Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2016, № 60

Artyukhova A.V., Sorokopudova O.A.,

Formation of the adaptive set of ornamental plants in ARHIBAN (P. 9-12)

Aseeva T.A., Shukyurov S.A., Palanitsa S.R.,

Techniques of varietal technology of soybean cultivation in hydrothermal conditions of Khabarovsk Territori (P. 13-19)

Aseeva T.A., Cherpak V.F., Makarova M.A., Semenova L.G.,

Environmental impact on the resistance of spring barley varieties and lines to the most dangerous pathogens, and on the realization of their productive qualities (P. 19-25)

Bekish L.P., Uspenskaja V.A., Chikida N.N.,

The use of domestic genetic resources in selection winter triticale in the Nord-Western zone of the Russian Federation (P. 26-30)

Belova M.M., Cherednichenko M.Y.,

In vitro cultivation of narrow-leaved lavender (Lavandula angustifolia Mill.) (P. 31-35)

Bessonova L.V., Nevolina K.N., Vyatkina R.I.,

Studying new varieties of barley on adaptability of varieties, ecological plasticity and stability under the conditions of Ural Region (P. 36-40)

Bukharova A.R., Stepanyuk N.V., Bukharov A.F.,

Seed productivity of pumpkin macrocarpa: manifestation and inheritance (P. 40-45)

Varivoda O.P., Leonov V.I., Varivoda E.A.,

The use of genetic variation in the creation of new competitive varieties and hybrids of watermelon for commodity melon Russia (P. 46-51)

Bykovsky Y.A., Varivoda E.A., Kolebochina T.G.,

Optimization of primary seed melons (P. 51-56)

Demchuk A.V.,

The influence of sowing period and seeding rate on the productivity of barley of different biological groups in the conditions of steppe zone of the Crimea (P. 56-61)

Dinkova V.S., Kazakova V.V., Kabanova E.M.,

Breeding samples evaluation of soft winter wheat at a starting energy of germination and other characteristics (P. 61-67)

Dubachinskaya N.N., Dubachinskaya N.N., Izotova Z.A.,

Effectiveness of different factors on the production of safe grain crop seeds under the conditions of South Urals and the Crimea (P. 67-73)

Evdokimova Z.Z., Kalachnik M.V.,

Potential of interspecific hybrids of resistance potato to disease and other economic valuable signs (P. 73-76)

Ermolaev A.S., Cherednichenko M.Y.,

Biotechnological techniques of cultivating Coleus blumei Benth. (P. 77-81)

Yermolayeva T.Y., Nuzhdina N.N.,

The seed farming of the winter rye varieties of Saratov region (P. 82-86)

Yeskova O.V., Yeskov S.V.,

Environmental aspect of growing seeds of safflower according to sowing rates and terms in the Crimean foothills (P. 87-92)

Zakalichnaya A.K., Aleksieienko A.V., Globinets M.A., Shabanov R.Y., Bashirov M.A., Savchenko M.V., Makrushin N.M.,

System of variety trials in crimea and its role in increasing of crop yields (P. 93-99)

Shatalova M.V., Zelenskiy G.L.,

Breeding rice with a vertical position of the sheet in the space to increase the productivity of modern varieties as one of the important areas (P. 100-103)

Zemtsova E., Bome N.A.,

Variability of yield structure of spring soft wheat in the conditions of Northern Zauralye (P. 103-107)

Kovalenko V.Y., Panchenko V.V., Kalmysh A.P.,

Breeding significant features winter triticale with different expression of plant height (P. 108-112)

Klimenko O.E., Klimenko N.I., Kameneva I.A., Klimenko N.N.,

Changes in microbiocenosis of Peach seedlings rhizosphere under the influence of Complex of microbial preparations (P. 113-117)

Kovalenko N.N.,

Optimization methods for estimation of intraspecific heterogeneity in leaf morphology (P. 118-123)

Kolebochina T.G., Bykovsky Y.A.,

Features of agrotechnology cucurbits crops in the zone of risky agriculture of the Russian Federation (P. 123-129)

Komar-Tyomnaya L.D.,

Potential of the ornamental peach genetic resources for breeding (P. 130-134)

Korotenko T.L., Khorina T.A.,

Sowing qualities of seeds and productivity of rice varieties depending on environmental conditions and harvesting time (P. 135-141)

Kotenko Y.N., Rubets V.S., Pylnev V.V.,

Revealing the seed age for selection triticale genotypes, resistant to pre-harvest sprouting (P. 141-147)

Kuzmitskaya G.A.,

Preservation of the identity of the far eastern varieties of cucumber during seed production (P. 148-152)

Kuznetsova A.P., Maslova M.V., Romanenko A.S., Kasyanenko V.V.,

The use of microbiological preparations in the nursery to produce high quality material (P. 153-157)

Latsko T.,

Biological characteristics of peach rootstocks in the steppe crimea nursery (P. 158-162)

Levites E.V., Kirikovich S.S., Vinichenko N.A.,

Vinichenko Variability in agamospermous progenies of sugar beet (P. 162-168)

Lukichova L.A., Tarasova E.V.,

Selectional possibilities of creation of the varieties and forms of sweet cherry resistant to the coccomyces blight (P. 169-172)

Maletskaya E.I.,

Haploids in parthenogenetic progenies in sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) (P. 172-178)

Nevkrytaya N.V., Ametova E.D.,

Optimization of the methodology of preliminary grains essential oil crops seed growing production (P. 179-184)

