Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2016, № 61

Sidorov V.A., Yadgarov Y.S., Vlasova N.V.,

Phenomenon of market economy: dialectics of connections and reproduction dynamics (P. 7-14)

Artemova E.I., Plotnikova E.V.,

State planning and development programming of agricultural logistics centers in the Krasnodar Territory (P. 15-20)

Burkovskiy P.V.,

Improvement of regional budget supporting of agriculture (the Krasnodar Territory taken as an example (P. 20-26)

Vasilieva N.K., Sidorchukova E.V., Kupreeva A.S.,

Analysis of factors, affecting the growth fund of remuneration employees of the sanatorium-resort complex (P. 27-34)

Govdya V.V., Shulepina S.A., Velichko K.A.,

Receivables management of housing and communal complex (P. 34-39)

Maksimenko P.A.,

Problems and prospects of development of Russian insurance market (P. 40-47)

Saifetdinov A.R.,

Economic analysis of state support of system of beef production in Russia and the Krasnodar Territory (P. 48-56)

Shumakova O.V., Kutuzova M.V.,

Definition of the sustainable rural areas development regulation priorities (the Omsk region taken as an example) (P. 57-62)

Akatov P.V., Getmansky M.Y., Shapovalov M.I., Zamotajlov A.S.,

Assessment of the recent state of artificial forest belts in the planes between the rivers Belaya and Laba (North-Western Caucasus) (P. 63-69)

Barchukova A.Y., Turichenco A.N.,

Soybeen seeds yielding capacity and quality depending on Melafen drug use in the technology its cultivation (P. 70-74)

Bedlovskaya I.V., Kudaewa E.A.,

Bioecological basis for apple protection against scab in the conditions of JSC "Sad-Gigant" (P. 74-79)

Belova I.V., Glumova N.,

Biochemical aspects the formation of the protective response on plant essential oil rose on the effect of low temperatures (P. 80-86)

Boyko E.S., Repko N.V., Salfetnikov A.A., Nazarenko L.V.,

New Variaties - new Opportunities (P. 86-91)

Kvashin A.A., Neshhadim N.N., Gorpinchenko K.N.,

Dependence of yielding capacity and grain quality of different winter wheat cultivars on various agricultural methods in the conditions of the Western Ciscaucasia (P. 91-99)

Kotlyarov D.V.,

Application of iodine for wheat plant protection from diseases (P. 100-105)

Krivorotov S.B., Bukareva O.V., Kassanelli D.P., Arkhipov R.A.,

The Phytocenotic role and resource importance Symphytum asperum Lepech., Boraginaceae) in the mountain forest communities of Lagonack plateau (Northwest Caucasus) (P. 106-110)

Leonov N.N., Sokirko V.P.,

The effeciency of the biopreparation fitosporin-m application for the protecton of plum trees from moniliales burn (P. 111-115)

Marchenko A.B.,

Phytopathogenic microflora and decorative floral plants consortive connection in urban ecosystems (P. 115-121)

Plotnikova T.V., Rozintcev K.E., Ishmuratov G.U., Ismailov V.J.,

Biological control of cotton bollworm population by combining male catching with pheromone traps and applying viral preparations (P. 122-127)

Savva A.P., Esipenko L.P., Telezhenko T.N., Esaulenko E.A.,

Puma Gold, emulsion concentrate - a new promising drug for combating weeds in winter wheat crops (P. 128-131)

Fedulov Y.P., Barchukova A.Y., Tosunov Y.K., Sinyashin K.O., Fattakhov S.G.,

The effect of the joint application of melaphen and mineral nutrients on winter wheat plants (P. 132-138)

Beloborodenko M.A., Beloborodenko A.M., Beloborodenko T.A., Dubrovin I.I., Rodin I.A., Prody K., Demkina A.V.,

Prevention of infertility and reproduction of cows in conditions of hypodynamia (P. 139-143)

Kulyasov P.A., Tyurbeev T.B., Mandzhiev K.V.,

Chemical reaction of mammals’ stomach (P. 143-149)

Chernykh O.Y., Mishchenko A.V., Mishchenko V.A., Shevkoplyas V.N., Dzhailidy G.A., Lysenko A.A.,

Ecological characteristics of bovine viral diarrhea agent of 1 and 2 genotypes (P. 149-156)

Chernyshov E.V., Maksim E.A., Yurina N.A., Kononenko S.I.,

Morphological and biochemical parameters of blood of juvenile fish at feeding the coal feed additive (AUKD) (P. 156-160)

Kosilov V.I., Andrienko D.A., Yuldashbaev Y.A.,

Exterior profile and linear body measurements of basic rocks young sheep in the southern Urals (P. 161-170)

Bareyev V.I., Tyurina M.I.,

Assessment methods of protective and decorative layers durability of building envelope in the conditions of the south construction climatic zone (P. 171-177)

Degtyarev G.V., Starikov N.V.,

Aerodynamic researches of dual-slop roof in CFD system (P. 178-185)

Petrova A.V.,

The reduction in noise levels on-site recreation facilities using methods of shielding (P. 186-189)

Safronova T.I., Poltorak Y.A.,

Environmental and economic efficiency of vermicomposting biotechnology for organic waste (P. 190-193)

Turovsky B.V., Efremova V.N., Sidorenko S.M., Trifonov I.K.,

Form substantiation of loosening working elements of flat disk mover (P. 194-199)

Sokolova I.V., Turk G.G.,

Problem of linear programming when performing land management works (P. 200-205)