Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2016, № 62

Barcho M.K.,

Investments as a livestock resource potential formation factor (P. 7-12)

Buntovskij S.Y., Karimova K.I.,

People's enterprise - an important form of the small and medium business development in Russia (P. 13-17)

Bursa I.A., Bursa G.J.,

Cluster analysis as a tool to support priority directions of Innovative dairy cattle breding development in the Krasnodar Territory (P. 18-24)

Degaltseva Z.V., Velichko K.A., Aleksanova E.S.,

Сlusters and its role in innovative economic development of AIC (P. 25-33)

Saifetdinov A.R.,

Economic efficiency of beef production in the agricultural organizations of the Krasnodar Territory (P. 34-41)

Shagivaliev L.R.,

Problems of ensuring of the agricultural organizations of the Republic of Tatarstan, heads and chief specialists (P. 42-47)

Shichiyakh R.A., Novikova I.I.,

Theoretical and methodological approaches to assessing the competitive ability of a region] (P. 47-54)

Tyupakov K.E., Loykо S.S.,

Priority areas of development fruit and berry subcomplex of Krasnodar Territory (P. 54-60)

Barchukova A.Y., Сhernisheva N.V., Turichenco A.N.,

Melaphen preparation influence on growth processes and soya photosynthesis (P. 61-67)

Bedlovskaya I.V., Kudaewa E.A.,

Tactics and strategy of acaricide on apple (P. 67-71)

Bogdanovich T.V.,

Agrobiological evaluation and selection of varieties promising for breeding and forms of apple tree (P. 72-78)

Bukreyeva G.I., Domchenko M.I., Kovtunenko V.Y., Panchenko V.V.,

Using of Micsolab appliance at the early stages of selection of triticale for quality (P. 78-83)

Gish R.A., Chaykin K.O.,

Effect of preparation ethrel on sexualization and the seed setting in squash fruit (P. 83-87)

Kazieva A.A.,

Ways to improve seed potato production in Kabardino-Balkaria (P. 88-91)

Krivorotov S.B., Arkhipov R.A.,

Characterization of anthropogenically disturbed mountain forest plant formations of Lagonacki Plateau (Northwest Caucasus) (P. 92-96)

Leonov N.N., Sokirko V.P.,

Conceptual basis of biologization of protection systems for plum tree gardens against diseases in humid subtropical conditions of Russia (P. 97-101)

Pozdnyakov V., Bekusheva T., Pozdnyakov A.,

Harmonization of biochemical profile data and of new perennial grasses varieties reproduction places (P. 101-105)

Slyusarev V.N., Shvets T.V., Popova Y.S.,

Forms of organic sulfur in brown forest soils of low and medium mountains of the Northwest Caucasus (P. 105-111)

Smirnova E.V., Repko N.V., Salfetnikov A.A., Plotnikov V.K.,

Optimization of frost resistance assessing method for winter barley variaties according to mature grain hygroscopicity (P. 112-116)

Fomina I.V., Maramygina L.V., Volokitina C.A.,

Accelerating the process of selection in the artificial climate (P. 117-121)

Khashagulgova M.A., Khashagulgov U.A., Slonov L.H.,

Photosynthetic and biochemical assessment of winter wheat varieties productivity (P. 121-126)

Сhernisheva N.V., Barchukova A.Y., Dirin V.V.,

Hydrogumin drug influence on rice growth and development, yielding capacity and grain quality (P. 127-132)

Beloborodenko M.A., Beloborodenko T.A., Beloborodenko A.M., Rodin I.A., Dubrovin I.I., Shvyreva I.N.,

On the quality of specialists training for the village in the period of import substitution (P. 133-136)

Gavrilov B.V.,

Improving the artificial cattle insemination efficiency in ovarian disfunction (P. 137-140)

Matveeva T.V., Rudkovskii A.I., Layshev K.A., Prokudin A.V.,

Monitoring of helminth fauna in the gastrointestinal tract of domestic reindeer in the Taimyr Dolgan-Nenets municipal district (P. 141-145)

Vatsaev S.V., Chernykh O.Y., Lysenko A.A., Khakhov L.A.,

Epizootic situation on nodular dermatitis cattle in the Chechen Republic (P. 146-151)

Osepchuk D.V., Vorokov V.K., Ratoshny A.N., Utizhev A.Z.,

Nutrient digestibility of complete feed with rapeseeds of Kuban selection (P. 152-156)

Degtiyrev G.V., Dats’o D.A.,

Calculation of plate as a supporting base (P. 157-165)

Degtyareva O.G.,

Mathematical analysis of the buttress dam under thermal impacts as part of the precipitation flow regulation system (P. 165-171)

Kosareva O.I., Rodionova L.Y.,

Methods for cleaning inflorescences-baskets from sunflower ballast substances in the technology of pectin extract (P. 171-175)

Maslov G.G., Heifetz A.B.,

In addition to the refinement of harvesting processes and to the crop losses reduction (P. 176-182)

Strizhkov I.G., Raznovan O.N.,

Electronic control of electroozonizer productivity (P. 183-186)