Nemtinov V.I., Timasheva L.A., Pekhova O.A.,

Variability of signs, quality of production of lines of onion varietal type Yalta in the Crimea (P. 185-190)

Nikishkov A.V., Dauletaliyeva S.R., Nikishkova T.D.,

Productivity of sunflower hybrids of different ecological origin in dry steppe zone of Aktobe region (P. 191-193)

Nikolskiy M.A., Yakuba Y.F., Shestakova V.V.,

Impact on microfertilizers regenerative activity of stocks and operating results growing grapes grafted planting material (P. 194-199)

Pozdnyakov V.A., Bekusheva T.N., Pozdnyakov A.B.,

Accordance of biogeochemical and summary data and places to reproduction of new variety perennial grasses (P. 199-203)

Ostapenko N.V., Dzhamirze R.R., Chinchenko N.N.,

Correlation of traits determining yield of rice varieties with abiotic environmental factors (P. 204-210)

Poliakova N.Y., Demchenko N.P., Kemerova T.M.,

Qrowing in the Crimea sugar beet seeds without planting way (P. 211-215)

Popolzuhina N.A., Auzhanova A.D., Popolzuhin P.V., Streletsky A.M., Bozhko A.A.,

Evaluation of the effects of diazotrophic bacterization on grain crops in different agro-ecological conditions (P. 216-222)

Popolzuhina N.A., Ozykova E.N., Kadermas I.G., Asanov A.M.,

Evaluation of photosynthetic and symbiotic effectiveness of leguminous cultures in different agroecological conditions (P. 223-230)

Ptashnik O.P.,

Agriculture technology methods of growing pea seed under conditions of the steppe Crimea (P. 231-234)

Rafalsky S.V.,

Creation of varieties and hybrids of potato, having agro-ecological adaptation, on the basis of comprehensive study of genetic diversity of crop in conditions of Amur River Region (P. 235-239)

Rubets V.S., Pylnev V.V.,

Using intravarietal selections in triticale breeding (P. 239-246)

Ryakhovskaya N.I., Gaynatulina V.V.,

Improving menhods of cultivation seed potatoes in Kamchatka (P. 246-251)

Savin I.Y., Sergeeva N.N., Dragavtseva I.A., Morenets A.S.,

Influence of agrochemical soil composition on features of genotype of peach varieties in phenotype on nutrition function in the Western Ciscaucasia (P. 252-260)

Sinegovskaya V.T., Sinegovskii M.O.,

Efficiency of varietal technologies of soybean cultivation in the Amur region (P. 260-265)

Smykov A.V., Fedorova O.S., Mesyats N.V.,

Specifics of blossom and fruiting shown by peach hybrid forms developed in Nikita botanical gardens (P. 266-269)

Sorokopudova O.A., Keldysh M.A., Ospischeva N.V.,

Unconventional approach to reduce of the viruses in lilies (P. 270-273)

Tretyakova P.Y., Cherednichenko M.Y.,

Eincorn (Triticum monococcum L.) as donor of valuable traits (P. 274-278)

Trofimov I.A., Trofimova L.S., Yakovleva E.P.,

Agrolandscape-ecological zoning of the south European Russia (P. 279-283)

Trofimova L.S.,

The Natural folder lands in the Southern Russia (P. 284-288)

Trukhan O.V.,

Innovative technology cultivation high quality seed material red of the fescue (P. 289-293)

Tumanyan N.G., Kumeiko T.B., Olkhovaya K.K., Zelensky G.L.,

Classification of rice varieties by traits of grain quality in connection with allocation of caryopses in the panicle (P. 293-298)

Ulyanovskaya E.V., Suprun I.I., Tokmakov S.V., Bogdanovich T.V.,

Role of hereditary variability in creation of new grades of an apple-tree and realization of their genotypic potential (P. 298-303)

Umanets N.N.,

Major agrotechnological methods of yarrow essential oil Eney cultivation on irrigated and rainfed areas (P. 303-307)

Fomenko N.D., Belyaeva G.N., Melnikova E.N., Titov S.A., Fokina E.M.,

Main directions of obtaining various initial materials at creation of new soybean varieties for conditions with limited thermal resources (P. 307-314)

Kharitonov Y.M., Goncharova Y.K., Malyuchenko E.A., Ochkas N.A., Bruyako V.N., Bushman N.Y.,

Promising directions of rice breeding for adaptiveness to stresses and increasing environmental production in Russian Federation (P. 314-320)

Khlypenko L.A., Rabotyagov V.D., Marco N.V.,

Intraspecific variation main agronomic characters Hyssopus officinalis L. on the South coast of Crimea (P. 320-325)

Chepinoga I.S., Gasanova T.A.,

Almond wild species as source material for selection on adaptive to abiotic stressors (P. 325-330)

Polivanova O.B., Cherednichenko M.Y.,

The influence of hormonal composition of nutrient medium on the induction of callusogenesis and somatic organogenesis of Agastache foeniculum (Pursh) Kuntze (Lamiaceae) (P. 331-334)

Chernobay I.G.,

Studies of almond ontogenesis stages as a biological component of agronomy care optimization (P. 335-338)

Yakimova O.V., Yegorova N.A.,

Peculiarities of Melissa officinalis L. explant morphogenesis at the first phase of micropropagation in vitro (P. 339-344)

Yakovleva E.P.,

Negative properties of agroecosystems of the south European Russia and strategy of the reclamation measures (P. 345-349)

Yakubovich-Dyachkova I.V., Merkushev Y.A., Merkusheva M.B.,

Improving timing and sowing methods of Coriandrum sativum (P. 350-353)