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2016, № 59

UDC: 633.1:631.52:631.53 ДВ
GSNTI: 68.35.29

Current state and perspectives of the development of spring crops breeding and seed production in Khabarovsk Territori

Far Eastern region is characterized by complex weather, soil and climatic conditions, analogues to which do not exist anywhere else in Russian Federation. In such difficult environmental conditions may exist only adapted crop varieties, resistant to biotic and abiotic stress factors of the zone. Due to this reason varieties breeded by other regions and foreign countries can not realize their genetic potential of productivity, and are not competitive to local varieties. Therefore selection work at the Far Eastern Agricultural Research Institute aims to create stress-resistant varieties and lines of spring crops (oats and wheat) with high potential of productivity, lodging resistant, tolerant to different kinds of diseases, with improved grain quality attributes and high level of adaptation to the difficult soil and climatic conditions of the Far East. Many years of breeders work resulted in creation of an extensive breeding material for spring crops, which possess named parameters. Based on it were created oats and spring wheat varieties: oat cultivar Marshal (Line 490-99) with productivity of 4,46 tons per hectare, lodging resistant, crude protein content - 11,5%, filmy - 24,4%; spring wheat cultivar Nadezhda (erythrospermum 102/6-02) with productivity of 4,31 tons per hectare, good quality of grain and flour (flour strength in some years reaches 588 AE, volume yield - 740-920 ml), with field resistance to smut.
Keywords: Spring wheat, oats, breeding, varieties, productivity, grain quality, seed production, Khabarovsk Territori, Far East


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  1. Aseeva Tatiana Alexandrovna, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Director of the Institute, Chief Researcher of the Arable Farming Department, Far Eastern Agricultural Research Institute.
  2. Karacheva Galina Semenovna, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Head of the Field Crops Breeding Department, Far Eastern Agricultural Research Institute.