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2016, № 59

UDC: 633. 18: 631.526.32
GSNTI: 68.3589

Problems and solutions of Lavender selection in Crimea

To solve the problems in the selection of lavender to update varieties of lavender within industrial production in the Crimea and southern Russia, we believe: it is necessary to improve the methods for creating varieties and hybrids that provide positive complex biological features - winterhardiness, drought, regrowth shoots in autumn and shape of the bush, resistance to pests and diseases and resistance to abiotic factors at high values of water exchange and the anatomical and morphological parameters, It is necessary to identify patterns of agronomic characters with high levels of productivity and the content of essential oil. In the Crimea and in the Russian regions, which similar with Crimea by climate, it is necessary to expand the area under planting a new variety Lavandula angustifolia Vdala, within 500 hectares, which will provide economic benefit of 12,7 to 25,2 million rubles, while reducing energy costs to produce 1 kg of essential oils 2,4 times. New high-yield hybrids 508-1, 373-37, 410 44 (p. Tauris), which combine the positive range of of economically valuable in are recommended for verification in productivity in foothill-steppe zone of the peninsula.
Keywords: Selection of the Lavandula angustifolia, methods, complex of economically valuable features, hybrid


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  1. Merkur'ev Alexey Pavlovich, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Research Fellow of the Department of selection and seed breeding of essential oil crops, Agricultural Research Institute of the Crimea.
  2. Skipor Boleslavovich Oleg, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Head of the Department of selection and seed breeding essential oil crops, Agricultural Research Institute of the Crimea.