V., Rubanova O.A.,

Self-compatibility of joint experimental Russian-Turkish hybrids of sunflower (P. 173-175)

Мikhaylenko I.M., Dragavtsev V.A.,

Theoretical foundations of management of genetic-selection processes in crop production (P. 176-181)

Mudrova A.A., Yanovskiy A.S., Kudryashov I.N.,

Features choice of predecessor and sowing time of winter durum wheat when it is cultivated in the Krasnodar Territori (P. 181-185)

Nikolskiy M.A., Gryaznov A.Y.,

Evaluation of the embryonic fruitfulness of grape buds by the method of microfocus x-ray (P. 185-189)

Partoyev K., Saydaliyev N.K., Kiru S.D., Pas'ko N.M., Semonov V.A.,

Establishmnet of collection of sun artichoke in Tajikistan (P. 190-194)

Porsev I.N., Subbotin I.A., Polovnikova V.V., Abylkanova A.O.,

Study and adaptation of bean varieties from various selection centers in phytosanitary technology of cultivating in Zauralye (P. 195-198)

Prakhova T.Y., Smirnov A.A., Prakhov V.A., Smirnov A.D.,

Ecological plasticity and stability by new varieties of Crambe abyssinica in the conditions of the Middle Volga region (P. 199-202)

Prakhova T.Y., Smirnov A.A., Prakhov V.A., Turina Y.L., Kulinich R.A.,

Productivity of the winter camelina pilosa depending on the time of sowing in the different climatic regions (P. 203-207)

Ptashnik O.P.,

Productivity of green pea (Pisum Sativum) under the conditions of Steppe Crimea (P. 208-211)

Radchenko L.A., Radchenko A.F., Ganotskaya T.L.,

Sort resources of winter wheat in the Crimea (P. 212-215)

Radukevich T.N., Bondareva L.M., Kartasheva L.N., Anisimova A.V.,

Study of the basic elements of yield structure spring barley with the aim of creating a valuable source of breeding material (P. 216-218)

Ramazanova S.A., Antonova T.S.,

Usage of DNA microsatellite loci (SSR) for identification of soybean hybrids F1 (P. 219-223)

Sinegovskaya V.T., Skripko O.V.,

Strategical aspects of creation soybean's varietieswith high level photosynthetic productivityand technological properties (P. 223-228)

Tikhanova N.N., Tolokontsev D.V., Uskov A.I.,

The ways to reducing pesticide load when combat with pests and pathogens of diseases of potato (P. 228-232)

Tumanyan N.G., Kumeyko T.B., Zelenskiy G.L., Garkusha S.V.,

Determination of the set of parameters of rice quality assessment for the formation of the centralized database "Rice quality" (P. 233-237)

Chekalin E.I., Amelin A.V.,

The rate of photosynthesis of chlorophyll containing organs in plants of old and new varieties of field peas (P. 237-242)

Fokina E.M., Sinegovskaya V.T., Fomenko N.D.,

Using atypical forms of soybean by making new generation varieties (P. 242-247)

Kharitonov E.M., Sheleg V.A., Bushman N.Y.,

Sources for selection of rice varieties with more effective use of elements of mineral food (P. 247-252)

Shulgina A.A., Kalashnikova E.A., Tarakanov I.G.,

The influence of hormonal and physical factors on morphological and biochemical parameters of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni in vitro and in vivo (P. 253-257)

Yakubovskaya A.I., Kameneva I.A.,

Biological activity of the risosphere in the system associtive bacteria - Oryza sativa L (P. 257-260)