Труды Кубанского государственного аграрного университета

To the readers of the journal "Proceedings of the Kuban State Agrarian University"

Trubilin Aleksandr Ivanovich

FSBEI HE Kuban SAU is one of the first 17 universities of the country introducing innovative educational programs in the field of "Production, processing and certification of crop production" within the framework of the national project "Education." In the context of Russia's accession to the WTO, our university carries out various types of scientific- the result of which is the development of resource-saving technologies in the agro-industrial complex, the introduction of which allows expanding the production of certified environmentally friendly competitors able food. Under the conditions of the sanctions crisis, the university is stepping up efforts to provide scientific and information support to the domestic agro-industrial complex.

In order to publish the results of original research on the problems of the development of the agro-industrial complex and other sectors of the economy of KubSUA scientists, other educational and scientific institutions of the Southern Federal District and Russia as a whole, the Kuban State Agrarian University established and since 2006 publishes the scientific journal "Proceedings of the Kuban State Agrarian University" . The magazine is addressed primarily to scientists, teachers, postgraduates, students of universities and agricultural departments, managers and specialists of the agro-industrial complex, executive and legislative structures, and students of advanced training courses.

The publication of the journal also aims to organize and expand a single educational, scientific and innovative space in the agro-industrial complex, primarily in the Kuban and South of Russia. In the process of development, the magazine went beyond the regional framework and now publishes articles by researchers from different regions of Russia and foreign authors, it is one of the largest in the number of publications of printed agricultural periodical scientific publications in the territory of the former USSR. The editorial board seeks to further expand the geography of publications. In particular, according to a number of contracts concluded by the founder, scientific publications are exchanged with educational institutions of the agricultural profile of Russia and abroad. The journal is polythematical and publishes articles on a wide range of scientific fields: economics, agronomy, forestry and biology, zootechnical and veterinary specialties, engineering and agro-industrial specialties and law. In addition to strictly agricultural articles, the journal accepts articles on related fields of knowledge: a number of directions of the economy, biology, general and applied ecology and bioconservation, and jurisprudence. The scientific journal publishes the results of original research, as well as current analytical reviews in Russian. All materials pass the obligatory procedure of 2-step reviewing, the editorial staff pursues the goal of further improving the quality of review by attracting leading experts and third-party experts. The founder and the editors adhere to the principle of free access to the published materials. For this purpose, the magazine's website has been organized in Russian and English languages, including, in particular, annotations to all published articles, materials are posted in the RINC, the international AGRIS database, and the abstracts of the publications are in RUNEB. Since 2013, in order to further expand access to the published materials, the full texts of all published articles are also posted on the website of the electronic library system of the publishing house "Lan" (St. Petersburg). To further promote the journal in the international information space, all publications, starting from No. 3 for 2015, are drawn up according to the requirements set by international databases (for the sample taken the AGRIS format). We are planning a gradual transformation of the format of the magazine into a multilingual one and the publication of the English version, which includes the most popular publications with the maximum impact factor.

During 2006-2017 years. 69 issues of the magazine were published, in which 3500 articles were published. The magazine has its own site http://kgau-works.kubsau.ru, which is constantly updated. In 2007-2017 years. to the magazine published 7 special applications "Law" in which 158 articles were published. We invite you to subscribe to our magazine. The subscription index is 20796. You can subscribe to any branch of the communication. Subscribers have a priority right to publish articles in our magazine. We invite scientists of the Southern Federal District and Russia to fruitful cooperation.

Rector FSBEI HE Kuban SAU, Professor A. I. Trubilin