Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2017, № 64

UDC: 338.432
GSNTI: 06.58.49

System representation of agroecological objects on the example of the orchard model

The model of a orchard as a model of any agrobiological object can not be exhaustively complete, but when solving a wide class of modern problems this model should not be simplified and one-dimensional. The aim of the article is a comprehensive presentation of agroecological systems, including garden systems. The article considers the most important interconnected representations of the garden, which fully reflect the different aspects of its functioning. It examines the relationship with these representations of different stages of the life cycle of the garden. In addition, it examines the role of the agroecological system in the production process. The article defines the conditions for the stability of the agroecological system. It introduced the concept of a system-forming biological object. On the basis of the introduced concept, the article considers the process of formation of an exemplar of a stable agroecological system and the domain of its admissible states. In accordance with the proposed concept, the characteristics of the system instance are formed taking into account the most important limiting conditions. The conducted researches made it possible to obtain a generalized model for the formation of the agroecological system. The model reflects the totality of the considered assumptions and limitations.
Keywords: Аgroecological system, the orchard, system-forming biological object, exemplar of agroecological system
DOI: 10.21515/1999-1703-64-13-17


  1. Doroshenko Tatyana Nikolaevna, Dr. of agricultural sciences, professor, head of the Department of Horticulture, I.T. Trubilin Kuban State Agrarian University.
  2. Bardin Alexander Konstantinovich, PhD in economics, associate professor, Department of Information Systems, I.T. Trubilin Kuban State Agrarian University.