Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

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2016, № 59

UDC: 631.531.02:633.1
GSNTI: 68.35.29; 6835.03

The problems and ways of decisions of development seed production of the grain crops

In the conditions of falling the level of intensity of conducting the grain sub-sector in most of grain-producing farms the demand on seeds of individual varieties differentiated according to their economic situation. The highest it folds on seeds of varieties of medium intensity, which are adapted to give not the very high but relatively stable yields of grain crops on a low agrotechnical background. At the same time, large and economically robust grain-producing farms impose constant demand for seeds of varieties of high intensity, and the economically weak farms - of reduced intensity. The latter should "force" of breeders to bet on the varieties of cereal crops, of immune to major diseases areas of cultivation and efficient use of low concentrations of nutrients in the soil. It includes extensive a specialized network of various institutions, organizations and enterprises the public and private sectors, operating in the fields of science, agricultural production and agribusiness. Its main elements are: research centers, large companies and firms originators varieties; specialized seed companies-firms that have their own factories for the underworking of seeds; the seed production farms, the reproduced seeds; a developed the wholesale and retail trade by seed of grain crops. Generally, a non-profit activities related to conducting fundamental scientific research, with organization, collection and analysis of information, seed quality control, be performed by state services. In the sphere of the production of seed, underworking of and marketing predominantly are functioning a private sector entity as a relatively more flexible, expeditiously reacting to the demands of consumers quality seeds of grain crops.
Keywords: Organization of seed production, market of high-quality seeds, selection, marketing of seed, system of economic incentive, certification seeds, specialized industry, material and technical base, commodity grain, sustainability of production, state support


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  1. Altukhov Anatoly Ivanovich, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, All-Russian Research Institute of Agricultural Economics.
  2. Silaeva Lidia Pavlovna, doctor of economic sciences, professor, All-Russian Research Institute of Agricultural Economics.