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2016, № 60

UDC: 631.52(06):633.11+633.14
GSNTI: 68.35.29

The use of domestic genetic resources in selection winter triticale in the Nord-Western zone of the Russian Federation

As a result, the three-year (2013-2015 years) the study of the collection material of winter triticale on a number of agronomic traits were identified genetic sources of earliness, short stature, productivity, winter hardiness, disease resistance, are used in the system crosses the creation of new genotypes. Particular attention is paid to the comparative characterization of promising numbers for individual economic - valuable and biological signs and complex: in productivity (by 5-30% above the standard with Cornet.) In height (up to 110 cm), resistance to lodging (5 points), winter hardiness (5 points), by (growing season (299-313 days), in the overall assessment of (5 pts), resistance to disease (5-10%). Obtained promising samples have a complex of economically valuable traits. Practical breeding values are the accessions, which, together with high productivity and precocity are characterized by an increased resistance to. lodging and diseases. The ultimate goal of these studies is the Creation of varieties of winter triticale grain-feed direction with the grain yield more than 6 t/ha of green mass - 45-50 t/ha, the protein content of 14-18%, winter hardiness, resistance to lodging, leaf rust and powdery mildew.
Keywords: Winter triticale, genetic resources, productivity, sustainability, shortness, evaluation, selection, lodging, complex characters


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  1. Bekish Lyubov Petrovna, candidate of biological Sciences, head., Deputy Director on scientific work; Sector of non-traditional methods of selection, Leningrad Research Institute for Applied Agricultural Science «Belogorka».
  2. Uspenskaja Valentina Avdeevna, senior researcher; Sector of non-traditional methods of selection, Leningrad Research Institute for Applied Agricultural Science «Belogorka».
  3. Chikida Nadezhda Nikolaevna, the Candidate of agricultural Sciences, Leading Researcher of the Department of wheat, N.I. Vavilov Reseaarrch Institute of Plant Industry.