Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2017, № 65


Bardin A.K., Ilyin V.S.,

Management of information resources for economic assessment of the life cycle of agro-ecological systems (P. 5-9)

Bursa I.A., Mironenko L.A., Bursa G.I.,

Methods of substantiation and analysis of optimal parameters of the dairy and grocery subcomplex of the Agrian and Industrial Complex of the Krasnodar Territory under the conditions of innovation processes (P. 10-16)

Zamotajlova D.A., Reznikov V.V., Kurnosova N.S.,

Approaches to the analysis of public transport passenger flow (P. 17-24)

Kotlyarov D.V., Shulepina S.A.,

The economic efficiency of plant products production using innovative plant protection techniques (P. 24-28)

Lomakina O.V., Zeytounian S.R.,

Evaluation of social and economic competitiveness of municipal districts of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 29-34)

Matveeva A.V.,

Diversification of peasant farms activity in the Krasnodar Territory (P. 35-41)

Seraya N.N., Ozova B.K.,

Planning of commercial sales activity in a company (P. 42-47)

Sukhareva O.A., Matvienko V.P., Novikova V.S.,

Perspective directions of development of infrastructure of vegetable production sub-sectors in agricultural organizations of the Krasnodar territory (P. 48-52)


Agasieva I.S., Ismailov V.Y.,

Development of methods for biological control of economically important soybean pests (P. 53-59)

Antsupova T.E., Kasyanovа M.A.,

Flight dynamics of click beetles genus agriotes in sugar beet agrocenoses in the Central zone of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 59-63)

Bedlovskaya I.V., Mordaleva L.G., Veretelnic E.Y., Dmitrenko N.N., Samonov A.A.,

Species composition, ecological and trophic affiliation of weeds in sunflower crops (P. 63-69)

Efremova V.V., Samelik E.G., Zastezhko D.V.,

Certain features of winter soft wheat varieties and their role in productivity development (P. 69-75)

Kravtsov A.M., Zagorulko A.V., Kravtsova N.N.,

The influence of agronomic practices on plant’s provision with nutrients and winter wheat productivity (P. 76-82)

Pinchuk A.P., Slyusarev V.N.,

Technogenic pollution of the Krasnodar Territory soils (P. 83-89)

Repko N.V., Sukhinina K.V.,

Winter barley sample varieties resistance to major diseases (P. 90-100)


Vatsaev S.V., Chernykh O.Y., Lysenko A.A., Konovalov M.G.,

Blood biochemical indices estimation in cattle with nodular dermatite in the Chechen Republic (P. 101-107)

Gugushvili N.N., Koshchaev A.G., Inyukina T.A., Tapekhina T.E.,

Сharacteristics of immunobiological responsiveness in the organism of colibaсillosis affected calves (P. 108-112)

Golovko E.N., Zabashta N.N., Koshchaev A.G.,

Synbiotic in the diet of broiler chickens (P. 113-118)

Lyashenko N.V., Jarmots A.V., Galicheva M.S., Tletseruk I.R., Ratoshny A.N.,

Efficiency of application of lactobifadol probiotic in the diet of young cattle of the red steppe breed (P. 119-123)

Sklyarov O.D., Kapustin A.V., Laishevcev A.I.,

The study of the safety application associated vaccine against cattle Clostridiosis for animals of different age and physiological groups (P. 124-130)


Bareyev V.I., Korobchyk A.V.,

Investigation of corrosion-resistant types of floors and floor coverings used in buildings of the leading direction (on the example of knoyushen) with regard to the standards and requirements proposed to them (P. 131-137)

Degtyareva O.G., Naydenov S.G., Dac'o D.A.,

Research influence of hydrodynamic pressure on construction of hydrotechnical buildings, located in area of seismic overactivity (P. 138-144)

Dotsenko S.P.,

Reducing the dimensionality of the heat conductivity equation (P. 145-150)

Kuznetsov E.V., Papenko I.N., Zvonkov N.K., Yashchenko K.V.,

Investigation of the winter-spring water-resource potential at the water-gatherings of the rivers of the Krasnodar Territory in 2017 (P. 151-156)

Teuchezh A.A.,

The technology of accelerated processing of non-pigmented pig manure in organic fertilizer (P. 157-165)

Trubilin E.I., Konovalov V.I., Konovalov S.I.,

Theoretical study of the ways increasing disk tillage tools exploitation efficiency (P. 165-171)